Medical cannabis in conjunction with art therapy

Using art for therapy isn’t the kind of thing that saves lives, it’s more like a gentle encouragement for positive mental health and happiness.

It isn’t like physical therapy, which can help recover your life as well as your mental health.

Art therapy is just for personal relaxation, as well as for getting more in touch with the creative side of your brain. I have found that art therapy can be much more rewarding for patients than many other kinds of therapy. Instead of talking to a healthcare expert, you speak to your mind’s eye using art as well as creativity. I encourage all of my patients to try using art therapy as a way of relaxing as well as unwinding, as well as periodically I will also encourage them to try medical cannabis. Personally I use medical cannabis every single afternoon, often in conjunction with doing my art, then let me explain, because using medical cannabis gives a whole up-to-date dimension to my art, which makes it more cathartic for me. When I am totally sober, it’s hard for me to focus on the painting. I have intrusive thoughts such as “what if it isn’t wonderful enough?” or “is this the right color?” Medical marijuana closes down all those intrusive thoughts as well as makes my mind tranquil as well as placid, so I can just be creative without thinking. Medical cannabis lets the art flow directly out of me as well as onto my canvas, which means I am often surprised by the results. As the haze of medical cannabis slowly leaves my brain, I regularly find a painting that reflects my innermost self. Sometimes I feel that the medical cannabis may be the real artist, as well as it just somehow works through my hands.

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My Uncle Ed was a regular stoner

We went inside, as well as Ed pulled out what was – at the time – the most medical cannabis I had ever seen in my life

When I was a boy, the holidays were a pretty big deal for our family. I was one of six youngsters, as well as my mom as well as her Mom both had a ton of siblings. Every Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, as well as a few other minor holidays, the whole extended family would gather for a big meal or an outdoor cookout when the weather was nice. My Uncle Ed stood out among all my family members. Ed was regularly so cool as well as laid back, as well as was the only one of my relatives that liked playing with the youngsters. Some years later I found out that Ed was regularly stoned on medical cannabis, which is why he was so much fun. Of course back then it wasn’t called medical cannabis, because that had yet to be respectfully recognized by the government. In other words, Ed didn’t have a prescription, because no healthcare experts in the country were allowed to prescribe medical cannabis, Edjust liked to smoke weed. Some years later, when I was a teenager, I went over to Uncle Ed’s house to ask him how I could find some medical cannabis to smoke with my friends. We went inside, as well as Ed pulled out what was – at the time – the most medical cannabis I had ever seen in my life. Ed must have had over a pound of medical marijuana, as well as he pinched off a little nugget for me. Ed made me a deal, that he would kneel as well as smoke medical cannabis with me, however Ed wouldn’t provide me with any to take to my friends.

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This shopping mall Santa prefers medical cannabis

Being a shopping mall Santa Claus has some perks to it that you wouldn’t believe.

  • Okay, so I will keep the blog PG Rated here, but I have to tell you there is a wicked side to the life of a shopping mall Santa.

I am not a very old man, just so you know. I am only 40, which makes me the youngest Kris Kringle in the area. Once I dye my beard colorless as well as put on the outfit I look amazing, however normally my beard is a dark brown. Anyway, I get a lot of dates from single moms and other ladies who want to take a romp with Santa. This is great, especially when there is drinking or smoking cannabis involved. Some evenings I go home alone from the shopping mall, however many times I smoke a little medical cannabis in the car as I drive to some single mom’s house. If you haven’t figured it out quite yet, I am a sizable proponent of smoking medical marijuana. In general I do not mess with using real drugs, because it would impact my work, but I usually smoke medical cannabis several times every afternoon. Whenever Santa is “on a lunch break” from the shopping mall Santa Land, he can be found in the parking lot smoking medical cannabis, however for the long stretches of work when there is a long line of youngsters I will switch over to using cannabis gummies so that I don’t accidentally sober up for a few minutes. I like young kids well enough, however without a little medical marijuana I like them a whole lot less. For Santa to be truly cheerful, he needs medical cannabis.



