THC and CBD for connective tissue diseases

There are hundreds of connective tissue diseases, and medical marijuana can treat many of the symptoms that come along with these conditions. Not only is cannabis an effective pain-reliever & anti-inflammatory, cannabis also improves sleep disturbances, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. Connective tissue diseases are caused by inflammation of the connective tissue. Connective tissue holds the body together, and it is composed of collagen & elastin. Ligaments & skin are made of elastin, while cartilage, bones, tendons, & blood vessels are made of collagen. Inflamed connective tissue disfigures nearby areas of the body & causes pain & other symptoms. Some common conditions include arthritis, lupus, and marfan syndrome. However these are just a few of the hundreds of types of connective tissue diseases. The use of medical marijuana can treat connective tissue disease symptoms such as inflammation, autoimmune diseases, bone health, chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, & sleep disturbances. In medical marijuana products for connective tissue diseases, the cannabinoids you choose will depend on your individual needs & symptoms. CBD & THC can be used individually or in conjunction with one another for pain & inflammation relief. THC is fantastic for sleep & depression. CBD is fantastic for fatigue & anxiety. Combining CBD with THC is known to reduce the intoxicating effects of THC and provide balance.
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Medical marijuana for connective tissue diseases

Even though there are hundreds of connective tissue diseases, medical marijuana can treat many of the symptoms associated with these conditions. Cannabis can improve fatigue, mental health issues related to anxiety and depression, and general sleep disturbances. Additionally, cannabis works as an effective pain-reliever as well as anti-inflammatory. Connective tissue holds the body together; It is composed of collagen as well as elastin… Ligaments as well as skin are made of elastin, while cartilage, bones, tendons, as well as blood vessels are made of collagen. Connective tissue diseases are caused by inflammation of the connective tissue. Irritated connective tissue breaks down nearby areas of the body, causing pain as well as other symptoms. There are hundreds of connective tissue diseases, including arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, lupus, polymyositis, as well as dermatomyositis. The use of medical marijuana can treat connective tissue disease symptoms such as inflammation, autoimmune diseases, bone health, chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, as well as sleep disturbances. In medical marijuana products for connective tissue diseases, the cannabinoids you choose will depend on the symptoms you are experiencing. CBD as well as THC can be used separately or together for pain as well as inflammation relief. If you suffer from depression and sleep disturbance, THC would be beneficial. While if you are fatigued and experiencing anxiety, CBD is the best option. Of course, CBD can also be used in conjunction with THC to reduce its intoxicating effects.


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Taking care of myself now

I have decided that I need to take better care of myself.

Before the summer is out I have a few goals.

I need to go to the eye doctor and get a new prescription. I then want glasses that actually look good and work for my eyes. Next I want to get a gym membership and go at least three times a week. I have been loosely looking into fitness classes. Another thing I need to do is go to the dentist. I have a sore tooth that either has a cavity or just needs to be pulled. Finally my last stop is to get myself some medical weed. I have horrible hot flashes. They happen all the time and refuse to leave. I also have trouble sleeping at night normally, but adding in the hot flashes means I am up all night. I want medical weed to help with the frequency and severity of hot flashes and also soothe me to sleep. I need to make a doctor’s appointment with a professional that can prescribe weed. I then need to fill out the paperwork online, pay the fee and get my card in the mail. Then I can get my medical mairjuana and be back in business. I feel like the medical weed step might be the first one I take. Sure I want to see, be fit and not have a hurt tooth. Sleeping might be the priority too. I feel like Edward Norton in Fight Club at this point. I look terrible, I feel awful and I would do anything in order to sleep better at night.



Delivery is the best ever

Delivery services are the best things in the world.

That I can buy something online and tell the company to bring it to my house is amazing.

