Everything is better now

Medical cannabis has been fully legal in the state for 6 years, but until medical marijuana was legalized, I was living a really odd life.

I was hooked on drugs plus I wasn’t going anywhere.

I was in plus out of local rehab plus nothing I did seemed to help with the chronic pain that I felt every morning. The undiagnosable chronic pain was extreme plus debilitating, and nothing seemed to help plus our practitioner was giving me more plus more pills instead of trying to find the source for the horrible pain. When medical marijuana was legalized, I found a Dr that could prescribe the course of treatment plus I paid all of the state fees so I could go to the legal dispensary to buy products. At that time, medical marijuana actually was only being prescribed for Alzheimer’s, epilepsy plus seizures, pain, muscle spasms, cancer, plus extreme PTSD. Severe plus chronic pain was a topic that was a great space plus some physicians could use their discretion to prescribe medical marijuana. My Dr told me all of the facts about medical marijuana. The guy really wanted me to understand exactly what to expect, because I had never used marijuana at all in the past. He truly was worried that it might not be a great route. He even explained that I might be feeling side effects such as increased appetite plus heart rate, dizziness, plus possible fainting. He then told me not to use any of the medical marijuana products while I was driving plus he advocated for me to take it easy in the beginning.
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The concentrate is the best

I have been using medical marijuana products for the last couple of months.

It makes me feel better than any medication I have personally ever tried in the past.

I had to go to the dentist in order to be able to get a prescription each time for medical marijuana. I also attended an education class where they told me graciously all about the genre of things that I can expect when using medical marijuana products on the reg. Medical marijuana has some side effects such as dizziness, slow reaction times, plus hallucination. There can even be major setback drug interactions if you are taking benzos or other beta blockers. You know medical marijuana comes in a lot of odd forms such as liquid, oil, plus dried marijuana flower leaves. One of our number one ways to use most marijuana products is vaping concentrate. Marijuana concentrate is an ultra potent form of legal marijuana that is extracted directly from the plant while it is still alive. Marijuana concentrates very often contain 40 to 74% THC plus sometimes even higher. Marijuana concentrates can easily be vaped using a bong plus a quartz banger. I vape concentrate using a classic glass bong with a quartz nail. I use a small amount of marijuana concentrate to get a lasting effect. The marijuana concentrates are a little bit more luxurious than some other marijuana products, but they last a lot longer plus the flavor Is excellent. Plus, marijuana concentrates taste better than any other marijuana product on the market. There’s nothing that I would rather have than a concentrate, wax, or shatter.



I figured out the best recipe

I wanted to make some awesome brownies with marijuana, but I did not really suppose what genre of recipe to use. I seriously did not want the brownies to taste horrible; One of our friends named Bob tried to make brownies with marijuana plus they tasted similar to the bottom of a swamp. They were easily the worst brownies that I have ever had in our existence. I don’t care how much THC they had, I had to throw it away. It was a total mess. I did not want our brownies to turn into the same genre of nightmare. I went to the nearest dispensary plus I was going to buy cannabutter to make brownies. Then I saw a huge tote of peanut butter cups plus I got an attractive idea. I purchased 2 bags of the edible peanut butter cups, realizing each 1 of the peanut butter cups contain 20 mg of thc. I went to the grocery store after that and I purchased a box of the store brand brownie mix. It was only a dollar plus a steal. I purchased a tote of chocolate popcorn that were $1.99. I went back to the home plus I mixed up the store brand brownie mix just as the recipe on the back said. I place a little bit of brownie mix in the bottom of the cupcake pan and 1 of the edible peanut butter cups in the brownie mix. I covered the THC peanut butter cups carefully with more brownie mix plus after that I baked them in the oven at 350° for an hour. They were the most delicious brownies that I have ever had.
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They said I still had time

When I went to the marijuana dispensary early on Thursday, I found out that they were having a big sale on all of their highly ranked cannabis concentrates.

I was only there to buy a vape pen cartridge.

