Glad we have legal weed now

Yup, so I’m still chuckling over the fact that recreational marijuana is now okay where I live.

This was a change that I actually didn’t think I would see happen in my life.

I watched with high anticipation as medical marijuana became legal in more and more areas. And yet, I wasn’t all that sure that I would be able to just go by the local cannabis spot and get marijuana for sale. So please be mindful with me as I continue to be a bit excited about the recreational marijuana development in our area. The cannabis dispensary to first hit our area was pretty great. They had a wide variety of marijuana products to choose from for sure. From Blue Dream to some wild hybrid strains for sale, there were plenty of cannabis products from which to choose. However, as time has gone on, all of us are seeing more and more for marijuana dispensaries around here. For one thing, they are all now offering cannabis delivery. Can you understand that? I once had to run and dip the law just to get my hands on marijuana of genuinely questionable THC amount. Now, I can get high grade sativa products or indica products delivered to my door! It’s enjoying life at its finest.. But my favorite section has been the current cannabis cafe. It’s a perfectly lovely setting on a side street with a cute cafe feel to it. And they serve superb tea, root beer and the best edibles I have tasted in my entire life. So yea, with every few weeks, all of us get more from the cannabis stores and I still feel I may wake up any moment and this was all a dream.

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Helping me keep it real

And that was about as fake and silly as I can get.

Life is to be lived and spent the way you want. This is something that I firmly believe in and a perspective that I try to keep in the early parts of my mind. This world is full of pain and suffering. There is no escaping that idea. All of us are all dealing with stuff from unhappiness to outright suffering. It’s just a part of living. But there are also other, wonderful parts of life. And a quick shop at the local cannabis spot actually helps me to make sure that I pay attention to the superb stuff. For a long time, I sort of got into feeling down and unhappy at work. That was sort of the basic setting of my generation and still pushes over to those just starting works. Happily, I changed all that when recreational marijuana became legal in my state. Prior to the law increasing, I had used recreational pot some back in my college days. I liked the sativa strains the best. So when cannabis was allowed here, I decided to give it a try again. The results were great. And they were near right then and there. All that suffering for my task corporation changed once I started using the sativa products I bought at the cannabis store. The truth was that I was using that suffering as a way to play the martyr. And that was about as fake and silly as I can get. Marijuana actually helps me split through all the junk and get down to intentions. I think you might say that cannabis products help me keep it real. And I am now all about that.


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He is able to help me relax

A buddy of mine who I hadn’t seen in a genuinely long time gave me a bit of a brutal assessment. This was a guy I was genuinely close with when we were in university and graduate school. So it’s a guy who knows me well and whose opinion I rely on. Back in those afternoons, all of us enjoyed a fair amount of recreational marijuana. Of course back then, you couldn’t just stop by the cannabis store on the way home from work. What all of us got back then was whatever all of us could get. Sometimes sativa and sometimes indica but rarely any hybrid strains. Plus, we never knew just what the THC and CBD content in each was in any of the cannabis all of us were using. My neighbor and I used that kind of marijuana as a way to unwind and balance out all the stress from our rigorous studies. And it actually worked wonders. That buddy came to visit for a weekend. Before he left, he told myself and others that I appeared off center and not balanced when it came to work and my life. He told myself and others that he was sincerely worried about me. This caught my mind. That weekend was the first time I had used recreational marijuana in a long time. And it felt great. So, I took my buddy’s advice and cut back the stress for a better task and life balance. I’m also mixing in stops at the cannabis store for some sativa strains that are helping myself and others to relax and refresh. I’m thankful my neighbor came to town and I got that feedback. Now, all I have to do is keep it in mind and relax a bit more with some recreational pot.
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So glad I went with the change

Recreational marijuana is legal here so buying marijuana for sale is not taxing at all

