The dispensary doesn't carry the brands that I love

My bestie plus I used to live in a weird city, about an hour or two away from the venue where my good friend and I currently live.

I like living in our old apartment, however my bestie got a better job plus my good friend and I had to move.

I can easily work from anywhere, because I have an online tech job from home. It wasn’t honorable for me to ask my bestie to supply up the job when the only things tying me to the area were my friends. Before my bestie plus I moved, my good friend and I made the choice to go to the dispensary nearby with the best sales plus specials. My friend and I decided to buy some of our favorite products. I did not know how long it would take to find a good dispensary at our current location. My friend and I looked at a couple of venues, however most of them were at least 45 minutes away from the current apartment. When my bestie plus I arrived in the current city, my good friend and I had products from the old dispensary for at least a week or two. That eventually gave us time to look for a dispensary that carried the same products that my good friend and I enjoyed. It was unfortunate to me that there are no dispensaries near us that carry the brands that my good friend and I have grown to love. We’re going to need to start fresh plus current plus that means trying a lot of weird products in the store before my good friend and I find the ones that are going to be winners. It also might almost be easier to drive 2 hours back to our old venue once every other month, just to stock up on our favorite supplies


The current shirts are also ultrathin plus sticky

The owner of the marijuana dispensary in the neighborhood said that it was time for a current look.

I have been working there for the past 6 months.

I agreed it was time to do something about our logo plus the drafty plus cold feeling inside of the store. The owner of the marijuana business hired a construction crew to work in the middle of the night. The crew transformed the inside of the store in 2 days. My friend and I did our best to work around them plus my good friend and I were only offering pick up services plus delivery during those two days when the construction crew was working, however after the inside of the store was transformed, the same owner of the marijuana dispensary ordered brand new and current shirts for all of the staff. They arrived two days later. It was genuinely the fastest turnaround that I have ever seen plus I expected really good results from the business; however sadly, the current shirts are ultra thin plus sticky, then you can see every little part of the body because the shirts are so thin. The owner thought he was getting a good deal on something lightweight however the shirts are not going to work out. They are completely uncomfortable plus practically see through. As the main employer of the marijuana dispensary, it was my job to tell the owner how awful the shirts looked plus felt. I told my staff to go back to wearing the old shirts plus then my good friend and I had to cut the news to the guy with all of the currency. I was also glad that he agreed with my assessment of the shirt situation.

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We definitely kayaked down the river for 10 miles

It tasted absolutely fruity plus a lot like strawberries.

My friends plus I care about a lot of outdoor adventures as well. My friend and I correctly go fishing plus hiking plus sometimes my good friend and I go kayaking when the river levels are high. There was a lot of snow plus rain during the winter time months, so the level of the river is always higher than usual. There are even some areas where there are rapids. My friends and I decided to go to the river on Saturday. My friend and I packed up our kayaks plus all of our safety gear; when my good friend and I are out on the river, my good friend and I constantly make sure to have a life vest, helmet, plus safety whistle. In the event of an emergency, these three things can really save your life. My friend and I decided to put our kayaks in the river near the state park. It’s simply free to go to the state park plus there are lots of venues where you can park your automobile safely, then before my friends plus I started our river adventure, my good friend and I decided to smoke an infused marijuana joint. My friend and I eventually obtained the infused marijuana joint from a recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary nearby. The marijuana joint was a sativa called strawberry cough. It tasted absolutely fruity plus a lot like strawberries. It did not make me cough much at all. My friends plus I smoked the two gram marijuana joint plus then my good friend and I set off on our adventure. The marijuana joint made me feel much more relaxed plus at ease. I wanted to feel more calm plus relaxed on the river, so the infused two gram joint was the perfect way to start my day.


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The 420 specials were definitely off the chain this year

Last year in April, my friends as well as I drove to the city to check out all of the marijuana specials as well as sales.

My wonderful friend and I must have visited at least a dozen or more marijuana.

