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I no longer have the anxiety that I used to

The idea that I would ever be shopping in a cannabis store for cannabis flower products was not something that would happen to me. That’s because I could hardly vacate my house to do any kind of shopping, much less go to a legal weed store. But that is exactly what has happened once I […]

Road to recovery

Every time I passed a crash on the highway, I would constantly feel bad for those involved. I think I must have gotten a bunch of those kudo points in return when I was involved in 1 of those highway accidents. And I’m easily thankful for every single 1 of those people as it was […]

Diarrhea is made better with cannabis

I’ve been diagnosed with many different conditions when it comes to my chronic stomach pains. It’s not classic Crohn’s disease plus yet it’s not exactly IBS either. Different docs have viewed it differently over the years. Regardless, I’ve had my life sort of switched upside down with this diarrhea condition. However, I’m finally getting some […]

A good way to eat

I’m so glad that I learned from the cannabis information plus got myself access to the cannabis dispensary I never thought I could view food as great for me. To me, food was either the worst thing ever or the only wonderful thing I could find around me. Given where I began, the fact that […]

Taking tinctures and edibles along on a hike

Every weekend when the weather permits, my friends and I head to the area state parks to kayak, bike or hike the trails. The park closest to our apartment building includes multiple trails. Some of them are basic and others are more strenuous. My friends and I are ready for any difficulty level. We keep […]

Working at the cannabis dispensary

I have made a point to try our products to gain first hand knowledge. My friend helped me to get hired at a cannabis dispensary. It’s a great job. I really like helping customers find the cannabis strain and consumption method that works for them. Our boutique shop offers quality craft cannabis and unique strains […]

Each dispensary offers a different deal

Everything is harvested with my most proper protocols Recreational cannabis is legal in my home state. There are several dispensaries in the nearby vicinity of my home. Each one offers a new special throughout the week. On Mondays, the nearest dispensary always advertises 10% off everything in the store. It’s a great deal. If I […]

Getting cannabis delivered for our fight night

My roommates and I invited some people over to our apartment on Monday night. We’d ordered a fight-night on pay-per-view and wanted to share it with friends. We asked about six people to join us. We bought beer; wine and mixers and set out some snacks. My own roommate mentioned buying some cannabis from a […]