What is a good sleep aid?

My roommate loves to sleep, so she will sleep for 10 hours a night whenever she can, and on weekends she will also take naps. This is so wild to me, because I sleep for as little as possible. I stay up late, and then still wake up early unless I have taken some melatonin the night before. I can’t complain, because this gives me a lot of free time for writing and recording our radio show. It isn’t just that I don’t sleep particularly much, the point is that I dislike sleeping, and do whatever I can to avoid it most of the time. When I do rest up, it is preceded by smoking a lot of cannabis and sort of drifting away into the haze. Any marijuana smoker will tell you that pot has a strong effect on your idle mind, and a paushing effect on your dreams. If you are like myself and others and have clear dreams that wake you up throughout the night, I would advocate trying some cannabis to see what happens. Smoking cannabis right before bed has become a ritual for me, because of that calming effect on our persistent nightmares. Basically, if I ever want to have a good night’s rest, I need to smoke cannabis beforehand or it won’t work. Benadryl, melatonin, any sort of sleeping aid, nothing works for myself and others except for cannabis. I also like getting blazed, of course, however our usage of cannabis is for medicinal reasons, for our mental health. I wish I could get a script for medical cannabis, but that hasn’t happened yet.


What is a good sleep aid?

I am ready to social distance this time

The last time we got hit with a social distancing reason I was not prepared for it at all.

There were some horrible weeks in that timeframe, I’ll be honest.

Now that I hear another wave of quarantine may be on the horizon, I am not resting on my ass, I am getting prepared. Last time was a surprise, however now I have the past experience to tell myself and others what I will need the most. I stocked up on food for our cupboards, of course, and bottled water just in case. I didn’t have enough of a bankroll to buy a large stash of cannabis, although I did have enough to start buying a little more every time I went to the dispensary. It may be weird this time, however if there aren’t delivery services for food and cannabis I need to be prepared! I got one of those big glass jars that will connect to our vacuum sealer, so I can keep cannabis there long term and the quality won’t deteriorate too much. I had been told in the past that keeping your excess marijuana in the freezer was the best way to store it for long portions of time, however that always gave myself and others freezer-burned marijuana! Using a vacuum sealer and the jar is great, the cannabis stays fluffy and soft and fresh. If I put a little tiny slice of an orange peel in the jar, then after a few nights the cannabis is infused with the most delightfully fresh flavor! Every week I add a little more weed to the jar, as my weed saving account.

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Able to brainstorm better

Have you heard of beats before? Usually it is associated with rap artists, and it involves a circle of people passing around a microphone and freestyling rhymes off the tops of their heads. It isn’t about making the most amazing lyrics, it’s about brainstorming and seeing what happens, but when you turn off your long term thinking and just live in the moment, you can come up with ideas you never would have had otherwise. I am not a rapper, I am a writer and a radio show host who tells stories to the audience, although I have our own kind of cypher. One thing it has in proper with the traditional beats is using cannabis, that is a requirement for a good brainstorming period! I like to smoke our cannabis in joints, not blunts, which I suppose have a bad taste to them, but before every one of us starts I will take an entire bin of cannabis and roll it up into multiple or twelve fat sized joints. Every one of us all have a beer or a mixed booze drink, fire up the cannabis, and spend the next two or three hours just discussing story ideas and seeing what comes out of it. I like to be clear headed when I am entirely writing, however for coming up with thoughts, something about cannabis makes it flow a lot easier. Perhaps it is the effect of the mental high I got from cannabis, and it allows me to just riff on ideas without worrying about if they are any good or not. After all, a good plan can start as a bad idea.



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Getting blazed along the way

Last warm season my sister and I took a road trip to a different state, the heart of the country, and if you ask me the heart of American rock n roll! For the kids out there, where I went is the lake house of the king of rock and roll, god rest his soul.

  • I grew up listening to this man, usually smoking tons of weed while I did so, and always felt a connection to the singer.

