It took a while to get a medical marijuana card

I live in a conservative state where using recreational marijuana is not legal, however medical marijuana can be acquired if you have the right documents from the medical professional plus a license from the state.

It takes a long time to get a legal medical marijuana card.

I thought it was going to be quick plus easy. I went to a medical pro that was supposed to prescribe medical marijuana. The guy happily took all of my currency plus did not deliver me a card. I was exasperated plus I decided to buy weed from a street corporation for a while. Then a friend of mine had his medical marijuana card plus gave me the right information so I could go to the same medical pro. The medical pro said that I had to be an established patient for 90 days before he could legally request medical marijuana. I did not want to wait that long, however my friend assured me that he went through the very same process plus ended up with the medical marijuana card. I waited 90 days plus on the 91st day I booked my appointment. The medical pro did write a prescription so I could get medical marijuana plus 2 weeks later I went to the weed dispensary near me for the first time. Everyone inside of the marijuana dispensary was really friendly plus kind. They were also really knowledgeable. I could tell that each one of the budtenders was well trained plus well-versed in everything that had to do with marijuana. They answered each plus every one of my questions with ease and skill. They commanded that I try some indica strains that would help with my insomnia issues.



The interstate dispensary had easy access plus a drive through

This summer, my husband Max wanted to take our van plus drive across the country.

It was going to be a 1700 mile drive from our locale to the coastline.

Max and I had already been to the Atlantic Ocean plus Max wanted to see the Pacific ocean. I thought it would be pretty fun to drive from the Midwest all the way to the far side of the nation, so I agreed to get my parents to deliver us their conversion van for our one-month-long trip. I worked a ton of overtime at the marijuana dispensary so Max plus I have plenty of currency for the trip. I worked weekends at the marijuana dispensary because no one ever enjoys working those shifts. I can constantly occasion up overtime plus the boss doesn’t mind if I work 70 to 80 hours in a week as long as I show up when I am scheduled. I must have worked 500 hours over the last couple of months while trying to save up for our trip. One of the coolest things that Max plus I saw when my friend and I were on our way across the country was a marijuana dispensary located near the interstate. The marijuana dispensary was located in northern a state with legal recreational plus medical marijuana sales. Max plus I have legal medical marijuana sales in our state, however Max and I absolutely don’t have advertisements on the side of the road plus marijuana dispensaries that have such easy access plus a drive-thru. It was unusual plus interesting to see all of the weird types of marijuana dispensaries plus advertisements when Max and I were in the states with complete legalization.

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Fridays are for good weed and fishing

I only get one day off each week, which happens to be on Fridays.

  • Friday i the one day when I can entirely relax.

I am so lucky that I don’t have to worry about any condo chores or running errands. My husband Ed handles most of those things for the two of us. I would not be able to work 6 days every week if it was not for all of Ed’s support. When I have a day off on Friday, I get to do whatever I want to do. Sometimes I play pool or a round of golf with my friends plus sporadically I go to the lake plus take my boat out fishing. Ed and I got a nice boat a couple of months ago plus it seats four people. Since we bought the boat, I have been spending every single Friday out on the water… Last weekend Ed went with me. Ed and I decided to go about 7 miles into the lake. It was the farthest into the lake that we have ever traveled. The water was nice plus calm plus it was the perfect day to take the boat on a long journey. Ed sat in the back plus smoked marijuana while I drove us to our destination, however after Ed and I got to the destination, I knew that I was going to be there for a long while. I decided to smoke recreational marijuana as well. Roughly 30 minutes after I smoked the recreational marijuana, I was ready for popcorn plus a light brunch. I had the munchies really suddenly after smoking the marijuana joint, however my intense high didn’t wear off for hours.

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The man was complaining the cannabis shop

I started working at the marijuana dispensary a few weeks ago.

Since then I have met almost every 1 that works for the shop.

