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A smart time to invest in marijuana

So when I was attending school, I always looked down on those who used marijuana. Recreational marijuana was not something that I found to be adequate or acceptable. However, I was a rather straight edge sort of person with too much dog eat dog in me. That sort of perspective has shifted considerably over the […]

I am very curious about this new marijuana business

Finally medical marijuana legalization passed fairly recently in the state I live in. This was such an immense deal around here. There were plenty of support for both the pro marijuana side and the anti cannabis opposition. It got quite spirited in many instances. But after being placed on the ballot again, the state finally […]

I am loving our new cannabis spot

It’s a blast to guess that all I need to do is go down the stairs, out the building and hang a left. Less than a 10 minute walk away and I’m at our local cannabis spot. This was something that I wasn’t sure that I could ever do. It seemed almost too much to […]

Took a new view on using cannabis lately

I suppose it’s important to be able to evolve as a human being. This was not a perspective that came naturally to me. In fact, if things got too varied in our life, I would become defensive about it. I wanted everything to always work out in our favor plus it did to a massive […]