Cannabis for psoriasis

In the past, my monthly budget was extremely tight.

I had trouble covering all of my expenses. The cost of living seemed to rise faster than my wages for a long time. Rent was always difficult to come by. I struggled to pay off my student loans and cover health insurance, car payment, groceries and the necessities. Having to live on a strict budget didn’t leave any room for luxuries. I never went out to eat, went to the movies or bought anything just for the fun of it. I suffer from psoriasis on my knees and elbows but couldn’t afford to do anything about it. Although my insurance covered a doctor’s visit, it wouldn’t pay for the medication. To get something to treat my psoriasis was extremely expensive. In the last couple years, my financial situation has dramatically improved. I got a promotion and a raise at work. I still live very frugally but I’ve made some upgrades. I got myself a better apartment, some new shoes and I visited the local cannabis dispensary. I’d read a few articles about effective treatment of psoriasis with cannabis topicals. I could finally afford to try it. The cannabis topicals have really made an improvement in the condition of my skin. I no longer suffer from sore, itchy and even bleeding patches on my elbows and knees. While the skin isn’t perfectly smooth, it’s way better. I am still trying out different cannabis products. There are so many cannabis-infused lotions, balms and bath bombs available that it’s going to take a while to sample everything.

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Finally getting access to legal cannabis

The process of getting legal access to medical marijuana in my state isn’t easy.

  • The financial cost along with non stop delays made the process a nightmare.

Before I could get an appointment with a physician for a medical marijuana recommendation, I needed proof from my regular doctor that I have an existing medical condition qualifying me for medical cannabis. Even though doctors have been given huge flexibility in what they consider “worthy” of a medical cannabis recommendation, I still was forced to jump through too many hoops before finally sitting down with a marijuana doctor. Once I had my paperwork taken care of, I took it to my first appointment with a medical marijuana doctor. The initial appointment cost me $300 in fees, and the subsequent annual appointments to renew my recommendation are $150. When I finally received my recommendation for medical cannabis, I next needed to submit an application to the state’s Department of Health. That cost me another fifty bucks. Following a month of waiting, the state eventually approved my application for medical cannabis. I was so relieved to finally be able to step inside the dispensary and browse their products. I was planning to stick with loose flower or pre-rolls, but there were so many options. I liked the idea of vape cartridges, concentrates, oil based tinctures and edibles. They even offer a line of cannabis infused skin cream with activated THC. Although it was a long and difficult process, I’m happy that I went through with it. Now that I have my medical cannabis card, I have the freedom to browse and sample the many products that can provide relief from my migraines and insomnia.

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Enjoying cannabis edibles

I’ve had a sweet tooth my whole life.

My Grandmother used to babysit when my parents were at work.

She’d always have goodies in her purse. She used to take me to the ice cream parlor several times per week. I always really liked the gummy candies and that hasn’t changed. When my local marijuana dispensary announced that they were going to start carrying cannabis edibles, I was excited. I hoped for gummy candies. I had bought CBD gummies off the internet and had good luck with the quality. This was nothing compared to the selection, potency and freshness of the edibles offered at the dispensary. I hadn’t realized they were installing their own bakery to make many of the products right there. There is now a cafe where people can sit, chat and relax. The menu includes cannabis-infused smoothies, coffee and all sorts of beverages. I can choose from brownies, cookes, granola and chocolates. There is a selection of products for baking at home such as butter and spaghetti sauces. Plus, their gummies are outstanding. It’s easy to get a bit carried away. I’ve learned that I need to be careful with consuming edibles. The dosage can be tricky. The effects take a while to set in. It’s too easy to keep munching on more cannabis chocolate or hard candy without realizing how much THC I’m taking in. I’ve had a couple of unpleasant experiences with indulging too much. Now I’m vigilant about separating out how much I’m allowed to eat in one sitting.

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Cannabis is better than alcohol

Since I rarely go out in the evenings or drink alcohol, I often find it difficult to choose what I want to drink.

There’s typically an extensive wine list.

