Needed more cannabis than he was offering

I took a trip, and my friend Buster was so far away that I had to get on a plane.

I actually dislike flying.

I get nervous, sweaty and anxious. So I avoid it. However, in this case there was no other way to travel. There are a lot of reasons to dislike airports, from the long lines, invasive bag checks, and high prices to the awful way people act while traveling. Also, you can’t bring booze or drugs with you. I would prefer driving, however as I said, that wasn’t possible this time. I made sure my pal had a large supply of cannabis and booze for myself and others at his house. Buster tried his best, however his method of a “big supply” of cannabis is not up to our standard. I usually have at least more than 2 odd kinds of cannabis on hand at any one time, because I smoke a lot of it and I love variety. I thanked him for his hospitality, and then got on our iphone to find the closest cannabis dispensary with delivery. I absolutely didn’t want to leave again after so much airfare stuff, so I got the cannabis delivered to his house. They had a special on Girl Scout Cookies, which I haven’t smoked in a long time, so I got some of that, and a homegrown local strain. I finished off our order with some edibles, and then went back to hanging out with Buster. It took more than 2 trips for our delivery to come in, and in that time I smoked the entire supply of cannabis Buster had picked up for our visit.

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A fun game to pass the time

What did you do during quarantine? Of course you smoked a bunch, who didn’t? What I mean is what else did you do? There was only so much TV I could watch, you know what I mean? I watched all the seasons of Once Upon a Time, then the whole run of Jane the Virgin, and topped it off with New Girl and then every episode of The Good Place.

  • So, after that I just didn’t want to even look at the television for a while, so I had to get smart.

I live with my friend Ian and his friend Boris, and we hatched the method of a cannabis “olympics” style event. The three of us created several different games based around smoking marijuana, and then would go head to head and see who came out on top. I know it sounds ridiculous, but we were bored. We got the cannabis dispensary delivered, and we literally had nothing else to do however smoke. The three of us started off with “blunt sprints” which used lower brand marijuana in blunts, and the people I was with and I each smoked a whole blunt to see who did it the fastest. Next was the Gravity Bong Hurdles, which used Purple Haze in our sink-based gravity bong, and this was an endurance challenge. The three of us actually should have used lower quality marijuana for that, because it knocked us all out… although I was the last man standing! The cannabis Olympics lasted for the better portion of a week, mostly because the people I was with and I would smoke ourselves dead by the middle of the afternoon! It was an amazing way to pass the time.


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Had to get rid of our weed

I went on a cruise last month.

It wasn’t anything huge, just a week trip back-and-forth over to an island. I had a real blast, and was partying pretty hard even before we left the port. My friends and I weren’t holding weed initially, so we were hitting the booze pretty hard to compensate. Our plan was to track down some local stuff in the islands, to try and get typical island ganja. Once we landed and started walking around, it took us about an hour to find someone with cannabis to sell. It looked wonderful, smelled even cleaner, and the person who sold it claimed it was freshly grown from his own marijuana crop. The insane area was that we paid him, and he handed us the entire bin of cannabis. It must have been half a pound of this amazingly tasty marijuana, for the price of what I pay for more than 2 ounces at home! There was a problem, of course — we actually smuggled the cannabis onto the ship, but knew we would actually be searched on the way off. That meant time was not on our side and we had to power smoke as much marijuana as we could before it was time to get off. Someone said the plan was to put the cannabis in a balloon and swallow, but I pointed out how the balloon would exit the body, and said no. We ended up rolling a couple of dozen marijuana blunts and running around the decks just handing them out — no use in having quality cannabis go to waste!


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I am the only source of cannabis right now

Living in a small town can be stale, and a lot of folks have a desire to make things not change at all.

People use this as an excuse to keep their lives easy or even worse get angry about change.

