Cannabis on the golf course

There are only two things in the world that truly make me happy – getting stoned and playing golf.

It used to be that those two things were mutually exclusive, which means I couldn’t do them at the same time.

Going to a golf course involves a lot of money, and a lot of manners. Golfers have their own rules and etiquette. Having a quiet drink on the course is acceptable, but getting drunk and making a scene is grounds for being banned! Secondhand smoke is also sternly frowned upon by most golfers, so you rarely find it on the course. Then one day I realized that there were other ways to get high, so I bought a vape pen and some cannabis oil. As we all know, smoking cannabis generates an almighty stink! I love the smell of it, but the point is that once you light up, everyone around you can immediately smell the cannabis smoke. A vape pen eliminates that odor entirely, while the cannabis oil gives me all the THC I can handle! Now that I have a way to smoke cannabis while I play golf I have started playing more than ever. Last week another golfer stepped up to me and asked if I wanted to play a round with him, while discreetly showing me his own cannabis vape pen. His name is Ben, he is a pretty nice guy, and he also has a whole pocket in his golf bag filled with cannabis products! Ben has been introducing me to different kinds of cannabis edibles, too.


The night Snoop came into my dispensary

I’ve told you all before about some of the amazing experiences I have had working at the dispensary, but I saved the best one for last. This happened about six months ago, and I have told everyone in my life about it multiple times, but I haven’t blogged about it yet. It was late on a sunday night, and I was getting ready to lock up at midnight. Every other night of the week the shop stays open until 2am, but on Sundays the local laws say we have to close at midnight. I have no idea why this is, just another silly rule. Just as I was leaving, a tour bus pulls into the parking lot of the cannabis dispensary. The art on the side of the bus let me know this was the one and only Snoop Dogg, who we all know is a role model in the cannabis industry. My cannabis dispensary actually sells a line of cannabis strains endorsed by him, so I started getting nervous. It turns out I had no reason to be nervous, because Snoop was humble and down to earth, and desperately in need of resupplying his tour bus with copious amounts of cannabis. I opened the doors, turned on the lights, and helped the famous rapper find all the cannabis he needed. It only took a few minutes for him to buy about three thousand dollars worth of cannabis and rolling papers. As I packaged up the cannabis for him, Snoop snapped his fingers, and another man appeared holding a huge wad of money. It was so cool!

Space cake

Do you buy pre-rolled joints?

When we used to play cards at parties, whoever lost had to be the joint roller for the night.

We all loved getting high, but we all hated having to roll the joints.

Who enjoys doing this, does anyone? You have to clean out the stems and seeds, grind everything up, then carefully twist up the joint without getting it too coated in saliva. It’s too much work, which is why we made it the punishment for the loser! I am so glad that the cannabis dispensary sells pre-rolls, because now I never have to roll another joint! On some level I know what a rip-off it is, because the same weight of cannabis costs over twice as much when you buy it in a pre-rolled joint. In other words, I can buy one pre-roll, or buy enough marijuana to roll myself two joints, and it costs the same amount. You may think I’m an idiot for buying pre-rolls over cannabis, and you might be right, but I just suck at rolling joints! I am not paying for the cannabis I am paying for the convenience, because to me a joint is the best possible way to smoke out. If I really wanted to save money I would switch over from cannabis to vaping. I have several friends who vape cannabis oil from their vape pens, and it is substantially cheaper than buying grams of marijuana flowers. I don’t care for vape pens, however, I prefer the taste and the amora of authentic cannabis, and I will accept no substitute!


Do you buy pre-rolled joints?

The job of my dreams

Did you know that Snoop Dogg employs someone to roll his joints for him? Isn’t that insane? A full time employee who does nothing but hand rolls joints and blunts for one of the most notable pot smokers in the world.

This sounds like a dream job to me, although I admit I am not very good at rolling joints myself.