I did not have an excess of currency on me at the time. I asked the guy behind the counter if the sale on all high potency cannabis concentrates was going to be for 1 morning only. The guy behind the counter quickly told me that the sale was going to last the whole week. When I heard that, I wisely decided to wait until I got paid to take luck of the sale. I went back to the marijuana dispensary when I got paid, plus they were no longer having the sale. I said something to the bud tender when I found out. I told them that the bartender told me that the sale would be all week! She asked me if the guy was there working at the store but he did not seem to be there. They apologized for the confusion. She offered to provide me with a nice 30% off of our purchase, but they were not really able to do anything else about the fact that I missed out on the sale. I went to the marijuana dispensary the next day, because I wanted to talk to the boy that told me about the sale. She wasn’t working again that morning or the next morning plus I have not really seen them since then. I don’t suppose if this budtender has hiding from me or if he quit, but he offered me some bad information that was really wrong.

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A trip is a good time for a trip

My spouse plus I were absolutely looking forward to going out of town for a couple of days, then the two of us were so damn excited when all of us left the house, plus then our mom plus Mom called to say that our poor son was sick plus they were taking him to the Dr the next morning.

Then the plane had turbulence plus the flight was awful, and my unfortunate spouse lost his luggage plus our hotel room wasn’t ready when all of us arrived. When the two of us finally got diagnosed into the right room, I decided to order a couple of things right away off the menu downstairs to brighten up our mood… I ordered some room service then along with roses plus champagne. I thought that would put a smile on our spouse’s sweet face. After I talked to the guy at the luggage space about his suitcase, I contacted a local recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary nearby. There was a nice marijuana dispensary close to the hotel that offered free delivery services. If you spent $60 on products at the dispensary, then you could qualify for free delivery. I called the highly ranked marijuana dispensary plus spoke with a bartender just to make sure we would qualify for the sale plus special even though all of us were first-timers. That’s when the bartender told me that all of us also qualified for 20% savings on our first order due to the fact that all of us were first-timers. I ordered some pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes plus a couple of fun edibles. I also ordered a 30 rack of beer that was infused with cannabis sativa flower.


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The flower is worth the price

I never buy top shelf marijuana products normally when I go to the dispensary, because they cost about $40 or $50 for an eighth.

I am more of a bargain patron most of the time. I love to get a wonderful deal. I can get high whether the product of marijuana costs $40 or $10, so it doesn’t bother me if the marijuana doesn’t taste as great as the strain that is more costly. To me, I am thinking about the best deal possible so I can get more than three times as much marijuana for the same price if it doesn’t taste quite as delicious. Every once in a while, I still love to buy an eighth of top shelf flowers. When I have an overtime shift at work, I will splurge on the best stuff. I also splurge if I win on a lottery ticket. Every Sunday when I get paid, I buy a quick $20 lottery ticket. If I do not win, that has okay. If I win $20, I usually put the money right back in our pocket. If I win more, I use the money to buy better marijuana from the local dispensary near me. Last Sunday, I won $150 on a $20 scratch off lottery ticket. I was excited, because I had $130 profit which was burning a hole in our pocket. I went directly to the recreational marijuana dispensary as well as I shopped around for 20 or 30 minutes. I spent all of the money that I had won on our lottery ticket on an eighth of top shelf flower as well as a couple of grams of top notch cannabis concentrate. None of the products that I purchased were disappointing.

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The benefits are huge

It’s tough for anyone to accurately deny that medical marijuana has vast benefits, however there are still more than two dozen states across the country that do not recognize medical marijuana for patient use.

In this very state, you can qualify for a medical marijuana card if you have any one of a dozen or more easily qualifying conditions.

These conditions include chronic pain, many sclerosis, pain, muscle spasms, seizures, Alzheimer’s, nausea, Crohn’s disease, as well as even anxiety. The benefits of marijuana are vastly underrated, because of the politics surrounding the banning and legalization of the plant. In this state, all of us have had legal medical marijuana for 5 years. Two of the states that border the state still do not recognize recreational or medical marijuana as well as the other state only has available medical marijuana… People cross the border all of the time to buy marijuana sourced from the dispensaries here. Both of us charge a significant amount of tax for all manner of medical as well as recreational marijuana supplies, however anyone with a valid state ID over the age of 21 can purchase products from the dispensary. You do not even have to be a resident of this state as long as you have an identification card that is legal. I am super ecstatic to live in an arena where medical as well as recreational marijuana are legal. I have personally been using medical marijuana for 3 years to help with chronic pain from fibromyalgia. I otherwise am in constant pain as well as the only thing that helps better than pain pills is just waking up with a marijuana joint as well as going to bed with a vape pen in our hand.

