My manager had to call the police.

When I started my new job, I was thrilled to be working for a marijuana dispensary. I hadn’t yet received my cannabis education certificate so the only job I could take was one at the counter. I was only able to check people’s IDs as they came in the door. Once I got my cannabis education certificate, I would be able to work as a budtender. We had a large lounge in the back of the dispensary and a lot of people would come in and purchase a quarter or half ounce of marijuana and sit in the lounge for the day. We had one of these guys come in almost every day for a week. He was getting much friendlier than I wanted and I talked to my manager. He told me the man was just high and didn’t realize he was being too friendly. After a week, I talked to my manager again. I said that he was hanging around me and touching my arm. My manager began to watch him. As long as he was purchasing marijuana, we couldn’t kick him out of the marijuana dispensary. One evening, I was heading out to my car, and the man was sitting in his car. He was parked next to my car, and it bothered. I talked to the manage of the marijuana dispensary and he offered to walk me out, and he said he was going to follow me home. I thought it was the manager behind me, until a light lit up the face in the car. I found out he had pulled out behind me and followed me home. My manager called and told me he wouldn’t bother me anymore. He had called the police, but I was still afraid.



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I couldn’t dispose of my marijuana medical card.

I walked into the marijuana dispensary and I had another shock.

I was having a difficult time with my arthritis. I was constantly plagued with pain and swelling that it made it difficult for me to move my hands or even walk. I talked to my doctor and she offered to help me get a medical marijuana card. She walked me through all the steps and she even went with me when I went to the medical marijuana dispensary for the first time. I had to admit that it was quite a shock when I walked in there. Even though I was told they had the best prices of all marijuana dispensaries in the area, I could only afford to purchase products if they were on sale. This didn’t happen very often. When the pandemic hit, I made several big changes in my life. I married a wonderful man and I moved out west with him. I was shocked to find out that not only did this state have legal medical marijuana, but they also had legal recreational marijuana. I no longer needed to have a medical marijuana card to get my marijuana products. I walked into the marijuana dispensary and I had another shock. The prices were almost sixty percent lower than the sale prices at the marijuana dispensary I had used in my past home. It was quite a surprise when I got a phone call from the doctor who had helped me to get my medical marijuana card. She said it was time to renew the card and wanted to know if I needed her assistant. I was happy to tell her about the changes in my life and that I was now living in a state that had legal medical and recreational marijuana and I no longer needed a medical card.


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I hated cannabis syrup.

When I found out that a cannabis dispensary was going to open in our local area, I became really excited.

I was in my favorite shopping center, only to see that one of the shops was where the new cannabis dispensary was going to be.

They had large ‘coming soon’ signs all over the windows. A week later, they had grand opening signs up where the coming soon signs were. They had a live bank and food trucks of every kind. There were several different cannabis corporation sponsors giving away promotional items and free samples of gummies and other cannabis products. I went to the ATM machine and took out $200. Everything was on sale for 25% off and I was thrilled. There were rice krispie treats, brownies, cakes and different types of cookies that were all laced with THC. There was a cooler that was filled with different types of drinks. I saw a cannabis syrup that I had never heard of, and it had 1,000 mg of THC. I thought it was interesting and since it was on sale, I decided to try it. I bought the cannabis syrup and the budtender told me it was best if mixed in with tea, coffee, or some other flavored drink. Since I only had water, I decided to put some in the water. The cannabis syrup simply floated to the bottom of the water and stayed there. After drinking the water, I got so sick that I thought I was going to barf up my stomach. I threw away the rest of the cannabis syrup while cursing myself for wasting money on a marijuana product I didn’t know anything about.

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I have never felt so good.

