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Needed more cannabis than he was offering

I took a trip, and my friend Buster was so far away that I had to get on a plane. I actually dislike flying. I get nervous, sweaty and anxious. So I avoid it. However, in this case there was no other way to travel. There are a lot of reasons to dislike airports, from […]

A fun game to pass the time

What did you do during quarantine? Of course you smoked a bunch, who didn’t? What I mean is what else did you do? There was only so much TV I could watch, you know what I mean? I watched all the seasons of Once Upon a Time, then the whole run of Jane the Virgin, […]

Had to get rid of our weed

I went on a cruise last month. It wasn’t anything huge, just a week trip back-and-forth over to an island. I had a real blast, and was partying pretty hard even before we left the port. My friends and I weren’t holding weed initially, so we were hitting the booze pretty hard to compensate. Our […]

I am the only source of cannabis right now

Living in a small town can be stale, and a lot of folks have a desire to make things not change at all. People use this as an excuse to keep their lives easy or even worse get angry about change. When pot legalization came up in the last state elections, my whole town lost […]

Didn’t do well in school anymore

As a young kid, I was easily motivated. I tried my hardest in school, I got a job as soon as I could drive, as well as I did everything that was expected of me. I had buddies, as well as went to parties as well as stuff, but in total I was easily much […]

Cannabis makes jobs

Every summer when I was a kid I went to this tiny town out in the country to stay with my grandparents. It was a pretty dull town, not a whole lot for a child to do, so when I got to be a teenager I stopped going. That was a lot of years back, […]

A love with cannabis

Grandma was a love child, as well as I don’t mean she was around in the Flower Power era, I mean she was a big part of it. She attended all the large rallies as well as Mayes, she protested everything she could find to protest, as well as she met a lot of famous […]

It is taxed now

Why does there regularly have to be taxes with everything? Back in the day, before legalization changed the way things were done, paying tax on your weed meant pinching off a large bud for a woman who set it up. A cool company would never charge this kind of tax ,but it was still good […]