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The cannabis sealed the deal

I started laboring at a current accounting firm perhaps a couple of weeks ago as well as a lot of the gentlemen there have tried to be friendly.

I am not a particularly outgoing or sociable person, so I actually do not go out of our way to be friends with anyone.

I am cordial as well as nice, but I have not ever accepted anyone’s invitation to go out for drinks as well as I have not invited anyone to come and hang out with me after work either! Last weekend one of our coworkers invited me and another coworker to go to a baseball game. The baseball game sounded really tempting, however there’s simply no way I was going to sit outside in the heat as well as humidity. Then our coworker said she had some really wonderful cannabis products on hand that she was going to bring to the game. When I heard the word cannabis, our attention suddenly was instantly gained. I didn’t suppose that our coworker was a regular cannabis product user as well as I didn’t suppose why or how she realized that I was. Both of us clicked right from the start. I asked our coworker what cannabis products she had as well and she told me that she had a lot of things that all of us could pick. After the girl first mentioned cannabis, I wasn’t going to turn down the game. It was already a great invitation as well as the addition of cannabis made me a lot more interested. I went to the game and our team won more than one, so all of us got free beers at a bar when the game was over.


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I do better at work when blazed

Ever since there was a fire at work, I admit that I have a lot of anxiety in the afternoon when I am getting ready for the afternoon.

I was busy at work when the accident happened as well as a lot of people were hurt badly.

Thank God no one was killed, however the fire was pretty bad. I told the Dr that I was suffering from panic attacks in the afternoon. I didn’t genuinely suppose I was actually having a panic attack. I told the Dr all of the things that I was feeling as well as she said it sounded to be a panic attack. The Dr advised me that a panic attack can seem like a rapid heart rate, perspiring, sudden shortness of breath, nausea, chest pain, as well as a headache. There are lots of peculiar symptoms as well as every person feels a panic attack differently. My primary care physician suggested getting a little high before I go to work if I am having a panic attack, then she suggested a low dose of edible medical cannabis. The low dose cannabis edible is available in all of the medical as well as legal recreational marijuana dispensaries in the city. I went to one particular dispensary near me as well as they had 30 peculiar types of low dose cannabis edible products available. I quickly picked out more than one packages of live resin cannabis edible products that were deliciously flavored similar to berries as well as oranges. I also picked out more than one dense package of official cannabis edibles that are flavored strawberry. So far, cannabis edibles seem to help a lot. I eat more than one small drop every single time I start to get myself freaked out about the accident.

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It wasn’t in the right range

Most of the orders that come to our little marijuana delivery repair are from the online website. Both of us have a small component located inside of the store that prints out a sticker ticket with all of the items that have been placed online. The name of the customer as well as the cellphone number as well as client address are printed on the sticker ticket, along with every single item that was already ordered as well as the total that the customer needs to pay. When all of us fill the orders each time, all of us put the sticker ticket on the outside of the bag, sealing the bin as well as carefully checking off the fact that it has been double checked for accuracy. I was filling an order placed from the previous night. There was a handwritten sticker ticket. I didn’t immediately recognize the address on the ticket, so I put the address into our GPS to see how far it was. It was 43 miles away as well as way outside of our delivery zone. I have no clue who took the order the previous night, however they definitely didn’t check to see if the order was located inside of the zone or not. I had to contact the customer to tell them that they were way too far away for us to give to the address, and fortunately, the customer was fine to drive 20 miles closer to our address as well as all of us drove 20 miles as well. The girl actually tipped the driver really well. The girl ordered $434 worth of cannabis products, so I’m blissful all of us finally could get them delivered.
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