I am beginning to understand why some people are calling marijuana a miracle plant. Marijuana has been proven to be useful in several areas of medicine and health treatments. I have benefited from the use of marijuana. I remember how, as a child, I would awaken in the corner of the room in a fetus position. I was talking to my therapist one day and I asked if there wasn’t something I could take that didn’t make me feel like a zombie. She suggested I may be willing to try medical marijuana. I was to the point where I would have tried anything. She told me she could help me to get the medical marijuana card so I could legally buy medical marijuana from the local marijuana dispensary. I got my medical card and I went to the medical marijuana dispensary. I talked to the budtender who was behind the counter and told her why I was there. She went into the back room and talked to the manager. He came out and looked at my prescription. I told him that I was still working, but it was getting more difficult every day. He gave me a few marijuana products to try while I was at home. He then gave me a cannabis oil vape pen for work. He said I could tuck it into my pocket and no one would know that I had cannabis with me. It was virtually odorless and I could use it whenever I was in the bathroom. Everyone noticed a difference when I showed up at social functions, and I even ended up with a raise and a promotion. I could have never done this if it had been for medical marijuana.

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We needed an online ordering website.

I love working at my present job.

A little over a year ago, I took the position of manager to a new cannabis dispensary in the suburbs. I love this cannabis dispensary. It is one of the largest cannabis dispensaries in our corporation. We have enough space for twice the cannabis products of any other dispensary, and we have a lounge and bar available to our clients. There is always someone coming and going from the dispensary. The budtenders are so busy that they seldom have time to take a break. I was at a manager’s meeting shortly after I started my job. I told the corporate associate that business could be much easier and more lucrative if we were to have an online store that people could order from. We already had delivery services. I thought that people could put their orders in and simply pick it up instead of waiting in line. There were so many times when people left without purchasing any marijuana products because they didn’t want to wait any longer. I told the associate that if we could have online ordering people would take their time ordering and it had been proven that orders were increased by as much as 200%. He didn’t seem to take my suggestion to heart until we had our next meeting. He announced they were working on an online ordering system for each individual cannabis dispensary. The website would be up and running within a week. Within a month, my cannabis dispensary had nearly doubled its sales, and it was all thanks to the new website ordering system.

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The cannabis dispensary made a mistake.

Since we were already drinking, my best friend and I decided to go online and put in an order at the legal recreational cannabis dispensary.

I asked to deliver the order to my address.

We were expecting a couple more friends to show up so we could have a party. When we had our cannabis order ready, we hit send and paid it with our credit card. We received a delivery time for one hour from the time the order was received. This made sense to us and we decided to just enjoy the baseball game and continue drinking beer. We had ordered pizza and wings in the interim and we realized that our marijuana hadn’t yet arrived. I called the marijuana dispensary to see if they had yet left the dispensary. I was surprised when they said he had left an hour ago, and they didn’t know why he hadn’t arrived. No sooner had I hung up the phone,, and I got a phone call from the delivery driver. He told me he had my marijuana products, but he was having a difficult time finding my house. He gave me the address the cannabis dispensary had given him and told me where he was at. I had to chuckle when I told him that he was an hour away. I had to explain to him that he was supposed to be on Evan’s Road. He had been travelling up and down Evan’s Street for the last half hour trying to find my address. I gave him the proper address and he told me he would be there as quickly as possible.
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We were shopping all day.

When April 20th arrived this spring, I found out about a new holiday that occurs in April, and it isn’t April Fool’s Day or Easter.

I have recently moved to a new state and they celebrate the 420 holiday.

This holiday celebrates marijuana users. All of the marijuana dispensaries have big sales and they have marijuana corporations offering free sample products and marijuana products. When my friend told me about the sales, I became excited. I was excited when I found out about not needing a medical marijuana card here. There were legal medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries. Now, I was able to shop different marijuana dispensaries for one full day, and get some great freebies besides. I took $200 out of the bank and woke up early on April 20th. My best friend, Gene, and I took off early that morning. We bought a cup of coffee and a couple of donuts, knowing we would need to stand in line to get into the first marijuana dispensary. There were so many people in line waiting to be the first people in the dispensary that it took us nearly an hour before seeing the inside of the dispensary. When I got in there, I was shocked at everything on sale. I wanted to spend all the money right there, but Gene said I had to slow down. I bought a vape pen cartridge, so I could get my goodie bag. By the end of the day, I had all of my monthly supplies and so much more. I also had a lot of sample gummies and some great other promotional items. Gene got this smoky black and white bowl that he thought was the coolest.