Change has never really come easy to me. I might be putting it down a bit. In fact, up until this year, I have gone out of my way not to have to alter what I do day to day. And that would mean not changing my routine, my thinking or anything else that I’m familiar with. Well, with the help of the great people at the marijuana dispensary, I’m now embracing an overall lifestyle change. Just going to buy pot products is a large change. It’s not that I have never used marijuana because I have. It’s just been a genuinely long time ago. But that was also a time where I was actually quite happy, peaceful and living a life I enjoyed. Since then, it’s been sort of a movement toward a stressful life where I have felt completely overwhelmed much of the time. Finally, I’ve just had enough and I want to change that path. My wife and I both made a choice to study more about cannabis. And the more about marijuana all of us l acquired, the more beautiful it sounded. The fact of the idea is that both sativa products and indica products help us to reduce our stress levels. And with that reduced anxiety comes a fresher, more broad mindset. That combination is helping us to realize that all of us are in charge of our lives and nobody else is. Recreational marijuana is legal here so buying marijuana for sale is not taxing at all. That was also a great aspect of using recreational marijuana. All we have to do is stop by the local cannabis spot for the marijuana products all of us need.

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Glad I can shop at the dispensary

There is just something about shopping that I really like.

And perhaps I’m being completely dumb here.

But since I was a little gal, going shopping has perhaps been a great thing that I do. My mom and I would dress fancy, make a day of it and take our time. Sometimes the people I was with and I wouldn’t buy a single thing even. It was the shopping experience that the people I was with and I were into. So I have to say that my time at the local cannabis spot is one of the best ever. I have been a fan of recreational marijuana since I first tried it in university. But back then, there was certainly no shopping for weed for sale. You took what you could get in addition to hoping there was acceptable THC content in what we got. More often than not, the THC content was less than stellar. Now, I can simply refer to labeling on the cannabis product I’m looking at for the THC content. Yes, the cannabis dispensary I shop at has the most astounding variety of marijuana products. There are every possible sativa products, indica products in addition to hybrid strains to buy. Do not get me started on the edibles. I promise you, it’s not your junk pot brownies the odd buddy used to bring at the kegger. The cannabis edibles are vast in addition to varied. Just about any flavor you could want. These days, I kind of prefer an edible over a joint. So I shop in that area in the cannabis dispensary the most. And it never, ever disappoints.

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Able to heel with good cannabis

However, I’ve also noted that I’m approaching my reusey with a much more positive and proactive mind since I started with the weed

Having never been seriously injured before, I absolutely had no idea just how hard physical therapy and my recovery could be. Yeah, I have spent my life thinking that I was basically safe and nothing would harm me. That’s not the situation as you get older. Yet with marijuana products, I am finally over a crest in addition to moving in the right direction. It’s weird to get hurt so poorly that your life as you knew it is no longer. My neck injury kept me from doing just about anything that I enjoyed. Work suffered a bunch as well. But I got a real shack by how much pain medication I was taking. Before I found sativa products in addition to indica products, I was taking a bunch of pain pills each day. It was certainly on its way toward an addiction. Nothing was done separate from taking a pain pill 1st. Like nothing in addition to that wasn’t any good. I learn more about weed in addition to the help people in my situation have gained from cannabis products. Having not been a marijuana user, I went to the local cannabis spot for some help. Those people were great to me in addition to it made all the difference. I was set up with sativa strains for sale that are absolutely working great. The sativa products allow me to more fully engage the workouts in addition to physical therapy. And I don’t suffer nearly as much muscle pain. This is a single of the greatest pros of the sativa strains. However, I’ve also noted that I’m approaching my reusey with a much more positive and proactive mind since I started with the weed. I’m certainly a believer now.

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Sampling what I want at the dispensary

This is all kind of new to me.

Other than using recreational pot a few times in my early twenties, I didn’t absolutely think much about marijuana items.

