The old crew doesn’t smoke pot anymore

High school was a great time in my life.

  • Most people can’t say that, but I am one of the few that was able to enjoy the high school experience for what it was.

I was able to focus enough on my classes to pull decent grades, I got along with everyone, but I managed to avoid a lot of the drama like mean girls and bullies. My circle of friends all partied pretty hard, which meant that as long as I did what I needed to do, I could always relax and have fun with them afterward. I was never the type to blaze cannabis on the way to school, although many of my friends did. I would wait until after school to blaze up, because I really did love smoking marijuana. A lot of things in life have changed over the last 20 years, but my love of marijuana is not one of those things. I will run into the old crew once in a while, everyone having moved on in life, and I think i am the only one who still smoke marijuana. The others all partied too hard, drank as much booze and smoked as much marijuana as they could, and sort of burned out on it. I was always very moderate in my intake, and incorporated a healthy amount of cannabis into my day to day life. I never felt like I was addicted to cannabis at any time, because I always viewed it as medicine, to help me sleep, relieve my stress, and be more focused.
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