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The front door was broken.

I have been to our recreational marijuana dispensary quite often.

I usually had a bag full of goodies and the door was set to go slowly so you had enough time to get out the door before it shut.

This past weekend, I was supposed to go camping with my friends. We all had the weekend off at the same time and we were going to party. Since I worked closest to the marijuana dispensary, I told them that I would pick up the snacks for the weekend. I looked over all the items in the snack area. They had all different edible products on sale. I was able to pick up a couple different types of gummies and chocolates. I grabbed a dozen of chocolate chip cookies that 20mg of THC in each cookie. I also grabbed a dozen peanut butter cookies. I had brownies and a couple other marijuana goodies. I spent nearly $200 on our snack items, and I was ready to head to the campground. The automatic door opened, but instead of closing slowly, it malfunctioned. The door slammed against me. When it opened, I felt forward and was knocked out when my head hit the sidewalk. My arm and ribs were broken and I had a concussion. Not only didn’t I make it camping, but neither did my marijuana goodies. The marijuana dispensary reimbursed me for my marijuana products and paid for all my doctor bills. My friends are yelling sue so we can own the marijuana dispensary, but that isn’t me. I’m just glad to have my medical and loss of work expenses paid.

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My marijuana order was all wrong.

I was really anxious for the weekend to arrive.

My friends and I were going to have a party this weekend.

College graduation was over, and we had nothing to do for a full week. When I got paid, I went online to see what kind of sales they were having for the weekend. We were going to watch some ball games on television, chow down on pizza and wings, have a couple beers and enjoy our marijuana. I saw that many of our usual marijuana products were anywhere from 15 to 20% off. I talked to the budtender via online chat and told her what marijuana products I was looking for. She assured me they were available and on sale. I asked if I could have them delivered the following day and she said that would definitely be doable. I paid for our marijuana products and I went to town for beer. I ordered the pizza and wings to be delivered around the same time as the marijuana products. Within ten minutes of the pizza being delivered, the marijuana delivery person arrived. He dropped off my order and left. My friends had started going through the bag and I heard their discord. I had ordered three bags of marijuana flower, but that wasn’t what I received. They sent two bags of hybrid and one bag of a sativa strain. I wasn’t happy and I immediately called the marijuana dispensary. The budtender apologized and said the driver must have delivered the wrong bag to me. She promised he would be back within the hour with the correct order and they would charge me for the delivery.


Cannabis oil pens are made to be discreet.

When I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, I wasn’t sure what kind of changes I was going to need to make.

  • The reason I went to the doctor was because I noticed some odd pain and cramping in my hands and feet.

The doctor quickly diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis, even though I was only in my early twenties. The doctor tried several different medicines, but they weren’t doing anything but upsetting my stomach and causing more distress. He finally asked if I would be interested in trying medical marijuana. I was a bit hesitant with this remedy. I had read a lot about medical marijuana and I knew how much it had helped other people, but my family didn’t believe in marijuana use in any form. Even though they were going to hate that I was now a ‘pothead’, I didn’t want to have to give up my job and life. I went to a specialist who helped me get my medical marijuana card. I was surprised to see all the items that I could, but I wanted something that could be used discreetly, even while I was at work and school. The budtender suggested I try a cannabis oil vape pen. They are often mistaken for smokeless cigarettes. They are nearly odorless and all you see is the water vapor coming from the pen. The pen was small enough that I could put it in my back pocket, or in my purse, and it truly did help the symptoms of my rheumatoid arthritis. I know that someday mom will notice the cannabis vape pen, but hopefully she’ll understand.

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