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Now I live near cannabis

When I was a kid, I made some pretty poor decisions. That I made it through high school, and graduated, separate from being kicked out or going to prison is a miracle; For a while I had a mild drug habit, and I ran with a crew of older guys that were all nursing drastic […]

I need to smell the buds

You don’t have to be a cannabis expert to take a sizable inhale from a bucket of reds and get a feel for it I am so glad that things are finally turning around and there are still a few stores in the area that require everyone to have something on their mouths but to […]

They were nuts about making bongs

I used to be friends with a couple of potheads that were also engineering students. They were named Seth and Ro, and they were both genuinely hardcore about building things and makign them better. They wanted a bong that improved how much THC and the actual cannabis you get. They felt they could improve the […]

I will find my calling

Cannabis makes me care about life a lot more, it helps me sleep better, and helps me to not be as stressed… Life can be so stressful, so unrelentingly aggravating, that only in the depths of a cloud of pungent cannabis smoke do I find our peace. You can judge me all you want for […]

Competing in smoking events

There were three of us total at home. We ended up bored and had nothing to do. The first few weeks were kind of fun with the social distancing, and then the lake house fever set in. Watching entire runs of TV series and films franchises got to be so boring, and the people I […]

The dispensary looked so different

Have you ever visited the place you grew up, and found it to be totally different than you remember? This has been happening to me a lot lately, because I have had a lot of time off from my job and decided to do some traveling. The virus quarantine made me miss traveling, so I […]

One word: privacy

The plan was easy, but great. The music festival was three days of live performances, and it was being held at a giant field and camping area. My friends and I decided to take a mobile home, have a party on the road trip there, and then sleep in the mobile home for the entirety […]

I am the shopper of cannabis

I can’t tell you her name, or where our rental property is located, because that would be an ethical violation of privacy. But, I have to tell someone about this tenant! She is an older lady, and has some amount of money. She laid out such a nice cash deposit for the rental, several months […]