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Medical cannabis in conjunction with art therapy

Using art for therapy isn’t the kind of thing that saves lives, it’s more like a gentle encouragement for positive mental health and happiness. It isn’t like physical therapy, which can help recover your life as well as your mental health. Art therapy is just for personal relaxation, as well as for getting more in […]

My Uncle Ed was a regular stoner

We went inside, as well as Ed pulled out what was – at the time – the most medical cannabis I had ever seen in my life When I was a boy, the holidays were a pretty big deal for our family. I was one of six youngsters, as well as my mom as well […]

Cannabis drinks can carry quite a strong punch

Before I can tell you the story, I need to say that it might be offensive to some people. We can all agree that it is 100% wrong to drug anyone without their knowledge, am I right? I would never deceive someone or make them take a drug they weren’t cool with, that is morally […]

Using medical cannabis to make Easter fun

I have never been a religious person, so I have never cared about Easter one way or the other, and personally I feel that it’s fine for the Christians to celebrate Easter, or any holiday they wish, however if I don’t follow the religion then my pals and I won’t celebrate it ourselves, but i […]

Granny grew medical cannabis plants

I find it quite silly that there are so many secrets in my family. As a kid I thought the whole extended family was the best thing on earth. Everyone seemed so warm as well as kind, as well as there were never any complications or arguments. As I got a little older I became […]

Making a lot of great changes to the cannabis dispensary

As the manager of the local medical cannabis dispensary, I needed to make some major adjustments once the law started changing, but recreational weed use was being decriminalized, which legitimately opened up my weed shop to a whole different market. I wanted to maintain the same professional vibe my store has regularly had, because our […]