Cannatours and vacation spots are in recreational states

After laboring for the same exact contractor for year after year, my wife as well as myself have been able to acquire quite a number of vacation hours.

  • Vacation hours can not be transferred and have to be used so my spouse as well as myself do our best to take some time off each as well as every season.

One of our favorite places to go was closed down for the season and my wife as well as myself had to go somewhere different this time. My associate plus myself enjoy recreational marijuana products plus discovered that there are actually some places around the country that have cannabis tours and vacation spots. My nice friend plus myself didn’t believe medical marijuana was going to help us feel better but in fact it turned out to be something that neither one of us can go without now. We have all found recreational marijuana products to be helpful when dealing with stress in addition to anxiety. On top of this, my associate plus myself prefer to sample as many new strains as possible. When we get to a place where we can go to the cannabis shop plus not have to worry about legalities, we can sample lots of new cannabis strains plus enjoy the vacation spots where we don’t have to worry about getting caught with recreational marijuana products. It can be a lot of fun to plan a trip like this. We just know that there will be some that don’t get it, but I don’t care.

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Marijuana to help with my friend’s anxiety

Anxiety is a normal response to many different types of stressful situations.

Anxiety is part of an underlying condition that makes a person feel like they are intensely scared or fearful! Panic attacks often accompany anxiety.

My best friend has an awful problem with anxiety. The guy is always uneasy that something is going to go wrong. Whenever we go to new locales, the guy thinks that everything is going to go wrong. We went to a meeting on the other side of the country and we had to be gone at the conference for a week. I flew on the airplane with Jack and he was scared and uneasy the whole time that the plane was going to crash into the land below. The guy even took a couple of Xanax before he got on the plane and that did not help at all. When we landed at our endpoint, I knew that we were in a place where recreational marijuana was legal. I told Jack that we should visit a dispensary to get something that is wonderful for anxiety. I didn’t want that guy to worry and be fearful the whole time we were in the city, especially because we were supposed to go to meetings all week. Jack agreed to go to the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary and the budtender was genuinely helpful. She helped Jack find something that wasn’t too powerful but truly helped with his anxiety and deranged paranoia and fear. The product was a tincture that contained mostly CBD for anxiety, with a small hint of THC to help the guy relax.

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Honeymoon where recreational marijuana is legal

My wife and I had our honeymoon in a locale where recreational marijuana is 100% legal.

As long as you have a driver’s license for some form of identification, you can’t legally purchase marijuana from a licensed retail distributor.

You have to be 21 years of age, but that is not a problem for my wife and I. My wonderful friend and I are both well over 21. When we got married, we had an immense ceremony and everyone knew that we were planning to visit a park with legal recreational marijuana. One of my best friends bought us tickets to go on a cannatour. A cannatour is a particular type of tourist endpoint where some type of cannabis is involved. Our cannatour was at a vineyard and microbrewery. The microbrewery used cannabis from a nearby farm to infuse beer with thc. My wonderful friend and I were about 5 miles away from the vineyard and microbrewery when we started to stink the pungent scent of marijuana. It was easily strong. There must have been 60 acres of marijuana in the farm part right before the vineyard and microbrewery. While we were there, I tried numerous weird types of beer that were infused with cannabis. The beer was not as flavorful as I hoped. I easily liked some of the wine that was infused instead. When we left at the end of our cannatour, the host and owner of the vineyard and microbrewery gave us free samples to take home. They also gave us a half-price discount coupon to take a tour of the cannabis farm. We didn’t end up using the coupon, but it could have been a cool experience.