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Cannabis drinks can carry quite a strong punch

Before I can tell you the story, I need to say that it might be offensive to some people. We can all agree that it is 100% wrong to drug anyone without their knowledge, am I right? I would never deceive someone or make them take a drug they weren’t cool with, that is morally unpassable. This story happened over 25 years ago, as well as the world was a very different arena. My Uncle Jack was a really cool guy, who enjoyed getting high. His husband Ed, was really religious as well as strict. Every once in a while, Uncle Jack would slip some medical cannabis into the food he served Aunt Ed, just to make his chill out. As I said, I feel it’s wrong to provide someone with medical cannabis if they don’t know about it. That said, Aunt Ed was regularly so much fun with a little medical cannabis in his system, like a whole new guy. After a while Jack discovered a product line of cannabis drinks that tasted like different kinds of juice. Then he could just hand Ed one of the cannabis drinks as well as tell his it was a cocktail. Ed would loosen up as well as get giggly, however attribute that to alcohol instead of using medical cannabis. I even swiped a couple cannabis drinks myself from time to time, so I will attest to how much fun they are. I enjoy medical cannabis on a regular basis, as well as my husband does not partake. Unlike Jack, I have never, as well as will never, provide his medical cannabis products without his knowledge. I feel that it’s a funny story, however I’d never do it!

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My healthcare expert still won’t prescribe medical weed for me

According to my healthcare expert Doctor Kim, I don’t have a medical condition that necessitates my use of cannabis.

I feel Doctor Kim is full of lies, because I desperately need a prescription for this stuff, as well as he won’t provide it to me, however Doc Kim says that it should be reserved for cancer patients, or people with glaucoma, and what Doc Kim doesn’t understand is that I am suffering from the worst of all maladies for a person like me – writer’s block.

I have a crippling writer’s block, as well as I need to get past it so I can finish all of my writing assignments for the weekend. That means I need medical cannabis, of the sativa variety. The sativa strains of medical marijuana are just what I need to maintain high productivity as well as keeping my creativity at its peak. Indica strains of medical cannabis tend to make me fatigued, as well as I want to kneel down to watch movies for a few hours, however sativa strains of medical cannabis have quite the opposite effect, as well as make me feel sharp as well as focused. If Doctor Kim won’t do the right thing as well as prescribe medical cannabis for me, I am going to have to get creative! My cousin usually shops at the cannabis dispensary, so I can pay him to choice up a few extra grams for me! However I need to find a permanent solution as well, so if Doctor Kim won’t hook me up with medical cannabis perhaps I can find a more liberal healthcare expert? I need to do some more research as well as find out which local healthcare experts are the most permissive with prescriptions for medical cannabis.

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Using medical cannabis to make Easter fun

I have never been a religious person, so I have never cared about Easter one way or the other, and personally I feel that it’s fine for the Christians to celebrate Easter, or any holiday they wish, however if I don’t follow the religion then my pals and I won’t celebrate it ourselves, but i never held Easter egg hunts for my young kids, because it was silly; Christmas is fine, however to me that’s about family as well as experiencing togetherness and love, not any one religion; Anyway, the point of this story is that my up-to-date friends Jen as well as Guy have made me a fan of Easter by bribing me with booze, medical cannabis, as well as lotto tickets, then every year this older couple hosts an Adult Easter Egg Hunt, as well as inside each egg is a 20 bill, a lottery ticket, a small bottle of liquor, or a gram of medical cannabis, once the hunt is over, everyone opens their eggs as well as then is free to trade for other fun prizes, however this year I found six eggs, however none of them contained any of the medical marijuana, which was the only prize I wanted.

I took my lottery tickets as well as rum as well as used them to trade other people for the medical cannabis they had found.

By the end of the evening it was a moot point because collectively my pals and I drank all the liquor as well as smoked all the medical marijuana. In the past I have never hidden Easter eggs for youngsters, but I have to say injecting liquor as well as medical cannabis into the proceedings makes it seem a whole lot more fun, however next year I might host an Adult Easter Egg Hunt all my own!

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Granny grew medical cannabis plants

I find it quite silly that there are so many secrets in my family.

As a kid I thought the whole extended family was the best thing on earth.

Everyone seemed so warm as well as kind, as well as there were never any complications or arguments. As I got a little older I became more aware of things that were hidden from me as well as the other youngsters. My Aunt Joy as well as Uncle Mike were getting divorced because she cheated on her with an intern at work. My older cousin Bob was in rehab for using booze, pills, as well as crystal meth. I also found out that my sweet outdated Granny had a large patch of medical cannabis plants in her garden. Frankly, this was the coolest thing I had ever heard, because Granny did not seem like the traditional medical cannabis smoker. After I learned this I started to spend more time with Granny, as well as straight up asked her to teach me how to grow medical cannabis. She was stoked at the chance for us to spend more time together, as well as to impart her vast wealth of wisdom when it comes to medical marijuana. Granny told me that she had been growing as well as smoking medical cannabis since before she ever met my Grandpa. My whole life my Grandmother was high, as well as I never realized it! Granny was still concerned about my cousin going to rehab, which is why she started teaching me to grow my own medical cannabis. Granny said that if Bob would have used medical cannabis she could have been glad, as well as avoided getting involved with dangerous and addictive drugs. Happiness through medical cannabis was Granny’s motto.