There’s sometimes a separate menu for the beer because of all of the craft beer that’s gotten popular. Then there’s all the different cocktails, from a screwdriver to a rum and coke. I don’t really care for the taste of alcohol or how it makes me feel. I really hate the hangover the next day and the empty calories I consume. More and more, my friends and I have gotten away from going to a bar. It’s too expensive and we need a designated driver. We’ve started to either get together at each other’s home or arrange to meet at the vape lounge of the local dispensary. Since recreational cannabis was legalized in our local state, we’ve replaced alcohol with marijuana. We all prefer smoking something natural and soothing. The various strains of cannabis provide all different effects. We can choose a sativa strain to boost our mood and creativity. We can try indica for a more relaxing sensation. Most of the time, we select a hybrid that provides the best of both worlds. Cannabis is a great way to be social without waking up feeling horrible the next day. There’s no hangover and no worry over long-term side effects. With tinctures, we eliminate the concern of smoke damage to our lungs. We also like to share some edibles. I think that the legalization of cannabis and opening up of dispensaries across the country has probably hurt the bar business.

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Cannabis helps to alleviate pressure from job

I often read scientific journals.

I like to keep up with advances in psychology and sociology.

I majored in those subjects in undergraduate school. I considered going into the research field for clinical psychology as a career. My path took a different turn however. I was anxious to find a paying job after graduation. I sent off resumes across the local area, hoping for anything. I ended up with a great job that requires a lot of hours. I make really good money but the stress level is intense. I am constantly on a deadline, working overtime and feeling pressured to succeed. I still read scientific journals as a sort of hobby and am always interested in recent discoveries. I am mainly watching for anything that might help me to relax, unwind and combat an eventual ulcer. About six months ago, I read about the various studies into THC and CBD. There were some promising results in the treatment of all different types of physical and mental ailments. People have had success treating digestive issues, anxiety, diabetes, epilepsy and even cancer. I was intrigued. The stress of my job has led to health concerns. I often deal with sleeplessness, upset stomach, headaches and anxiety. I took the steps to get myself a medical cannabis card and visited the local dispensary. I consulted with the budtender for recommendations. I ended up with an indica strain and a hybrid. I’ve tried edibles, tinctures and vapes but prefer the old-fashioned smoking of loose flower. Something about the actual act of lighting up and smoking helps to relax me.



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Curbside pickup at cannabis dispensary

I like it when a restaurant posts a digital menu on the wall.

I was pleased when most of the larger chain restaurants started switching to LED screens and providing digital menus. I have some issues with my eyesight. I can read the words on a digital menu much easier. I don’t even need to dig out my glasses. Plus, the digital menus seem to include a lot more information. I am always happy when the ingredients and calories are listed. I like to know which items are vegetarian. Plus, we avoid touching the same menu a hundred other people have handled. With recent health scares, I’d just as soon not be handed a sticky plastic menu. I’ve noticed that the local cannabis dispensary has also made some changes to accommodate social distancing. They’ve installed a digital display that provides a listing of their various products. All of the products are clearly displayed under glass and include all pertinent information, such as the strain, terpenes and THC content. When I make a selection, the budtender handles everything and then hands me a tidy little package. To minimize contact with other customers, I can opt for curbside pickup, I can make my selections online, from the comfort of my own home. I just just the items in my virtual cart, checkout with a credit card and then arrange a time for pickup. I pull up into the designated parking area, send a text that I’ve arrived and a budtender brings the package right to my car. It’s super quick, easy and convenient.


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Cannabis finally legal in my state

The cannabis industry is booming in my state.

Recreational and medical marijuana was legalized for the first time last December.

Like the rest of the country, there has been a growing acceptance of marijuana in my local area. More and more people have reported successful treatment of a wide range of mental and physical ailments. From the nausea caused by cancer treatments to glaucoma, epilepsy, arthritis and PTSD, cannabis is proving effective. Our state government was under pressure to relax restrictions and allow access to this miraculous and natural remedy. It is truly ridiculous that it’s taken this long. Cannabis is simply a plant and in its purest form has been used in medical treatments for thousands of years. It is far less harmful than alcohol. It causes none of the harmful, long-term side-effects that are all too common with synthetic pharmaceuticals. No one has ever overdosed on cannabis. While there hasn’t been nearly enough testing to determine the full potential of THC and CBD, people are sharing their stories of recovery and relief. As someone who suffers from frequent migraines, social anxiety and insomnia, I was eager for access to cannabis. I was one of the first people to step through the doors of the local dispensary. I was amazed by the selection of loose flower, concentrates, shatter, tinctures, vapes and edibles. There are topicals, bath bombs, skin care products and even cooking ingredients. It’s a whole new world of possibility and my quality of life has significantly improved. Plus, the state is making a fortune off the tax revenue.



