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Gramps was growing medical cannabis plants

I find it so ridiculous how many secrets there are in this family. As a child I thought the whole extended family was the coolest thing on earth. Everyone was so nice as well as affectionate, as well as there were never any fights or squabbles. As I got older I became more aware of […]

Smoking cannabis with Uncle Ed

Bear in mind this was totally illegal at the time, the government did not condone medical cannabis treatment of any kind My Mom has a younger brother named Ed. Ed has been a part of my life since I can first remember. No matter where my Mom as well as Mom moved, Ed would come […]

Making a few changes to the old cannabis dispensary

If the medical cannabis patients want to hang out as well as enjoy themselves, that would be great. As the supervisor of the old medical cannabis dispensary, I had to make a few major adjustments once the state laws changed, because recreational weed use was being decriminalized, which really opened up the old shop to […]