The delivery driver would not go to the city park

My fiance as well as I ordered some items from a marijuana delivery service.

The delivery repair is in the city as well as far from the part where my associate and I live.

They have the best prices on flower as well as concentrate, but i absolutely can’t get flower as well as concentrate anywhere else in the city for the same low price, then because they are a far distance from the part where my associate and I live, I have to meet the delivery driver in the next city. It’s about a 40 minute drive for me as well as a 40-minute drive for the marijuana delivery repair person… My fiance as well as I attended a anniversary celebration for one of our friends teenagers. The celebration was at a city park as well as close to the part where my associate and I usually meet the marijuana delivery repair driver. I told my fiance that my associate and I should order some supplies, because my associate and I were going to be close as well as it was a trip that my associate and I would not have to make in another week. My buddy and I took some money out of the savings account as well as called to make an order. My buddy and I provided the driver the address of the city park, and when the driver called to let us know that she was on the way, she informed us that my associate and I could not have the items delivered to the city park. Because of the guidelines as well as regulations, she was unable to bring the items to a city or state office, and she asked me to supply him another address as well as I told him to meet me at the gas station across the street from the park.

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