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Cannabis helps with grief

For a long time, I didn’t do well with my medication.

  • I began meeting with a psychiatrist a few years ago, following the death of my spouse.

The doctor recommended that I try one-on-one therapy once a week along with group therapy every other week. He assigned me to a psychologist that specializes in grief counselling. I was making a bit of progress, but I had some problems with the medication. The psychiatrist had prescribed an SSRI antidepressant, which provided the opposite of the intended effects. Rather than stabilizing my mood swings, it created an unpleasantly stimulating effect on my mind. Angry and suicidal thoughts grew stronger and more frequent. I quickly realized I needed something different. I wanted to get through the intense grief without suffering long-term consequences to my health. That’s when I learned more about medical cannabis. I had smoked weed a few times when I was in school, but it was weak and resulted in nothing more than a tiny buzz. I accessed a website that was a wealth of information. It explained the strains of cannabis and the many benefits for a long list of medical ailments. The website included tabs linked to the laws of each state. The regulations vary quite a bit. However, in my local state, cannabis is available for medical and recreational use. I was able to drive to a dispensary, consult with a budtender and make a purchase. I can’t believe the improvement in such a short amount of time. I stick with the calming effects of indica strains and vary between pre-rolls, tinctures and edibles. I am beginning to feel like myself again.


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Pain relief from cannabis

It can be difficult to handle the various state laws. Specific states have relaxed restrictions on recreational and medical marijuana. Other states are severe in their enforcement and limitations of cannabis. My dad suffers from chronic pain due to a series of spinal injuries caused by working construction for over 40 years. Despite attending the best rehab facility in our area to try improve mobility and lessen the pain, my dad is limited in what he can do. He deals with constant back pain and struggles to sleep through the night. He has tried just about everything to minimize the pain. As much as some people in my local area would disagree, cannabis is a natural remedy for pain. It works with the natural cannabinoids in the body. There are no long-term side-effects and no chance of an overdose. I am furious that our state government has decided to make it so difficult for patients like my dad to get a prescription approved for medical cannabis. Just recently, our state final has legalized medical cannabis. My dad went to great lengths to get his cannabis card. He’s now able to visit the local dispensary and purchase something for pain relief. He has tried various products and consumption methods and has had success with tinctures. He likes that this method is extremely quick acting and discreet. Most of the time, no one even realized that he’s taken it. Because of the cannabis, my dad can now move around again. He’s sleeping better at night and has more energy throughout the day. Medical cannabis has been a life saver for him.

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Prefer cannabis over conventional medications

I’m not with the side effects caused by my pharmaceutical medications.

Feeling tired is only the start of my issues. Some of my medications cause me to feel dizzy and give me severe headaches. Others will sometimes result in me breaking out in a red, itchy rash. I was prescribed a drug that made me suffer from nausea every single time I took it. I tried taking it on a full stomach with no improvement. I have so many side effects due to my pharmaceutical medications that it’s difficult to separate my medical symptoms from them. I worry about the long-term impact on my health. It’s a stressful process of trying to decide what came first, my medical problems or the drugs. Several of the medications that are for anxiety problems are actually addictive. I need some help with my depression and anxiety, but I’m not prepared to trade off my future health. I don’t like the strength of the dosage or the length of time I am expected to take these medications. Fortunately, a close friend of mine recommended that I try medical marijuana. She told me about studies that have been done testing the effects of THC and CBD. The CBD isn’t intoxicating or psychoactive. Cannabis is entirely natural and no one has ever overdosed on it. CBD is being used to treat mental ailments similar to mine. It has shown promise in treating physical pain, epilepsy, PTSD and nerve destruction. CBD is legal in all 50 states. There are high quality CBD products available over the internet. I am fortunate that recreational and medical marijuana are now legal in my state. I am able to visit a local dispensary or even have the cannabis products delivered right to my home.


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