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I don’t care

I’ve allowed myself the permission to be exactly who I want to be I don’t really care what some may have to say about my recent transformation. It easily hasn’t been popular among some of my family and friends. This is due to the fact that I started openly using recreational pot a few years […]

My life and happiness comes first

I don’t honestly care what some may guess about our recent transformation. It definitely hasn’t been popular among some of my family and friends. This is due to the fact that I started openly using recreational pot a few years ago. But that seems not only authentic and tolerable but there is such a thing […]

Farming marijuana

They offered him a large discount, of course, however Tom was a sweet guy who wasn’t looking for a bribe, just a cheap source of weed for he and his buddies I was raised in a farming country, on a farm next to the other. My parents grew different plants and had cows, all the […]

A pinch here and there

I have to say that life has been going pretty decent lately… or it had been, anyway, until last week. To me work was fantastic, I enjoyed what I did and hadn’t made any major errors I was aware of. Then the ball dropped, and while both of us were in a staff meeting the […]

Office life and weed

My job got a whole lot nicer once I got the pay increase. It came with more stuff to do, which was good. It also came with an office, and that was the game-changer for me. Most of the employees here work in small spaces. There is 1 main room, honestly huge, that is crammed […]

Now I can get cannabis easier

I never thought I would see the day when I could purchase CBD in my town. Of course, there are some odd places in town that sell all sorts of things, however that doesn’t mean you should buy it! Back in school, when I first started smoking, I had to run around and call 20 […]

I did marijuana growing before anyone

My family has a long history of hustling products, one that every one of us are all pretty proud of, to be honest. Back in the nights of the 20s, our distant relations out in the country started making moonshine and selling it to town folks. They were wild men for a few years, and […]

Not happy about dreaming again

I woke up at 2am and right away packed a fat bowl of cannabis and started puffing like a madman I have recently started reading about “lucid dreaming” from my shrink. There was a guy who started doing hardcore research about lucid dreaming at a known University. When you learn the discipline of dreaming, you […]

How much cannabis will I need for that trip?

I have always wanted to take a long, casual cross country trip across this good country, although I never had a reason to do so. When I heard that my buddy Ryan was getting hitched, I decided that was the motivation I needed. Instead of taking a plane out for a few nights I would […]

Saving what I can when I can

Anything else I can cope with, even if it’s drinking water from the sink and eating nothing but canned peas, although I cannot handle running out of weed. I love staying at home, as they say. I am a homebody, I don’t like being in public. For me, the virus pandemic trapping me in my […]