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I still use medical marijuana from time to time

I still weigh less than 100 lb and I am almost 30 years old

Ever since I was a little kid, I have always been easily skinny and scrawny. My healthcare expert told my mom that I was underweight and she thought that the healthcare expert was crazy. She took me to a different healthcare expert and they said the same thing. My mom tried to put me on a high calorie diet to boost my weight and that did not help. Everything that I ate seemed to go right through me and I never gained a pound. I have been trying to gain weight since I was a child and nothing seems to work. The healthcare expert even prescribed medical marijuana to help me gain weight. The healthcare expert said that medical marijuana would make me genuinely hungry and supply me the munchies. When I had the munchies, I was supposed to eat foods that were high in fat and calories. Medical marijuana did give me the munchies and I had an immense appetite. I ate all of the snacks and junk food and a month later, I still had not gained a single pound. The healthcare expert ran a bunch of tests to make sure that I was fine. He tested for lots of different diseases and troubles and I was perfectly fine. I still weigh less than 100 lb and I am almost 30 years old. I have done everything that I can to gain weight and I still use medical marijuana from time to time. I wish that I could easily put on 50 lb and it would be nice to bulk up and gain weight for a change.

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Brand new marijuana business opened in secret

My office is located in a business center with numerous other businesses.

Every once in a while, I visit the deli for dinner. The deli is only open until 2:00 in the afternoon. There are times when I don’t make it there for dinner. When I do, I like to get a ham and cheese sandwich. I never asked what the cheese is going to be and it is always a surprise. Occasionally they make the sandwich with ham and cheddar and sporadically they make the sandwich with Swiss or muenster. I like surprises and all of the cheeses taste wonderful to me. The deli is all the way on the other side of the business complex, so I frequently drive my car. There were a bunch of people in the parking lot on Thursday and I drove my car to the other side of the business. I had to exit the parking lot in order to turn around to get back into the parking lot due to the traffic. I noticed a brand new business opened up on the street next to the office. The business is a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary. The dispensary is in an easily wonderful place for foot traffic. I never got a text from anyone in the county about the marijuana business, so I was a little bit surprised to see the shop open and customers moving in and out of the building. When new stores open around here, we usually get a flier and a notice, but this was clearly done in secrecy for some reason.

Weed delivery near me

Trying hybrid marijuana strains

There is a marijuana delivery service in my town and they have the best prices on products in the whole locale.

The marijuana delivery service only has one downfall. They only offer deliveries for next day service! You have to plan ahead in order to take advantage of the savings and specials. Some of my friends came to town for a football game and I wanted to make sure that I had everything that we needed to smoke. I ordered a half ounce of dried marijuana flower. I decided to go with a hybrid called Girl Scout cookies. The hybrid has a little bit of indica flower and a little bit of sativa flower. The hybrid Girl Scout strain is one of my buddies favorite and I knew he would be cheerful with the choice. I also ordered a couple of cartridges for my vaporizer pen. I got a sativa cartridge called Maui Wowie and I also bought an indica cartridge called Grand Daddy purp. These are two of my number one marijuana strains in the dispensary. I got the live resin cartridges even though they were a little more costly. I also made sure to get a couple of different hybrids for my friends. The battery on my marijuana pen has been getting low and the battery does not charge well anymore, so I also decided to buy a new battery. I saved 10% on my order because I used the promo code that is always listed on weedmaps. I hate to order through the service, but they always have a promo code that I can use on the dispensary website.

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The cannabis order was delivered

I was running so late to catch the last train home, however I wanted to stop at the marijuana dispensary to grab my order.

I ordered four grams earlier that day.

I thought I was going to make it to the marijuana dispensary before time for brunch, however I ended up eating a salad plus fruit at my desk. The afternoon meeting went overly long plus I was running quite late before I finally entered the doors at the marijuana dispensary. I told the security officer that I was there to get my pickup order plus he let me go right inside of the building instead of waiting outside with other people. When I got inside the building, I gave the budtender my name so he could grab my pickup order from the rack where they are located. The budtender looked through the rack twice but did not find my order. She finally decided to look online for the order plus that has when he saw my name. The order was listed for delivery. There was absolutely no way that I chose the home delivery option. The system did not even ask me for an address. I told the man behind the counter that it was a gaffe. She told me that the driver had already left the building with the order. The guy was due to arrive around 7:30 p.m., so I decided to go home plus wait for the items. It was an hour train ride back to my brownstone apartment, however the marijuana shop delivery driver arrived shortly after I arrived.



