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Glad we have legal weed now

Yup, so I’m still chuckling over the fact that recreational marijuana is now okay where I live. This was a change that I actually didn’t think I would see happen in my life. I watched with high anticipation as medical marijuana became legal in more and more areas. And yet, I wasn’t all that sure […]

Helping me keep it real

And that was about as fake and silly as I can get. Life is to be lived and spent the way you want. This is something that I firmly believe in and a perspective that I try to keep in the early parts of my mind. This world is full of pain and suffering. There […]

He is able to help me relax

A buddy of mine who I hadn’t seen in a genuinely long time gave me a bit of a brutal assessment. This was a guy I was genuinely close with when we were in university and graduate school. So it’s a guy who knows me well and whose opinion I rely on. Back in those […]

So glad I went with the change

Recreational marijuana is legal here so buying marijuana for sale is not taxing at all Change has never really come easy to me. I might be putting it down a bit. In fact, up until this year, I have gone out of my way not to have to alter what I do day to day. […]

Glad I can shop at the dispensary

There is just something about shopping that I really like. And perhaps I’m being completely dumb here. But since I was a little gal, going shopping has perhaps been a great thing that I do. My mom and I would dress fancy, make a day of it and take our time. Sometimes the people I […]

Able to heel with good cannabis

However, I’ve also noted that I’m approaching my reusey with a much more positive and proactive mind since I started with the weed Having never been seriously injured before, I absolutely had no idea just how hard physical therapy and my recovery could be. Yeah, I have spent my life thinking that I was basically […]

Sampling what I want at the dispensary

This is all kind of new to me. Other than using recreational pot a few times in my early twenties, I didn’t absolutely think much about marijuana items. I learned about cannabis a great deal in an effort to sort of learn what to expect and which sort of cannabis products would be best for […]

Living the life I want now

To say that I have led a typical life would be putting it lightly. I have been a rule follower my whole life. Having grown up in a strict conventional household, I suppose I was worried of ever having to think for myself. So it was a no-brainer that I’d do the correct thing, get […]

Bring back the requirement to stay home

Bring back the requirement to stay home, please! I don’t even care the reason, it could be COVID, it could be some silly new illness nobody ever has had like a monkey’s brain. I legitimately don’t care, I just loved being in my house, and I hate having to go back out into the world […]

They now smoke weed too

It is so weird to me the way the parent-child dynamic alters over the years. My siblings in addition to I have all long since moved out of our folks home. All of us have our own careers, our own families, in addition to now all of us interact with our parents in a honestly […]