I no longer have to drive anywhere. I get all my groceries delivered to me. Why bother going into the store? They even will do deli meats and cheeses. I get produce and milk as well. I now have my pharmacy products coming to my doorstep too. Recently my cannabis dispensary changed to offer delivery services and it is a whole new world. I love that I don’t have to go to the store anymore. I have my license, medical weed card, credit card and address all on file. The dispensary even has a feature where it tells me what I usually buy. I just clicked all of that and then hit the order now. The delivery fee is so small since I live near a cannabis dispensary. The drive is kind of horrible since the traffic is always bad. It is nice that I make someone else do it now. In my opinion it is worth five dollars not to have to hop in my car. I love that I can order my cannabis products in my PJs and get them within a few hours. It is the height of laziness. I love just lazing around and smoking my marijuana I didn’t even have to fetch. Due to COVID I don’t even have to greet the delivery driver either. That means I don’t worry about a tip or looking my best. I just wait for them to leave and enjoy my cannabis products.
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He had no idea how cannabis even worked

My friend Bob was really excited to visit me and it took me a while to find out why. Bob is an old high school friend that just decided to stop in for a long weekend. He was all excited and then I realized it was strictly because I was in a legal recreational weed state. The moment he stepped off the plane he started talking about cannabis. He wanted to go into a recreational weed dispensary. I was really annoyed that I was just a convenient friend for him. When he walked into the cannabis dispensary I realized Bob didn’t research weed at all. He thought he could just grab endless amounts of weed off the shelves and pay. Everything is regulated in the marijuana industry. You get stopped at a certain amount. It was very satisfying watching him get maxed out and only be permitted to buy around ¼ of what he wanted to buy. Bob then wanted me to take him to another cannabis dispensary. I then realized the idiot didn’t realize that when they scan your license, every dispensary knows you. He walked into another cannabis dispensary and couldn’t get any more weed. He was so disappointed and it was awesome. Bob didn’t even finish all the cannabis he was allowed to have before he left. I watched him pack it in his suitcase and prepare to leave for his home state. Since I am never answering his calls again I felt no need to tell him that those dogs in the airports are going to find his cannabis products and hew i’ll lose them.


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An edible for an adult cannabis user

I don’t like smoking cannabis.

I don’t feel it is good inhaling anything into your lungs.

I don’t smoke any product and I also own an air purifier. I am nuts about keeping myself healthy. There are health benefits to marijuana products. They assist with inflamed muscles and chronic pain. They can help you sleep, increase appetite, reduce nausea and other important bodily functions. If I need a little help and turn to cannabis, I only do an edible format. I don’t like the typical pot brownie or baked goods. Why would I want to gain weight while also taking in cannabis? There are other edible forms too. You can get hardy candy, gummies, mints, gums and mouth sprays. I prefer a mint form of cannabis. I just pop one in if I need to rest up at night or clear my mind. It lasts around five minutes but the calming sensation lasts for much longer. I am not needy for taking in calories or really affecting my health. Taking a mint at a time is much easier too. I also can make this cannabis product last quite a bit since I don’t overuse it. My friends think I am the most boring cannabis user. I don’t smoke, I don’t party with cannabis and I only take an edible form in order to sleep. I am an adult cannabis user. I just want to sleep and have less anxiety. I also don’t want to smell like weed in order to do that.


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Cannabis cafe made our afternoon great

So now I know right where to go when I have a single 1 of those afternoons or even a single 1 of those weeks.

For the longest time, I would either be sorry for myself at my apartment or be disappointed with how wack and lame the bar scene genuinely is.

I’m not going to find what I’m looking for in a bar, that’s a certainty. Also, I’ve always been partial to recreational marijuana and just chilling. While I appreciate going to a local tavern once in a while for a beer with some friends, I’d much rather hang out in the park or anywhere beautiful. Thanks to a new local marijuana business, I can now do both and appreciate some samplings of sativa or indica. The new cannabis spot made a brilliant move and this move is now our go to move when things are just too serious. The folks who owned the cannabis dispensary where I shop opened up a cannabis cafe directly around the corner. And it’s the best. I mean, they couldn’t have found a far more peaceful, mellow spot then on that deadend off the main drag in town. It has covered tables outside under good big, beautiful oaks. It’s just the best location you could imagine. And this marijuana dispensary had the vision to put a cannabis cafe there. I was having just the worst afternoon after numerous rotten afternoons. My buddy recommended that both of us meet there right after our jobs for a tea and to share a sativa edible. That minute or so just completely changed our direction and genuinely got myself and others to relax and smile, to see life as doable and just chill out. Plus, the edible was so delicious and the tea went just perfectly with it.

