The panic attack was getting worse by the minute

I do not know why I suffer from panic attacks, but I do and they can be undoubtedly crippling, then panic attacks happen sometimes for no reason at all, usually a panic attack is triggered by a abrupt influx of stress that I cannot control, and i start to feel undoubtedly flushed and feverish.

  • I feel like I am going to faint and I often have shaking that is uncontrollable, then there are a lot of symptoms that people officially experience during a panic attack, then some of the other respected symptoms include nausea, chest pain, headaches, and detachment; When I am getting a panic attack, I can feel it coming.

Usually I can stop the panic attack dead in the tracks if I have some type of medical marijuana product, and medical marijuana helps with panic attacks by calming the central concerned system. Medical marijuana has cannabinoids like THC and CBD that help the brain react better to stress and stimuli. I had a exhausting panic attack at work a couple of afternoons ago. My boss called to ask about the expense reports and I already sent them to his office. I immediately thought that the expense reports were missing and I thought I was going to get fired. I was packing up my stuff and out the door in 30 seconds and then I decided to take a deep breath. I took a couple of Puffs from my cannabis oil pen, and a few minutes later, my mind settled down and I felt much more clear and calm. My boss found the paperwork and that helped to calm my mind as well. It was hidden under some flyers.



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