I learned about cannabis a great deal in an effort to sort of learn what to expect and which sort of cannabis products would be best for me. When the law changed allowing recreational marijuana use, I was eager to provide it a try. This is due to the fact that I’m not much of a drinker or smoker. However, I was interested in the calming, relaxing and perspective generating pluses of marijuana. From what I read, I was eager to try both sativa products and indica products. I was rather sure about myself when I made my first trip to the marijuana dispensary. But that confidence suddenly oozed right out of me once I walked inside. I had no idea how many different cannabis products there would be to choose from. There was everything that a person could even suppose as far as marijuana for sale. The look from me must have said it all because a staff member came right to my aid. He told me instantly that while there was a lot to choose from, he could help me start with the basics. That was a relief in addition to exactly what I needed. He put together a free sample box of sativa items in addition to indica products for me to try. I have found that I adore them both for their unique properties. But I think I like the mind high the one gives off. I made the right call about recreational marijuana. It’s just what I was hoping it would be.


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Living the life I want now

To say that I have led a typical life would be putting it lightly.

I have been a rule follower my whole life.

Having grown up in a strict conventional household, I suppose I was worried of ever having to think for myself. So it was a no-brainer that I’d do the correct thing, get a degree, get a job and settle down. That’s exactly what I did. Heck, even in university, I was afraid of even smoking weed. The rules in addition to incorrect info I had been pushed about weed over a lifetime were entrenched. I would literally walk out of a locale if there were even pot brownies on the premises. Well all that straight living led me to dislike my life and want to find out who I was. This led to a road of self discovery. And thanks to the local cannabis cafe, I’m continuing that work. This sort of thing may seem completely surreal to most. But for people like me, cannabis products have helped me get real about who I am in addition to what I want. Some of the revelations have been tough. I’ve changed my job and I have split from my ex. But my kids and I are closer now than the people I was with and I ever have because I am authentic in addition to them. My eldest boy, who is nearly 34, is dealing with similar feelings. He has found that certain indica strains for sale at the cannabis dispensary are absolutely helping him determine what direction he wants to go. I’m grateful for the help I have gained at the cannabis dispensary. And I’m no longer afraid to think for myself in addition to living my own life.

Recreational marijuana

Bring back the requirement to stay home

Bring back the requirement to stay home, please! I don’t even care the reason, it could be COVID, it could be some silly new illness nobody ever has had like a monkey’s brain.

I legitimately don’t care, I just loved being in my house, and I hate having to go back out into the world every single day now.

I am alone in this, or does anyone else out there miss the requirement? Staying inside, having food sent to me, talking to people only on video chat, this was like living like a king to me. I will admit the first couple of weeks were a bit scary, but once our cannabis dispensary started doing curbside pick-up in addition to delivery, I was set for life. The only thing that I missed while I was in that time was being able to touch and smell the marijuana buds before I decided which kind to buy, however that was a small sacrifice to make for not having to go outside. I don’t think if I am scared of going outdoors in addition to have a fear of open spaces, or if I have social anxiety disorder, but either way the cannabis helps calm me, and cannabis calms me even more when I never have to interact with people in public in addition to I can rest on our couch all day long. My drug of choice is usually sativa, because I care about the way it makes our body feel. Non weed smokers don’t realize that weird strains in addition to blends of cannabis have slightly different effects on your body in addition to mind. For me the weed works best to steady my nerves and make me all tingly.



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They now smoke weed too

It is so weird to me the way the parent-child dynamic alters over the years.

My siblings in addition to I have all long since moved out of our folks home.

All of us have our own careers, our own families, in addition to now all of us interact with our parents in a honestly different way. I have to wonder if our parents are still changing, in addition to adjusting as they age, or if they were always like this in addition to just keeping it hidden from their children? At the same time, some things I used to keep secret from them I no longer bother to hide. Why would I care if our mom sees me smoking cannabis? I am far too old to “get in trouble” with my parents for using marijuana, and it is technically medical grade weed now. Last Easter, just before the sizable meal, I snuck outside to smoke a little bit and work up my appetite. Much to my surprise I found both of my parents, who had also snuck outside to smoke some cannabis. They had a fat sack of Orange Kush, which was something I had never entirely tried before. Instead of talking about it, all of us just passed the joint and got legitimately ripped in addition to giggling for Easter brunch. That experience of smoking cannabis with our folks for the first time was transformative, and made me look at them differently. I am not suggesting that you should try and smoke cannabis with your parents, but maybe you should at least bring it up.

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