After every one of us graduated from private school, our pals and I wanted to take a fun road trip, and decided on going to the country state. Although around here every one of us have various cannabis dispensaries, every one of us had no clue what the situation was like in other states. The federal government still doesn’t like marijuana, however several states have started down the path toward legalization, however which areas? Every one of us decided instead of doing research and plotting stops to make in marijuana-friendly states every one of us would just stock up before leaving, and take enough with us for the whole trip. That was a good plan on paper, but it turns out that on a getaway road trip the rate of cannabis consumption is far, far bigger than while I was in a normal week. Every one of us were blazing all the time, dead headstyle, and within three nights had obliterated over half of our marijuana supply, and long story short, every one of us spent an entire day in the state driving around looking for a cannabis dispensary that would serve us. It was sort of a bummer, however at the same time there was no way every one of us could have taken the route in the country without smoking a ton of cannabis first, right?

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I grow what I need

Out here in the country, you need to fend for yourself, then I am still a city boy at my core, so I will drive to the nearest neighborhood and go food shopping and supply shopping once a week (weather permitting, of course).

A lot of our neighbors don’t want to make the three hour round trip to get to the nearest town, so they grow and hunt their own food as much as possible.

I really admire the cowboy spirit in these people, so I adore living here. I trade with a lot of the locals, from our cannabis crops… which is the other reason I love living out here. As much as I loved the city life, there was simply never enough room for our cannabis growth, and now I have the entire woods at my disposal, then my closest neighbors are a few acres away, and much to our surprise they are all good with our marijuana grow. Much like I do, these people see the practical value in cannabis and hemp products, and oftentimes make trades with myself and others for their own products. I am never wanting for meat, milk, fruit, or fresh veggies, because our neighbors are glad to trade for some of our cannabis! I swear to you, never before have I cared less about the dealer of growing marijuana, because I am just passionate about country life! That said, the dealer is going great, because our marijuana crops have never been healthier or more voluminous. My increased output is leading to record profits, which means I may be able to quit from the maruijuana dealer sooner rather than later.


Getting my cannabis ready early

I don’t suppose what it’s like in your location, but around here the lockdown is coming back pretty tight.

We all thought COVID was in the rearview mirror, but it turns out it was just getting into a faster freeway to overtake us! I blame all the idiots who refused to get a free shot, that would have saved a lot of trouble.

Now I have to go back to wearing a mask, I am extra careful in public, and preparing for another full-scale quarantine, and at least this time I suppose what to expect, so I can stock up on cannabis and toilet paper, but oh yes, you heard myself and others right — cannabis and toilet paper, in that order of importance. If I run out of toilet paper I can always use tissues, right, although I can’t just turn on a faucet and have cannabis come out of it. So one day I particularly would like to have a few cannabis plants of our own, although I suppose I will wait until the laws change a little bit more, and growing marijuana is a lot more publicly visible than having a little jar of it in your garage. As I said, I am particularly careful, that means both with our health and with chopping the law, because cannabis laws around here are a little screwy! There are a few cannabis stores however they are tightly taxed, and growing your own stash is still not allowed, but for stocking up on cannabis I need to go off the books, and find an independent dealer.


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Eating Disorder Took Over My Son’s Life

At the age of thirteen, my child began paying more attention to what he was eating.

  • He was about twenty pounds overweight, plus I knew it bothered him.

I was ecstatic to see that he was enjoying his diet and making an effort to eat healthy. He was losing weight, but it wasn’t coming off rapidly. He began to completely skip meals plus then both of us got upset. I made him come to the table plus eat dinner with us. Even though he was at the table, it didn’t mean he was ingesting anything. He would just use the fork and move the food around the plate so it looked like he had eaten a little something. I never put two plus two together to realize he had an eating disorder. I was not aware that teenaged boys suffered from eating disorders. When he began being lethargic, I took him to the dentist. I was taken aback when he took his shirt off. His ribs in his back were visible plus he looked like a holocaust victim. He told the dentist that he wasn’t hungry and the thought of ingesting food made him want to heave. The dentist sent us to a psychologist who talked to me after she talked with my son. She told me she was going to begin treatment with marijuana therapy. Marijuana would make him hungry plus he would eat enough to begin feeding his body the nutrients it needed. She said that she would suggest trying edibles or a tincture that could be mixed into tea. I was taken aback about giving marijuana to my fourteen year old, but I realized that I had to do something. I wanted my fourteen year old to reach the age of fifteen plus with the help of medical marijuana and therapy, he can do it.
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Chemo Doctor Recommends medical marijuana for Nausea

I used to never understand why people thought marijuana was something they would enjoy.