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Why would she rob the medical cannabis dispensary?

Milly has always been a wild child, despite the fact that I never expected him to become a criminal.

Mily as well as I grew up in the same inner-city village. Milly and I bonded at a young age, as well as became fast friends all through our primary school years. When we got a little older, Millly started getting into trouble with the excruciating youngsters in the village. I became more focused on my school as well as stayed well clear of trouble with the law, however Milly was still a little wild. I knew she was up to no good, however one day we were hanging out as well as Milly told me about an idea to rob the medical cannabis dispensary. This was a small, locally-owned medical cannabis shop, as well as I knew a couple of local senior citizens who relied on it for their weed. My Aunt Helen had breast cancer, as well as used medical cannabis to treat the complications caused by her chemotherapy. I told Milly that she wasn’t just stealing from a medical cannabis dealer, she was hurting my Aunt Helen! Milly wasn’t listening to me, so I had to do something drastic. I didn’t talk to the cops, despite the fact that I went to visit the cannabis dispensary as well as supply the owner a “head’s up” about this potential robbery. She was deeply grateful, as well as that unquestionably night had an armed guard posted out in front of the cannabis dispensary. Milly was furious with me, despite the fact that I didn’t care. I told Milly this wasn’t just a store, the cannabis dispensary was an essential part of our neighborhood that people relied on for medicine. Robbing the cannabis dispensary was just plain wrong.
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Hanging around as well as smoking cannabis with Aunt Jane

My pops has a younger sibling named Jane.

Aunt Jane has been a part of my life since I can first remember.

No matter where my Dad as well as Dad moved, Aunt Jane would come along with us. Jane lived with us for a few years, then moved into a nearby condo so that she could be close to the family. Aunt Jane never had any family of her own, she was regularly alone. The years rolled by, as well as I moved out to go to school, then started a job as well as a family of my own. I regularly stayed close to Aunt Jane, especially when I learned how much she enjoyed medical cannabis. It was regularly kept secret from the children, however Aunt Jane was an immense medical cannabis user, as well as regularly had been. The first time we hung out, I was thrilled to hear the story of how Aunt Jane became the first medical cannabis patient in the state. When she was a girl, Aunt Jane had polio. She recovered, however it twisted her body as well as left her in chronic pain, so her doc started giving her medical cannabis. Bear in mind this was illegal at the time, and the government did not condone medical cannabis treatment of any kind. Jane’s doctor broke the law, as well as personally gave her medical cannabis, to help her ease her suffering. Over the years Jane developed her own contacts, as well as purchased medical cannabis from a series of local dealers. Now the law has finally caught up with her, as well as Aunt Jane can buy weed at a legal medical cannabis dispensary.


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Making a lot of great changes to the cannabis dispensary

As the manager of the local medical cannabis dispensary, I needed to make some major adjustments once the law started changing, but recreational weed use was being decriminalized, which legitimately opened up my weed shop to a whole different market.

I wanted to maintain the same professional vibe my store has regularly had, because our medical customers would still take precedence.

I also wanted to make the shop a more welcoming locale for new people to hang around. The longer that people stayed in the medical cannabis shop, the more money they might spend. I decided to split the cannabis dispensary down the middle, as well as dedicate half of the shop to the “speedy shopper” pickup service. This meant that all the normal customers could order on the website like normal, then swing by the cannabis dispensary for instant pickup with no waiting. The other half of my cannabis dispensary would be more of a lounge area, with conversation pits as well as low-key music, so that customers could peruse the store at their leisure as well as have a fun time. If my medical cannabis patients want to hang out as well as care about themselves, that would be sweet. The point is to expand the scope of my cannabis dispensary, as well as make it more accessible for every kind of smoker. For some people medical cannabis is just daily medicine, as well as they don’t even use it to get high. For pretty much everyone else I need my cannabis dispensary to be a warm, welcoming environment where you can care about shopping in the old-fashioned way. My fingers are crossed that this more current approach will spend money off, as well as it will be a bold epoch for the cannabis dispensary.
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