The guy advocated trying marijuana to help

I went outside plus one of the boys from the warehouse was smoking a joint

I regularly try to blend in at work. I do not need the bus to feel me or single me out for any reason. I am undoubtedly shy plus I have a difficult time talking in front of a group of people. When the boss has meetings, I usually sit near the back so I can’t be recognized. The boss had a meeting a few weeks ago plus only invited the department heads. I had to go to the meeting plus it was a small group of people. My boss started a conversation with me as soon as the meeting began plus I started to feel undoubtedly nervous plus flushed. I knew that meant that I was likely going to have a panic attack. I told my boss that I needed a couple of minutes plus I excused myself from the room. I didn’t know what I was going to say when I went back there. I was hoping they all moved on to a different subject. When I came back to the room, my boss asked if I was feeling better, he told me that he wanted me to present all of my biweekly facts plus numbers after the meeting. The boss never asked me to do that before plus I thought I was going to faint. I went outside plus one of the boys from the warehouse was smoking a joint. I practically flagged the guy down to get him to provide me some of the marijuana joint. I didn’t know if it was going to help, although I didn’t feel it would hurt. The marijuana joint entirely made me feel much more calm plus relaxed.


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