When pot legalization came up in the last state elections, my whole town lost its collective mind. People were angry about it, people put up signs and made a large fuss… Of course legalization went through, everyone knew it would, so then the town focused on passing a local ordinance to stop any cannabis dispensaries from opening within the town areas, and this is great with me. I have been secretly growing and selling marijuana for the last more than 2 years, and I don’t need the extra hassle. It’s funny to me that a few of the people fighting against the cannabis dispensary are purchasing from me on the side. No one dares be open about using mairjuana, but lots of people do… thanks to me. I have a small crop of marijuana plants deep on my parent’s farmland. This is not an active farm, thanks to government subsidies. My parents make more money by not growing anything, so I use the land for some marijuana plants. I don’t go wild with it, I haven’t expanded our marijuana field in over a year, because I don’t want to grow so much that it will draw any cops to me. Even if the cannabis dispensary did open, various of the locals won’t want to buy weed in public, so maybe it won’t affect our relocation at all.

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Finding an appetite with help from the cannabis dispensary

When you have an eating disorder, you have a life disorder.

  • And don’t let anyone ever tell you any different.

I don’t know if I will ever get back to normal. But then again, I have no idea what my normal will look like. Yet, with the help of marijuana and the good people at the local cannabis shop, I’m learning. First, I’m not tackling my condition alone or with help solely from a marijuana business. I’m in therapy and also regularly seen and tested my a medical professional. In fact, it was the medical professional who suggested that I look into using cannabis to help in my recovery. And this was such an important shift in my learning a new normal. Using both sativa and indica or even hybrid strains, I have the recognition of a healthy appetite. That may seem weird but I’ve spent a long time denying my body so sensations are all screwed up. But with marijuana, my appetite is both real and strong. With help from my therapist, I’m learning to acknowledge that as a good thing and feed my body properly. It hasn’t been easy. When you go so long with just completely messed up associations with food, body image and appetite, it takes time to adjust. But I’m doing it and the folks at the cannabis dispensary help me. And not just by supplying me with cannabis products. I’ve been very up front with the staff and they are all really pulling for me as well. It’s a great feeling and a wonderful, if unexpected source of support, kindness and compassion.

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I can sleep sound with my help from the cannabis dispensary

I learned the hard way that a person can push their bodies just too far.

With the help of the local cannabis spot, I’m getting something essential to my health back.

What I wish I had realized early on was that we are not all built alike. Intuitively, I understand this logic for sure. But when faced with real life scenarios, it goes right out the window. My indica strains I get from the cannabis dispensary is my lucky horseshoe. I figured since others I worked with put in crazy hours, that meant I had to as well. It didn’t matter that my body wasn’t capable of dealing with that amount of stress and fatigue. And I simply pushed myself so far that I was no longer really able to get restful sleep. The docs gave me meds that knocked me out but they also came with a permanent fog that rarely lifted. A friend who used medical marijuana for a health condition suggested I talk with someone at the local cannabis spot. So I got my courage up and made my first visit ever to a marijuana business. I had used a bit of recreational pot in my younger days. But since then, it just didn’t fit my lifestyle. So, it’s sort of ironic that indica is giving me back my life. I have a special indica strain which works to help me fully relax, let go and simply release. And I’m finding that I can now at least get 4 to 5 hours of total rest. With time and the help of the indica strain, I hope to get back to sleeping through the night.

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Didn’t do well in school anymore

As a young kid, I was easily motivated.

I tried my hardest in school, I got a job as soon as I could drive, as well as I did everything that was expected of me. I had buddies, as well as went to parties as well as stuff, but in total I was easily much on the straight as well as slim, because I was so distraught about my future. Parents as well as mentors are often hammering kids about their goals, as well as in my case it made myself and others overlook the present. While a lot of my friends were doing other things, I was too focused on doing what I was supposed to do for my future. I never even tried smoking weed until I was in college. I think it was a poor time to start using cannabis, because it was so modern to me I got carried away for a while. I almost lost an entire semester to weed, as well as slaughtered the superb grade point average I had been carrying. I cannot blame the marijuana for any of that, of course, that was my decision, as well as I just made a bad choice. Or more accurately, I made the same small awful choice a lot of times in a row! Once I settled down as well as found my focus I kept smoking cannabis, but in smaller doses, as well as only at the end of the day, and using cannabis allows me to sleep better than I ever have before, which gives myself and others more energy as well as absolutely helps myself and others in my classes. Weed is wonderful, as well as I like using it, but there is such a thing as getting too carried away with it.

