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Everything is better now

Medical cannabis has been fully legal in the state for 6 years, but until medical marijuana was legalized, I was living a really odd life. I was hooked on drugs plus I wasn’t going anywhere. I was in plus out of local rehab plus nothing I did seemed to help with the chronic pain that […]

The concentrate is the best

I have been using medical marijuana products for the last couple of months. It makes me feel better than any medication I have personally ever tried in the past. I had to go to the dentist in order to be able to get a prescription each time for medical marijuana. I also attended an education […]

I figured out the best recipe

I wanted to make some awesome brownies with marijuana, but I did not really suppose what genre of recipe to use. I seriously did not want the brownies to taste horrible; One of our friends named Bob tried to make brownies with marijuana plus they tasted similar to the bottom of a swamp. They were […]

They said I still had time

When I went to the marijuana dispensary early on Thursday, I found out that they were having a big sale on all of their highly ranked cannabis concentrates. I was only there to buy a vape pen cartridge. I did not have an excess of currency on me at the time. I asked the guy […]

A trip is a good time for a trip

My spouse plus I were absolutely looking forward to going out of town for a couple of days, then the two of us were so damn excited when all of us left the house, plus then our mom plus Mom called to say that our poor son was sick plus they were taking him to […]

The flower is worth the price

I never buy top shelf marijuana products normally when I go to the dispensary, because they cost about $40 or $50 for an eighth. I am more of a bargain patron most of the time. I love to get a wonderful deal. I can get high whether the product of marijuana costs $40 or $10, […]

The benefits are huge

It’s tough for anyone to accurately deny that medical marijuana has vast benefits, however there are still more than two dozen states across the country that do not recognize medical marijuana for patient use. In this very state, you can qualify for a medical marijuana card if you have any one of a dozen or […]

The cannabis sealed the deal

I started laboring at a current accounting firm perhaps a couple of weeks ago as well as a lot of the gentlemen there have tried to be friendly. I am not a particularly outgoing or sociable person, so I actually do not go out of our way to be friends with anyone. I am cordial […]

I do better at work when blazed

Ever since there was a fire at work, I admit that I have a lot of anxiety in the afternoon when I am getting ready for the afternoon. I was busy at work when the accident happened as well as a lot of people were hurt badly. Thank God no one was killed, however the […]

It wasn’t in the right range

Most of the orders that come to our little marijuana delivery repair are from the online website. Both of us have a small component located inside of the store that prints out a sticker ticket with all of the items that have been placed online. The name of the customer as well as the cellphone […]