Now I live near cannabis

When I was a kid, I made some pretty poor decisions.

That I made it through high school, and graduated, separate from being kicked out or going to prison is a miracle; For a while I had a mild drug habit, and I ran with a crew of older guys that were all nursing drastic drug woes.

The people I was with and I grabbed a lot of stuff, but never got into heavy criminality, just enough to buy drugs, and finally I saw the light, I turned a corner, and I cleaned up our act. After a couple of years of living clean, and putting our life together, the world rewarded myself and others by opening a cannabis dispensary next door. I guess “the world” didn’t open a cannabis dispensary, I’m saying that luck brought it here, to the old theater next door, as a reward for our karmic change. The cannabis that I used to risk jail time to acquire is now readily available to myself and others from 10am to 10pm, more than six days a week. This makes sense to me, because a teenager should never have to be scared of going to jail over something as straight-forward as marijuana. The only reason cannabis has an exhausting rep is because criminalizing it made the users act care about criminals; Now that cannabis stores are widely available, no one needs to sneak around in back alleys making shady deals to get it. The cannabis plant is a gift from the universe, to be shared and enjoyed, not ruined and punished. Now that I have said our piece, I am going to buy some marijuana.


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I need to smell the buds

You don’t have to be a cannabis expert to take a sizable inhale from a bucket of reds and get a feel for it

I am so glad that things are finally turning around and there are still a few stores in the area that require everyone to have something on their mouths but to myself and others that isn’t a sizable deal! As long as I can get out and around and live our life, wearing something is a mild inconvenience at worst, and it’s a far cry from social distancing. It’s not like I had to make huge sacrifices while on lockdown, thanks to the big change in delivery systems. I had my groceries delivered, the supplies I needed for the house, and I even had a cannabis dispensary give me my medicine. To myself and others this isn’t the same, because I adore going to the grocery store to select our produce by hand, and I care about picking out my own cannabis, too. The budtenders constantly do a good job in explaining everything about the cannabis before I buy it, but I believe that any dire pothead would agree there is no chance for touching and smelling those marijuna buds yourself to get a feel for them. You don’t have to be a cannabis expert to take a sizable inhale from a bucket of reds and get a feel for it. The nose knows, as they say, and when it comes to cannabis it never steered me wrong, but so does the fact that the cannabis dispensary is open again, and I can physically go inside and peruse the wide variety of products they carry. I feel like a kid in a candy shop, only a cannabis dispensary is better than any candy store.


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Old doesn’t mean that I am dead with a trip to the cannabis cafe

The look on my kid’s face was just priceless.

Max is a responsible dad now and is doing all the things that look familiar to myself and others from when we raised him.

There is a similar stressed-out countenance for sure. Max came to visit myself and others a few weeks ago in the beach city where I retired. My partner died more than 2 years ago so now it’s just myself and others and Max during these visits. The absolutely afternoon Max arrived, the two of us took a short walk down to the local cannabis spot. As I opened the door, I caught the look on Max’s face and he was stunned to say the least. And it just went on from there. The terrific staff at the local cannabis spot believe myself and others by name and they always reserve my number one fave hybrid strains ready. I could really get the cannabis delivery repair even though I would miss seeing all my friends. When Max finally pulled it together, I asked him if he’d love a pot brownie or maybe some purple haze or something. I told Max that since his family was at beach house and it was just the 2 of us, so the two of us were going to indulge in some recreational marijuana delights. I knew Max had smoked marijuana in university because I found his stash. So why shouldn’t Max and I love some good sativa or indica together right? Once my child got over his shock, Max was in. And he went right for the Blue Dream variety. Both of us went home, seared steaks, had some nice wine and indulge a bit in our haul from the local cannabis spot. It was a single 1 of the best weekends the two of us have ever shared together.
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Finding a better appetite with help from the cannabis dispensary