I always used one of those little rolling machines, because I lack the manual dexterity to do it by hand. Of course now that I have access to the cannabis dispensary I don’t have to lift a finger because they sell pre-rolled joints! I wonder if they have an employee who does nothing but grind up cannabis and then twist it into pre-rolls. Being able to buy pre-rolled joints is just one of the many wonderful things I have discovered at the cannabis dispensary. For a while I sampled around with new ways of using cannabis, like vaping and doing dabs, but I always come back to good old-fashioned cannabis flowers. As much as I enjoy edibles, they still don’t “scratch the itch” the same way weed does. If I have to be at work all day, then I will have a couple cannabis edibles for breakfast to make it go by a little more pleasantly. But as soon as I get home and it’s time to relax, it’s time for some proper cannabis rolled into a cigarette-sized joint. All I need is one pre-rolled cannabis joint, and I am good and blazed for the rest of the evening.

Cannabis delivery service

From pizza to cannabis deliveries

When I was a pizza delivery guy, I always sold weed on the side to make extra money.

People who work in the food industry are notoriously huge pot smokers, so most of my sales came from my coworkers.

I would also pay extra attention when I made late-night deliveries, especially to the college campus. If I detected a hint of marijuana smoke in the air, I would sometimes take the chance of asking the customers if they needed a little extra. Using this method I could sell a dime bag of cannabis for twice the normal rate, because the customer was already stoned! This worked well for a while, and then a cannabis dispensary opened up down the street and my side-hustle came to a sudden halt. The cannabis dispensary also offered delivery on orders over $100, so the demand for my ditch weed disappeared overnight. They say “if you can’t beat them, join them.” There was no way I could fight the cannabis dispensary, because they had superior products and superior prices, so I decided to join them! I had a lot of experience making deliveries, and after I signed a document vowing to never sell cannabis illegally I got the job! Working for this place eliminates the need for a side-hustle, because the pay is good and the cannabis customers tip better than pizza customers ever did. Part of me thinks that I should “flip the script” and what I used to do, and start bringing a fresh pizza with me on my cannabis deliveries and try to sell that.

More about marijuana

An armed guard in the cannabis dispensary

I love my job! I work with the most fun and boisterous group of people, all of whom are remarkably well educated, too.

When people think about working in a cannabis dispensary, most of them assume the staff is high all the time.

This is absolutely not true, and no smoking is allowed while anyone is on shift. After hours, and on our days off, all of us get stoned constantly, but never at work. We take our jobs seriously, and know that impairing our judgment with cannabis could lead to us giving bad advice to the customers. Since cannabis legalization went through, our shop has been incredibly busy. Another reason everyone has to stay clear headed is the sheer volume of cannabis we sell, and of course the money we make. There is a guard at the front door who checks everyone’s ID before they can enter the cannabis dispensary. What people don’t know is that there is a second guard in the back room, and that guy has a gun. Federal laws are very weird, so we can’t take credit or debit cards for cannabis sales; it has to be straight cash. This means that some days, after a big weekend, we will have tens of thousands of dollars of cash in the cannabis dispensary. With that much cash on hand, our cannabis dispensary is a prime target to get robbed at some point. There is always an armed guard in the back room of the cannabis dispensary, guarding the money, and on weekends there are two armed guards.

CBD oil

The dispensary has lots of pre rolled marijuana cigarettes

The dispensary has lots of different products available in the store. One of my favorite items that I can buy at the medical marijuana dispensary is a pre rolled marijuana cigarette. Pre rolls are filled with premium marijuana products, distillate, and sometimes kief or bubble hash. The dispensary near my house has lots of different pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. Some of them are more expensive than others. They have ones that are made with marijuana products that are cheap and those are about five bucks for one gram of weed. Then there are more expensive marijuana cigarettes that are made with premium flower and distillates. Some even have flavonoids and terpenes so they taste fruity like raspberry, grape, and orange. These joints are my favorites, because I love the way they taste. I don’t love the way that weed tastes in general, so the extra added flavor is a nice change. Unfortunately, these marijuana joints are more expensive than the others. They average about twenty bucks per one gram pre roll. I can only buy these products when I have extra money in the bank account. Last month, I got a raise and I didn’t expect to see an extra one hundred dollars in my paycheck. The money came on the same day as my trip to the weed shop. I used all of the money to buy the infused pre rolls. I have a stack of them in my closet. I hope they last awhile. I have all of the different strains set up in a row so I can choose what I want easily.