Everyone has been absolutely nice plus accommodating. I have met a few really unusual plus interesting people. The only 1 that I don’t dig is a man named Ed, then Ed was complaining about his task the first time that I met her. Ed was having brunch in the split room at the marijuana dispensary. I was standing in the stock room, watching a video about safety plus marijuana education. Ed was complaining about his task plus the marijuana dispensary. Ed dished all of the dirt about each plus every one of the people that were working that day. Ed gave me all of the gossip plus it was only my second day on the task. If I didn’t need a task so badly, I absolutely would have quit after hearing about all of the people at the marijuana dispensary. Ed described a horrible nightmare as working conditions plus I wanted to leave as soon as I heard everything that Ed had to say, however fortunately, Ed seems to be the problem plus not the marijuana dispensary. Whenever I work a shift with Ed, he constantly complains. When I work with the other budtenders plus supervisors, everything seems to go smoothly plus there are no complaints or issues. Ed the disgruntled plus annoying employee should be fired, if you ask me. Ed never has anything nice to say about anyone or anything.



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The winter is the worst for a weed delivery driver

The winter is the worst time to work as a delivery driver, because the roads are messy.

After graduating from high school, I got a task working at a local pizza shop. I worked as a pizza delivery driver on the weekends plus during the days of the week I would work at the store itself. Sometimes I made pizza plus sporadically I prepped foods for the next day. I learned how to shuck oysters plus prepare shrimp properly, plus I also learned how to bake a pretty mean pizza. I constantly cherished working as a delivery driver, because I made a wonderful amount of currency plus tips… On the weekend days, I could gain 50 or 60 bucks. When I met my husband Ed, he worked at the local marijuana dispensary. The locale was looking for delivery drivers plus Ed commanded me for the task at the local marijuana dispensary. I could get minimum wage for each hour work plus I would also keep 100% of all my tips. I started working at the local marijuana dispensary during winter. The winter is the worst time to work as a delivery driver, because the roads are messy. It snows around here plus there is often ice or cold rain. I had tons of issues with my car the first week that I worked at the local marijuana dispensary. I had to put my car in the service shop the next week so the issues could be fixed or I was not going to be able to continue working at the local marijuana dispensary. Thankfully, Ed gave me a loan so I could have the issues repaired at the shop.



The cannabis dispensary license expired

Late monday afternoon, I needed to go to the dispensary near me to grab a couple of items before my friend Sam plus I drove to the national park for the day, however i wanted to grab a couple of pre rolled marijuana joints for our drive plus I also wanted a newer cartridge for my vaporizer pen.

I was hoping the vaporizer pen would be a bit more discrete while Sam and I were out walking the trails.

I did not want to get into any trouble, because there is a zero tolerance on smoking in the park since the fire warnings were first issued, and since the vaporizer pen doesn’t entirely burn anything at all, I thought it would be a better choice for the national park, Sam plus I went to the dispensary as soon as it was open for business; Well, at least it was supposed to be open for business! There was a big sign on the door stating the dispensary would not open until the next day. I contacted one of my older friends from high school that works at the dispensary near me plus he said that the corporate license for the marijuana shop expired plus they had to shut down for the day while the owners dealt with paperwork plus baloney at the courthouse. The next day the marijuana shop was open once more, bright plus early like no issues occurred at all the previous day. Sadly, I had to go to a newer cannabis dispensary on Monday though, plus I paid a lot more currency than I usually do for the same cannabis strains plus edible products

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The order was made for delivery

I was running very late for the final train home, although I wanted to stop at the marijuana dispensary to option up my weed order.

I ordered four options earlier that afternoon.

I thought I was going to make it to the local marijuana dispensary well before dinner time, although I wound up eating a small salad plus fruit at my desk. The afternoon meeting went long plus I was running undoubtedly late when I finally made it through the doors at the marijuana dispensary. I told the security officer that I was here to get a pickup order plus she let me go right inside of the building instead of waiting outdoors with all the other people. When I got inside the building, I gave the budtender my name so she could grab the to-go order from the rack where they are located. The budtender looked through the rack twice over plus did not find my order. She finally decided to look online for the order plus that was when she found my name. The order had been listed for delivery. There was really no way that I chose the delivery option online. The system didn’t even ask me for the address. I told the lady behind the counter that it was a mistake. She said that the driver had already left the building with the order. The woman was due to arrive before 7:30 p.m., so I decided to go to my apartment plus wait for the items. It was an hour train ride back to my apartment, and the marijuana shop delivery driver arrived shortly after I got home.