And not just by supplying myself and others with cannabis products

If you have an eating disorder, then you have a life disorder. And don’t let anyone ever tell you any different. I don’t know for sure if I will ever get back to normalcy. But then again, I have no clue what my normalcy will look like. Yet, with the help of marijuana and the good people at the local cannabis business, I’m reading about it. First, I’m not tackling my condition alone or with help solely from a marijuana business. I’m going to therapy every week, and also get respectfully seen and worked on by a medical pro. In fact, it was the medical professional who proposed that I look into using cannabis to help in my recovery. And this was such a pressing shift in my becoming normal. Using both sativa and indica or even hybrid strains, I have the recognition of a healthier appetite. That may seem weird but I’ve spent a long time denying my body so sensations get all screwed up. But with marijuana, my appetite is both real and strong. With help from my therapist and the docs, I’m reading to acknowledge that as a good thing and feed my body respectfully. It hasn’t been easy at all. When you go so long with just completely messed up associations with food, body image and my appetite, it takes time to adjust. But I’m doing it and the folks at the cannabis dispensary help me a lot. And not just by supplying myself and others with cannabis products. I’ve been absolutely up front with them and the staff are all absolutely pulling for myself and others as well. It’s a good feeling and a wonderful, if somewhat unexpected source of support, kindness and compassion.


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They were nuts about making bongs

I used to be friends with a couple of potheads that were also engineering students. They were named Seth and Ro, and they were both genuinely hardcore about building things and makign them better. They wanted a bong that improved how much THC and the actual cannabis you get. They felt they could improve the lives of potheads everywhere. They liked to build bongs and pipes. So while they started out genuinely easy, they became more and more complex over the years. These were smart guys, and smoking cannabis unlocked the creative side of them, which they used to build more astounding bongs. They really did come up with some cool shaped, and better working bongs. I got one as a gift that I still use today. The weirdest thing to me was that they didn’t entirely care about the quality of the cannabis they smoked. They would buy the cheapest ditch weed marijuana, because their focus was on the bong, not the weed. They were genuinely great with letting me use their creations, but of course I typically used my own cannabis. I have standards, and I don’t mean I have to have the top of the line sativa, I just mean I don’t want garbage weed filled with stems and seeds. These men smoked the worst weed, and that stuff gives me a headache and that smells. Those guys taught me a lot about the physics of gravity bongs, and hopefully I taught them a little about the benefits of smoking better weed.



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I will find my calling

Cannabis makes me care about life a lot more, it helps me sleep better, and helps me to not be as stressed… Life can be so stressful, so unrelentingly aggravating, that only in the depths of a cloud of pungent cannabis smoke do I find our peace.

You can judge me all you want for doing hits of weed first thing in the morning because I don’t care. I worked hard for a lot of years. I know I am 50 and it is not the norm. Who do I have to impress anymore? If I want to smoke, it no longer matters. I don’t have school or to drive to a job or be good for my kids. I can just relax now. I guess the complication is that people expect this kind of behavior from a younger person, and it is supposed to peter off as you get older. In our case the reverse is true, I used to only partake in smoking cannabis once in a while, and now I am an everyday smoker! Correction, I am an all-day, every-day cannabis user, and any afternoon I don’t get lifted is a day that I am upset. Cannabis makes me care about life a lot more, it helps me sleep better, and helps me to not be as stressed… Life can be so stressful, so unrelentingly aggravating, that only in the depths of a cloud of pungent cannabis smoke do I find our peace. My kids are all adults now, they don’t need me hovering around, so I have much more free time to smoke marijuana then over the 13 years. I put in my work, I raised fantastic kids, and since I work from home now I can actually do our weekly tasks while smoking indica or sativa the whole time. My goal is to quit the job I have now and work full time at a local cannabis dispensary, and ride out the last 30 years of my life selling tasty greens to people.


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Competing in smoking events

There were three of us total at home.

We ended up bored and had nothing to do.