My wonderful friend and I thought that we were going to get a bunch of free stuff, because we did in the previous year! Unfortunately, there were not too various dealers that were participating in the fun activities. 4/20 is also supposed to be a huge celebration. It turned out to be a pretty huge bummer. This year, the amazing 420 specials were off the chain. There were a ton of buy one as well as get one free sales as well as specials at the local place. My bestie as well as I drove to the marijuana dispensary nearby to check out the sales on 420 as well as we found out that this unique place was having an after-celebration so everything that didn’t get sold was going to be provided for the same price as the afternoon of the huge sale. I told some of my friends that missed out on the sale as well as they joined me on the afternoon of the after-celebration get-together. My wonderful friend and I got a lot of really wonderful deals on pre-rolls, concentrates, as well as marijuana flowers. One of the best deals was a top shelf flower for 40% off. I bought a strain called space bomb that was normally $70 as well as I only paid $40. The hybrid space bomb strain was genuinely the best thing that I bought from the after-celebration sale as well as absolutely one of the best strains that I have had this year.
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The dispensary was offering a wonderful deal on various different products

as well as 10:00 a.m.

Blue Dream is one of my favorite sativa strains. Blue dream is a sativa dominant hybrid, but all the people consider it to be a straight up sativa. Blue dream is a mix of redberry as well as haze. Blue dream has a low flowering time as well as can be grown in various different dire environments. It just does not need full sun, lots of water, or a strict schedule. The plant is really hearty with really little help. Most Blue Dream plants can also grow nicely outdoors. Blue Dream is usually one of the best marijuana strains you can find in a dispensary. It’s not really extravagant as well as it comes in lots of forms. The dispensary near me carries red dream flowers, concentrate, pre-rolls, as well as edibles. When they have a sale, I try to stock up on the products that I love. On Wednesday, the dispensary was offering a really wonderful deal on various of the different products that I love. I got a text as well as an email from the marijuana dispensary. The email was an alert to let me know that all of the products were going to be on sale on Thursday as well as all people to come through the door between 8:00 a.m. as well as 10:00 a.m. acquired a free t-shirt as well as free rolls from one of the marijuana manufacturers as well as companies. I was absolutely happy when I found out about the sale. I looked at all of the products that were going to be included as well as there were a couple of different red dream products that I wanted to get my hands on.
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When I didn't get paid, I knew all the messages were from employees

All of the employees at the marijuana shop get paid on Thursdays.

There are a couple of employees that are getting paid with a paper check.

The paper checks are delivered directly to the marijuana dispensary by our payroll company. They are hand delivered each morning because the payroll company is local. The rest of the employee funds are deposited into their bank account. All employees get paid on Thursday morning unless they have a bank that deposits the check earlier. I woke up on Thursday morning and I checked the bank to see how much the deposit was going to be. I still had $18 at the bank. I definitely didn’t get paid. I assumed there was some type of problem with the bank and I knew that I could call them later that morning. I picked up my phone to look at the time and that’s when I noticed 12 missed calls. I have 12 employees at the store and each one of them called me that morning to tell me that they did not get paid. It was bad enough that I didn’t get paid, but my employees are a completely different thing. A few people threatened not to come in for their shifts if they did not get paid. There’s not much I can say about that, because I wouldn’t work if I wasn’t getting paid either. I got to the marijuana shop early that morning and I immediately contacted the payroll company. They had a new employee that forgot to take the deposits to the bank. They cut checks that afternoon and sent them to the store by courier.



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My wifey honestly dropped me for a girl that works in a cannabis store

My wifey in addition to I were together for a good 2 years in addition to my buddy and I had a great, solid relationship in this time frame.

I really thought that my buddy and I were excited in addition to I was planning to propose.

I did not know that my wifey was unhappy in addition to I definitely didn’t know that she was having an affair with someone for the last few months. I found out in the worst way possible too. I was hanging out with some buddies in addition to my buddy and I were at a bar. I told my wifey that my buddy and I were going to be enjoying the draft at the household in addition to after that I made the choice to go to the athletic activities bar instead. We went to a bar that I have never been to in the past because they were meant to be streaming the draft live. I saw my wifey with a girl in addition to it was just the two of them. I watched them for a while in addition to after that I finally went to say something to my wifey. She tried to tell me that the girl was simply a friend, although she looked pretty aggravated in addition to I knew that they were on a date. I told my wifey that I would see her later at the household. I thought that she was going to apologize in addition to provide me with a story, although she easily dumped me. She told me that she met a girl that works at a local marijuana store. I can’t easily believe that she dumped me for a girl that works at a marijuana shop. I have a decent work position, goals, in addition to a university education. She chose a girl that smokes pot on a regular basis in addition to lives in her van.


