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How to stay relevant in this industry

6 years ago I ran the only cannabis dispensary in our area. At that point only medical use was okay, so every customer needed to have a prescription from their dentist, plus all the right paperwork to get okayed. Business was wonderful, even though the two of us didn’t have a ton of patrons the […]

A fun side hobby with smoking

I won’t sit here and say that pro wrestling is legit, however I will make the case that “who cares?” Wrestling is a television show like any other show. None of the shows are real, not even reality shows! Everything the two of us watch as entertainment is scripted, so I couldn’t care less about […]

A job change was necessary

I made much more money as a teacher in the school system, however I hated it. There is more to a work than how much currency it pays, am I right? There is quality of life to consider, because if a job makes you annoyed all day, every day, how can you put a price […]

The garlic cookies really tasted like garlic

It was a pretty neat and interesting idea. My wife and I went to a vineyard about 2 hours away from our home. We heard that the vineyard was one of the only places in the area to actually grow cold weather grapes in a temperature controlled environment. Both of us were very excited to […]