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Golf is a lot more fun with marijuana

My friend Ed plus I went to town over the weekend because there was a hockey tournament.

  • On Sunday, Friday, plus Sunday, Ed and I planned to see all of the pros plus amateurs battle it out for the $50,000 grand prize.

Ed plus I went to a bar on Monday night when Ed and I arrived in the city. We were all drinking quite heavily plus decided to take an Uber back to the hotel. We walked to the bar plus it was eighty blocks plus none of us wanted to walk all the way back to the hotel after Ed and I were drunk. The Uber driver had an advertisement for a marijuana dispensary on the side of her car. Ed plus I asked the Uber driver where the marijuana dispensary was located plus she said that it was only a mile away from our destination. She was willing to take Ed and I to the marijuana dispensary plus would not charge anything extra. The driver said she would even wait near the marijuana dispensary for my friends plus I to return. Of course, Ed plus I tip the driver undoubtedly well, since the woman waited outside! Golf was a lot more fun when Ed plus I had recreational marijuana. We bought a couple of Vape pens, because the lady at the counter said that the marijuana vape pens were the most discreet plus simple thing to use. She was right about both of these things. The marijuana vape pen was seriously simple to use plus did not even require AA batteries. The device was an all in one vape.



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Last weekend I had the teens the whole time

I usually spend some time every weekend with my niece plus nephew.

  • They are both 10 years of age plus my sister works on the weekends sporadically.

I get to spend the afternoon with them plus my fantastic friends and I usually do something fun like go over to the river or go see the beach. Last weekend, my sister had a huge conference plus it was 6 hours away. She had to take a jetliner plus she could not take the teens. I offered to keep the teenagers the entire time that my sister was away. I did it know about the fact that the teens were going to require all of my attention. I got high on Sunday night after the teens went to sleep. My bestie works at the local marijuana shop. She brought to the apartment a current marijuana product that is a joint infused with chilly water hash plus live resin. The marijuana joint had 56 percent thc. We smoked the one gram joint plus then I fell asleep. I didn’t wake up until 10:00 o’clock plus by then the teens were already in the living room seeing television. They found some granola bars in the cupboard plus they were eating. I had the teens all afternoon on Friday plus they didn’t want to take a nap. I thought I would have time to smoke more marijuana joints when they laid down, although I guess I forgot that 10-year-olds don’t take naps anymore. I didn’t get to smoke marijuana again until my sister picked up the teens on Friday; By then I was filled with stress plus anxiety. I don’t know how my sister handles it.


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I am bound by the law not to go over the weed limit

Medical marijuana patients get allotments each plus every month which is the amount of marijuana that they can legally purchase from 1 store. In this state, the limits are 2 oz of marijuana for every medical marijuana patient then after that there are no more purchases allowed. Each patient can only purchase 2 oz of medical marijuana over 30 mornings. I am bound by law not to go over that limit or the medical marijuana clinic would face fines plus possible closure. There are lots of cameras all over the store, so even if I wanted to cut the rules, it would be quite impossible. A medical marijuana patient came to the dispensary early on Friday afternoon. It was the 28th afternoon of the month so the customer wanted to purchase a third of marijuana, but alas, the patient was already at the limit for the month plus still had to wait three more mornings until she was allowed to purchase more dried medical marijuana flower. I gave the patient the disappointing news plus I supplemented the medical marijuana flower with a sativa vape cartridge. The customer got more aggravated plus irate plus started yelling, then she tried to say that my fantastic friends and I sold him more marijuana than not the previous month, so I looked up her purchase records. That was not the truth plus in fact the patient didn’t even meet the 2 ounce mark the previous month. I told the patient that I was undoubtedly sorry, but there was no way for me to cut these rules. After that, the customer left undoubtedly irritated plus quite aggravated.



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