I found a roach in my son’s jeans pocket

My son is 19, but he still lives at home. Because he still lives at home, I feel that there are certain rules that he has to follow. If he wants to continue to live under the Safety and Security of my roof, then he has to let me know where he is going and when he will be back. I don’t care if he doesn’t come home for the night, but it is nice and courteous to let someone know. I am not a short order cook. My son eats what is in the house or he pays for something that he wants. He has to do his own laundry. If it piles up in his room, I will say something about it. If it starts to trickle out the door, I’ll watch the laundry and charge him just as a laundromat would. I don’t mind that he is living at home at all, but I want him to learn a little bit of responsibility before he is out on his own and these little things will be helpful. I warned my son that I was getting aggravated with the laundry situation last week. I decided to go ahead and wash all of the clothes. I didn’t plan on charging my son this time, because he was working every single day. I did not expect to find a marijuana roach in his pocket. The marijuana roach was in the front pocket of his work pants. The marijuana roach had clearly been smoked and then the roach was put back into his pocket. I wanted to talk about the marijuana as soon as he got home from work that night.


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