medical cannabis store

The lady didn't even look before she started backing up

On Fridays, I go to the medical marijuana dispensary to buy products for the week.

I regularly stop at the dispensary after work, because it is on my way home.

I noticed a huge crowd of people in the parking lot of the dispensary when I arrived on Friday. The place was packed with people and there were barely any parking spots left at all. I found a spot in the parking lot towards the back. I locked my car and headed into the dispensary to pick up my order. I decided to place my order online. When I saw the crowd in the parking lot, I was even happier with my choice. I made my way to the front of the line. I told the officer that I was there for a pickup order. I got to skip the rest of the line and go directly inside of the building. It only took five minutes for me to pick up all of the items and pay the cashier. I was so glad that I ordered online first, because the wait for in store ordering was going to take at least an hour. I got back to the car before most of the people in line even got into the dispensary. I was putting my things into the car when a lady hit the back of my car. She didn’t even look before she started backing up into my car. I was so angry and frustrated. I could have been in and out of there in five minutes, but I still got stuck waiting for the police.


Cannabis DNA Testing

I like being able to control my life

Being a drug addict is a really difficult thing to admit.

I have hurt a number of people in my family.

I’ve ruined friendships that I cherished for 20 years or more. I hurt countless people that did not deserve the pain. I didn’t know that I was clinically depressed and suffering from childhood ptsd. I never got the mental help that I needed. When I finally met with a doctor that wanted to help, one of the first things she suggested was ptsd. She also suggested medical marijuana products. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea, because I was a recovering drug addict. The doctor looked through my files and we discussed medical marijuana for several weeks before we actually decided that it might be right for me. The first time I used a low dose medical marijuana product, I felt very woozy and high. I liked the feeling a great deal, which made me feel nervous. I discussed that with the doctor and she understood that my concerns were serious. She urged me to continue with the low dose product. She encouraged me not to increase the medication at all. Slowly I started to feel more mellow and relaxed. The high feeling was replaced by a feeling of relaxation and calmness. My mind feels much more clear and focused when I am high. I know that probably sounds silly to a lot of people that think marijuana kills brain cells, but it is 100% true. I feel more focused and more in control of my life when I am using medical marijuana to help with my mental illness.
cannabis candy products

I heard an advertisement on the radio

After medical marijuana was approved by the state, I tried to see a doctor to get approved.

I ended up getting my money taken and I did not get anything in return. After that, I decided to forget about marijuana. I saw a couple of dispensaries popping up here and there, but the parking lot looked empty most of the time. I didn’t know who was being approved for medical marijuana, but it didn’t seem like the dispensaries were ever busy at all. One day my friend and I were riding home from a doctor’s appointment. We were listening to the radio station and we heard an advertisement from a doctor’s office. The doctor was claiming to be a medical marijuana treatment specialist. The doctor advertised medical marijuana consultations for a low price. I didn’t think it could be true since they had an advertisement on the radio, but I wrote down the name of the company so I could research the information further at work. I looked online when I got back to the office and I found out that the place was a legitimate business. I called the telephone number from the radio ad. The woman asked me how I heard about them, I told her about the commercial on the radio. She took down all of my information and helped me make an appointment for the following week. I was anxious about the process, but it turned out to be relatively easy. The doctor and the staff at the office helped me with all of the online paperwork for the state and the doctor certified me right there. 10 days later, I received my medical marijuana card in the mail. Other than a couple of fees, the process was simple and painless.


cannabis candy products