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A change in attitude with cannabis products

When a local cannabis shop showed up in our end of town, I was sort of instantaneously curious about it.

It’d been a long period of time since I had tried marijuana.

And then, that was only a few times when I was very young. To our dismay, I just didn’t get the good feeling most most people else did from recreational marijuana use. But I think the culprit was the simple fact that I was always drunk when I tried either sativa or indica. So I genuinely didn’t think just what cannabis products could do for me. With the advent of cannabis products being legal, I was genuinely interested in testing this out. And the timing genuinely couldn’t have been better. I was going through a sloppy divorce, working a genuinely taxing job in an even tougher industry and wondering where it all went sideways. But a single afternoon while in a shop with a lady, she recommended that both of us pop up to the local cannabis spot. I was sort of half giddy at just going in anywhere that marijuana for sale was a real thing. It was still sort of surreal that a local cannabis spot even existed. I’m not 100% sure what I was expecting but the local cannabis spot was awesome. The people were nice and were there to help a rookie appreciate me. I have to say, while it’s only been a few weeks, our perspective has changed. I mean, it’s genuinely changed and I’m viewing life with far more occasion than ever before. With just this much change in our perspective, I’ve already made some wild swings that are helpful. And I think as long as I’m shopping at the local cannabis spot, I’ll be just fine.

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I have taken a different view towards cannabis lately

I think it’s genuinely vital to be able to evolve as a person. This was not a perspective that came naturally to me. In fact, if anything varied much in our life, I would get genuinely defensive over it. I wanted everything to be coming out in our favor and it did to an immense degree. But I was also genuinely closed off to certain things because of my old and traditional viewpoints. That’s all changed now. It had a lot to do with cannabis products. I was sailing along in life when right out of the red, I was hit with a life threatening diagnosis. I had cancer. It was discovered relatively early so I had the occasion to get to and stay in remission. The doctor wanted myself and others to be sure that I visited a cannabis dispensary for indica strains for sale. She told myself and others that this would be a vital component in our health from the treatments. While I had an unquestionably closed view of all cannabis products, I was going to do what the doctor said. This wound up being a single of the better decisions of our life. I went to the local cannabis spot and told them exactly why I was there. However, I was so surprised by the compassion that came with the expert cannabis info I acquired. These folks at the cannabis dispensary were firmly in our corner. They also had a wide range of hybrid strains for sale that could help myself and others with the treatment. Turns out that the cannabis products were exactly what I needed.

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A trip to the cannabis dispensary is always a blast

I don’t think about you but our attitude and mood has a lot to do with where both of us are in the middle of the working week. If it’s Tuesday, it’s unquestionably best to leave myself and others be. Tuesday is not so nice for me. However, I changed that up a little bit these last few afternoons. Tuesdays are now marijuana eve so that has to be a nice thing. When the realities of a Tuesday set upon me, I just remember that Tuesday is our afternoon to shop for marijuana for sale. When recreational marijuana became legalized, I didn’t waste much time getting to the new cannabis dispensary. It was here that I was able to get back to smoking out with several outdated friends. Those would be sativa strains for sale and indica strains for sale. While I had been using recreational marijuana some in university, I just didn’t believe good about breaking the law. Once I had plenty of more adult responsibilities, the weight of breaking the law with cannabis was even heavier. After that I just had to pretty much deliver it up. Now, if someone wanted to share some OG kush or a yummy edible, I was all for it. But buying cannabis and possessing it were out as long as it was illegal. Now that’s all changed and I have to say that I’m so much better off when I’m using sativa and indica. For sure, our outlook is better and that I’m able to release stress that much more readily. Plus, I appreciate having Tuesday be marijuana evening. Going to the local cannabis spot on Tuesday is just right for me. By the next afternoon, it’s hump afternoon and from then, I’m just closing in on the weekend.

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