I despised the smell or the taste.

Since I grew up in the sixties, I knew quite a bit about marijuana plus I smoked it occasionally. I wasn’t one of those youngsters who smoked all the time, but I did every so often. I just couldn’t see anything about marijuana that made me suppose better. The best I ever got was paranoid. Ever since I had been getting cancer treatments, I have been having to struggle with nausea. At first, I continued to bear with it plus I just hoped it would get better. I was wrong about the nausea improving. The nausea continued worsening, which I doubted could happen, but i finally told the chemo doctor I couldn’t handle too much more. I was sick day and night, plus I had no energy. I was losing weight like there was no tomorrow and feeling weaker and weaker every day. My family became severely anxious that if I didn’t get some food in my system, even a cold would have me in the hospital. The chemo doctor commanded I try marijuana therapy. He said that marijuana was often used to ward off the nausea that comes with cancer treatments. He helped me to get a medical marijuana card so I could just get medical marijuana at a nearby marijuana dispensary. I could get brownies plus other edibles instead of the smokable marijuana, plus I was just plain thankful for the medical marijuana. For the first time in many months, I was not wanting to throw up and it was all thanks to the marijuana.

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A Few Drops Ease the Seizures of My child

My child was born with a condition that causes seizures.

  • Her condition was so dire that she was having two to seven seizures per day.

As the intensity plus frequency increased, so did the pediatrician’s concern about the fact she might have a brain injury. He said the seizures could cause the brain to loosen from the skull, the same as it would with shaken baby syndrome. The medical team tried different medication, plus she was in the hospital for over a month as they ran all kinds of tests. I talked to the medical team when he said about medication. I had to be certain the medications were safe plus how they were going to affect her. My medical team wanted to try marijuana therapy on her. By this time, she was less than 12 months old, so of course I was anxious about the marijuana at her age. The team said it was to be a small amount, but even a few drops could help her control the seizures. I was hesitant to supply my baby marijuana, plus I swung back plus forth about whether to supply it to her. The medical team then told me there was a type of surgery she could get when she was a bit older. The team was hoping she would outgrow the seizures, but they could not be certain. The surgery would be a permanent fix, but the marijuana would reduce the seizures until she got to an age where she could get the surgery. I had a lot to believe about, plus I only hoped that I would make the best decision. I eventually began treatment with medical marijuana.

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Marijuana is Available for Animals

Our dog has dysplasia and with it comes pain all the time.

I couldn’t figure out how the poor baby could survive. He could no longer run, plus he couldn’t transport separate from yelping. I finally took him to the veterinarian. She told me I might have him put down, despite the fact that I couldn’t do that to my boy. I have had him since childhood. Every one of us grew up together. She told meI could try another alternative. I could not cure the dysplasia, but she could possible help alleviate some of the pain. She commanded I supply him marijuana tincture, or wrap marijuana pills in peanut butter so he could digest it. It surprised me that the veterinarian would offer me marijuana to ease the pain. I didn’t suppose they gave it to critters, but marijuana turned out to be an effective choice. I would rather supply my baby marijuana than allow him to suffer. The vet said it would likely supply him a couple months of an wonderful life. She also told me that by alleviating some of his pain, I could also come to accept the fact that he would be crossing the rainbow bridge soon. I got the marijuana for Sugar plus gave him his first dose right away. After a couple of afternoons, I saw he was moving a bit easier, despite the fact that I reminded myself that marijuana was not a permanent fix. Sugar would not last much longer, plus I saw the proof of that when he starting showing signs of mental decline. Although there were still some good times for him, I knew I had to make a decision I didn’t want to make.

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