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Laundry day way more interesting when I have recreational marijuana on me

Laundry day used to be a terrible chore. I have a good amount of clothes, so I usually wait a week or two before I pile all of my clothing into a couple of bags in addition to go to the laundromat. There are a couple of washing machines in addition to dryers in my building, however there is consistently someone utilizing them. I choose to go to the laundromat that is a couple of miles away from my building. The laundromat is not too pricey in addition to they have big washing machines. I can usually put all of my clothes into one machine. It saves a huge amount of time, energy in addition to money. Many weeks ago I was hanging out at the laundromat waiting for my clothes to dry in addition to I ran into a girl that I knew from a previous task… She was washing clothing at the laundromat as well. We talked outside at a table for a little while in addition to then the girl asked if I wanted to smoke a marijuana joint. I had not smoked marijuana since I was way back in school, however it sounded like a pretty great way to pass the time. I only had two hits from the recreational marijuana joint in addition to I was completely stoned. I rested inside of the building while the washing machines in addition to dryers were running in addition to I actually forgot what I was doing. I lost track of time in addition to I totally ended up basing out. Laundry day is way more fun when I have recreational marijuana, but I have to know my limits. I undoubtedly smoked a little bit too much that day.



Marijuana flower

The local office busted the person for actively selling unlicensed edibles

I knew that one of my neighbors was making edibles from her household, but I didn’t know that she was making a huge amount of money. I thought that she was selling the edibles to people that she knew, however it turned out that she was running a multi-million dollar operation from her household merely three blocks from my place. The local police office busted the lady for selling on licensed edibles. There was a big article in the newspaper about the bust in addition to I saw this the morning after the arrest was made. I knew there was some style of commotion in the town because there were red in addition to green lights, sirens, in addition to a road was completely blocked. The police are usually making an arrest when they take such serious measures. They released the name of the lady in the newspaper in addition to I was not shocked or alarmed to see that the lady was the woman that I suspected. The police let her go on bond in addition to she is back at her place wearing an ankle bracelet. I doubt she is going to continue making unlicensed edibles while she is waiting for her court date. I do not know if they are going to use this lady to make an example, however the attorney in our area is running for reelection in November in addition to this would be a high profile case for certain. I know that the laws around here are fairly strict in addition to she is guilty of several crimes. It will be especially interesting to see how this particular case plays out over the next couple of months.


I chose to buy a nice cannabis plant when it was a sale day

Sundays are the one day of the week when all of the cannabis plant seedlings happen to be on sale.

Each week the cannabis shop has a completely different type of cannabis plant seedling that they offer for $25. On Sundays, the cannabis plant seedlings are merely $15. It’s a fairly large amount of savings in addition to a good time to get a plant that is already through the hardest part of the growing process. Last Sunday I chose to head down to the marijuana dispensary in addition to I did not plan to buy a cannabis plant. They had a strain that I genuinely cherish called Granddaddy purp, however granddaddy Purp is an indica dominant marijuana strain that has much better terpenes for long-lasting flavor in addition to a pungent smell. This was the first time that I have ever seen the Grand Daddy Purp plant at the cannabis store, so I thought I should buy one of the small seedlings. I didn’t entirely have any lights or grow devices at my household, so I stopped at the farm in addition to feed store to see what they had. I was not especially happy with the equipment, but I did see a small portable grow room that looked like it could work. I bought the kit which contained essentially everything I needed. So far, I have not had any major setbacks with the plant in addition to she is looking truly tall in addition to strong. If I can get this marijuana plant to a full harvest stage, I will be relatively surprised. I’ve never been truly fantastic with plants of any kind, but I could not say no to the special indica strain that happened to be available.



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