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Cannabis makes jobs

Every summer when I was a kid I went to this tiny town out in the country to stay with my grandparents. It was a pretty dull town, not a whole lot for a child to do, so when I got to be a teenager I stopped going. That was a lot of years back, and I decided that I should go revisit that small town as well as see my grandparents. Ten years had gone on, and I was shocked to see how much the place had changed. There were more houses, more folks, as well as more companies. The central park had been renovated as well as grown. Best of all, there was a cannabis dispensary located in the newly renovated downtown area. I would have bet currency on the barrelhead that a small town like this would have been against a cannabis dispensary, despite the fact that I know I was not right. I went in to check it out, because I had to see what a cannabis dispensary in a small farming town looked like. It was easily alike to the cannabis dispensary I used at home, but their selection behind the counter was markedly different. The owner of this place had contracts with many unique local marijuana farmers, as well as so she had access to local stuff no one else had! I came to find out that those local marijuana farmers, as well as this dispensary, had provided a big money boost for the town. The taxes collected locally on cannabis sales was a large change of cash, and local eateries have benefitted, as well. Cannabis creates tasks, as well as almost everyone loves that.

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A love with cannabis

Grandma was a love child, as well as I don’t mean she was around in the Flower Power era, I mean she was a big part of it.

  • She attended all the large rallies as well as Mayes, she protested everything she could find to protest, as well as she met a lot of famous people.

In a twist of fate, she met a soldier coming back from the war as well as they fell in love with one another. They left everything behind, moved out to a remote patch of land on the west coast, as well as started growing marijuana together. It’s like something out of a fairy tale, isn’t it? Nana grew the marijuana, as well as papa helped her with the hard labor as well as ran security! You better know that ex-soldier took superb care of her land, as well as made sure no one would ever dare mess with their marijuana crops. This includes weed thieves, cops, as well as wild pets too, but of course she dealt with every threat in it’s own way. She put up fences to keep local herbivores from eating the weed plants, as well as put signs on those fence posts to warn away trespassers. I don’t assume how she kept the police away, because Grandma became locally famous as a master marijuana producer, but they never had any legal issues. Perhaps she paid them off in product, as well as provided every local cop a big large cannabis bribe to keep them away, or maybe they just feared him. In all those years, Grandfather never absolutely smoked marijuana himself, but she was loyal to Nana, the business, as well as the family.


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It is taxed now

Why does there regularly have to be taxes with everything? Back in the day, before legalization changed the way things were done, paying tax on your weed meant pinching off a large bud for a woman who set it up.

A cool company would never charge this kind of tax ,but it was still good manners to at least offer to smoke the woman out with the stuff she just sold you.

Those afternoons are long away, sadly, as well as now the taxes being paid are real taxes, to the tune of five to seven percent, I would rather just cut off a chunk of cannabis instead of paying the extra money, but this is how the world works now. Another thing I miss about the aged way of buying cannabis is the bulk prices. Cannabis dispensaries offer a retail price for the product, as well as you won’t get a discount for buying a ton of it. Back in the day I would buy half a pound of weed at once, get a large price break, as well as save a lot of currency over the long term. Modern day weed dispensaries are designed to sell smaller amounts with greater frequency, to keep people coming back for more. I like going to the store, it’s regularly fun to see what modern cannabis strains they have, despite the fact that I would rather buy bulk like in the aged afternoons. I assume I sound like a grumpy old man, as well as I am, but what’s wrong with liking the way I used to procure cannabis instead of cheering for these clean, sanity, boring dispensaries.

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