The first few weeks were kind of fun with the social distancing, and then the lake house fever set in. Watching entire runs of TV series and films franchises got to be so boring, and the people I was with and I played out every board game and card game in the house. I am not sure who came up with the thought first, but it came about in the middle of a smoke session, and we spent all night planning it out. The three of us called it the Cannabis Games, and would be an Olympic event competition with several odd marijuana-based contests between the three of us. The first event was called the “dirty marijuana choice and roll” which used locally grown cannabis that was tacky and full of seeds. The goal of this event was to clean the marijuana, cut it down by hand, and roll it into a slim joint. The next leg of the event is to puff and pass, and smoke all the cigarettes at once in a circle. For the next event we got out the large multiple chamber glass bong and stuffed it full of a sativa. This one was an endurance test, and the bong went around the circle, each of us hitting more and more of the sativa until we tapped out single by a single. These events went on for more than 2 days, until we realized how much we smoked.


Cannabis dispensary menu

The dispensary looked so different

Have you ever visited the place you grew up, and found it to be totally different than you remember? This has been happening to me a lot lately, because I have had a lot of time off from my job and decided to do some traveling.

The virus quarantine made me miss traveling, so I decided to hit a few of our older spots across the country.

The first restaurant where I got drunk with a fake ID is now a kids store, and what was once a 1 story apartment is now 6 stories of high end apartments. I tried to track down the seasoned sub joint I used to love, and found that it was now a cannabis shop. Never one to waste a trip, I went inside to see if they would honor our medical weed card from our local state. Where I live there are legal cannabis dispensaries for medicinal use, so they are love pharmacies and require a state sponsored card and an insurance card. It turns out this state has allowed recreational marijuana use, so they didn’t care if I had a card. Any legal adult with the currency to spend can walk into a cannabis dispensary and purchase what they want. I love it, that here cannabis is treated the same as pain reliever or cough syrup, and doesn’t have to be such a large deal. I spent a long time walking around this amazing cannabis dispensary, which wasn’t like ours back at home. This was warm, cozy, with chairs to sit and relax, a cute dessert cart, and a smokers lounge for sampling cannabis.

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One word: privacy

The plan was easy, but great.

The music festival was three days of live performances, and it was being held at a giant field and camping area.

My friends and I decided to take a mobile home, have a party on the road trip there, and then sleep in the mobile home for the entirety of the long weekend. It was going to be such a grand time, and with travel time there and back with my friends, it would be a week. Four people in a mobile home for a whole week required some extra supplies. The four of us would need food, bottled water, liquor, and a whole lot of cannabis. As it turns out, our supply of cannabis was pretty mild, and we had smoked most of it by the time we even got to the festival. That wouldn’t be a concern, we figured, because so many people smoke marijuana at these events someone there would have some to sell. It turns out we didn’t need to buy any marijuana, because that mobile home gave us an advantage that most people didn’t have — privacy. For the right to have some security while getting high, we found a lot of people who were genuinely generous with their cannabis. Whenever you light up at a festival, the cannabis crew start to come in and ask you for a couple of hits. The privacy to smoke cannabis undisturbed proved to be genuinely smart, and we entirely drove home with a lot more marijuana than I had initially. Not only did people smoke us out, they also left cannabis buds as a “thank you” gift.

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I am the shopper of cannabis

I can’t tell you her name, or where our rental property is located, because that would be an ethical violation of privacy.

But, I have to tell someone about this tenant! She is an older lady, and has some amount of money.

She laid out such a nice cash deposit for the rental, several months paid in full, that I didn’t even give her a difficult time about not giving me any ID or credentials. She claims to be a famous author who wants some time alone, and hasn’t left the grounds in more than 2 months. She pays me extra to get her supplies, so I go to the grocery store and a cannabis dispensary for her whenever needed… and she needs a whole bunch of cannabis it turns out. It makes me interested if all writers use this much cannabis, because she claims it is a large help with her writing. In fact she even calls it her little helper instead of cannabis, which I have been told is a reference to an older Rolling Stones song. She writes on a black typewriter, doesn’t have a computer which means I need to look up what cannabis is available on the web and tell her, then get her order and her currency and drive to the cannabis dispensary. She could save so much time and cash by doing all of this herself, however if she prefers it this way I will typically take the extra money and spend it at the cannabis dispensary myself! I haven’t paid for any of our own marijuana since she moved in.

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