Golf was way more fun after smoking marijuana

My friend Sam plus I went to the town for the weekend because there was a big golf tournament. On Friday, Friday, plus Monday, Sam and I planned to watch all of the pros plus amateurs battle it out for the 50,000 bucks. Sam plus I went to a bar on Monday night when my friend and I arrived in the city. Sam and I were all drinking heavily plus decided to take an Uber back to the hotel. Sam and I walked to the bar plus it was eight blocks plus none of us wanted to walk all the way back to the motel after Sam and I were drunk. The Uber driver had an advertisement for a marijuana dispensary on the side of his car. Sam plus I asked the Uber driver where the marijuana dispensary was located plus he said that it was only 2 miles away from our destination. He was willing to drive us to the marijuana dispensary plus would not charge anything extra. The driver said that he would even wait outside of the marijuana dispensary for my friends plus I to return. Of course, Sam plus I tip the driver really well, since the guy waited outside. Golf was a lot more fun when Sam plus I had recreational marijuana. My buddy and I bought a couple of Vape rigs, because the man behind the counter said that the marijuana vape pens were the most discreet plus easiest thing to use. She was right about both things. The marijuana vape pen was extremely easy to use plus it did not even require batteries. The device was an all in one vape.

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I spent last weekend with the kids

I usually spend a little time over the weekends with my niece plus nephew. They are both 10 years old plus my sibling Sue works on the weekends sporadically. I get to spend the day with them plus Sue and I usually do something fun like go to a river or go to the beach. Last weekend, my sibling had a conference plus it was over 6 hours away. Sue had to take an airplane plus he could not take the kids. I offered to keep Sue’s kids the entire time that my sibling was away. I did it think about the fact that the kids were going to need all of my attention. I got high on Friday night after the kids went to sleep. My husband Jim works at the local marijuana shop. Jim brought home a new marijuana product that is a joint infused with cold water hash plus live resin. The marijuana joint had 56% thc. Jim and I smoked the one gram joint plus then I fell asleep. I did not wake up until 10:00 a.m. plus by then both of the kids were already in the bedroom watching TV. They found some peanut butter granola bars in the cupboard plus they were eating. Jim and I had the kids all day on Friday plus they did not want to take a nap. I thought I would have time to smoke another fat marijuana joint when they laid down, however I suppose I forgot that 10-year-olds don’t take any naps. I did not get to smoke marijuana again until Sue picked up the kids on Monday, but by then I was filled with stress plus anxiety. I don’t know how Sue does it.


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I am legally bound not to go over the “weed limit”

Medical marijuana patients get an allotment each plus every month, which is the total amount of marijuana which they can purchase from my store. In this state, the limits are 2 oz of marijuana for every medical marijuana patient plus after that there are no additional purchases. Each patient can only purchase 2 ounces of medical marijuana in 30 days. I am bound by law not to go over the 1 ounce limit or the medical marijuana clinic would face fines plus possible closure. There are hundreds of video cameras all over the store, so even if I wanted to split the rules, it would be virtually impossible. A medical marijuana patient came to the dispensary early on Monday afternoon. It was the 28th day of that month plus the client wanted to purchase an eighth of marijuana, however this patient was already at the limit for the month plus still had to wait three more days until he was able to get more dried medical marijuana flower. I gave the patient the terrible news plus I offered to supplement the medical marijuana flowers with a sativa vape cartridge. This client got really aggravated plus irate plus started yelling, then he tried to say that my budtenders sold him more marijuana than not the previous month, so I looked up his payment records. That was not the truth plus in fact the patient didn’t even meet the two ounce mark the previous months. I told the patient that I was really sorry, however there was no way for me to split the state rules. After that, the client left feeling really irritated plus aggravated.

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