Sharing the weed around

The best weekend of my life happened about many years back, when I went to the Big Mountain rock concert.

It took place over many afternoons, with 6 stages as well as dozens of bands playing from 12 until well past 12.

There were a lot of local bands, but there were some large names there, too. I saw all sorts of rock and heavy metal bands. The beer flowed like water the entire weekend, and I didn’t even have to get a hotel because my lady as well as I brought her dad’s RV. Whenever both of us needed to take a nap or smoke cannabis, both of us would walk back to the RV to chill out. Both of us quickly learned how advantageous it was to have a place to quietly smoke weed, because all the people at the festival didn’t have that. It turns out that every time both of us went back to the RV someone would want to come with us, as well as they would supply the weed in return for a secure place to smoke out. The superb thing about smoking marijuana at an outdoor festival is that you can do it around people with no opportunity of getting in trouble. The awful thing about smoking marijuana at a festival is that once you spark up, the vultures start coming in asking for a toke. I know that it is a sharing culture but if you don’t have any cannabis then it is awful manners to ask for some of mine, especially if I don’t know you. Both of us got high all weekend, as well as never smoked any of our own marijuana!


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We need to protect our crops

This may seem like a lot of currency as well as trouble to protect a few marijuana crops, but both of us are talking about 100s of dollars worth of product

The local police have started using newer tech, as well as almost everyone is afraid. They should be scared! The police have been cracking down on illegal pot fields recently, as well as in their quest to ruin it all, they have started using flying devices. They only have 2 of these devices, to my comprehension, but they have been sending them up over the local forests looking for sure signs of marijuana farms. Around this part, there are a lot of farms, our section is sort of known for our local cannabis strains. Thankfully it is simpler to deal with a device than a person, so both of us will try as well as use modern technology to protect our marijuana crops from being shown on film. It’s ridiculous that the local marijuana problem needs a tech expert to help us craft effective defenses. There is a rule for this, with drones being used to give marijuana as well as other substances in big areas around the world. When the police fought back by getting their own flying devices, the marijuana problem just got upgraded their drones to the “suicide pilot” model. Seriously, they would show a small EMP charge in the drone that would destroy it, and the other drone. This may seem like a lot of currency as well as trouble to protect a few marijuana crops, but both of us are talking about 100s of dollars worth of product. When I said this section was kind of famous for its locally grown weed, I was not being modest. The local marijuana problem is a big money operation, as well as there is no way 2 drones are going to slow them down.

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Changing to pot farming

I was born as well as raised on this weed farm, so it is easily vindicating for myself and others as well as my whole family to see cannabis legalization become the law of the land! Just like with booze, marijuana never should have been outlawed in the first place, as well as my folks never should have had to be hiding it

The story goes that my great papa moved out here into the hills while in booze being illegal. Papa then just packed up the whole family as well as moved 100s of miles away to start over. He selected this location because of the rough terrain as well as heavy forest cover made it a perfect spot to make booze, great papa was a bootlegger of the highest order, as well as made quite a name for himself until prohibition was struck down. Most of the family left the mountain after that, but my papa (and later, my dad) stuck around to tend the land, as well as converted the moonshine place into a weed growing site, but don’t get myself and others wrong, they still brewed booze, but they started growing as well as selling cannabis to pay the bills, and sure it was easily not allowed to grow as well as sell marijuana, but it had also previously been illegal to make as well as sell liquor, so the laws were not given much respect. I was born as well as raised on this weed farm, so it is easily vindicating for myself and others as well as my whole family to see cannabis legalization become the law of the land! Just like with booze, marijuana never should have been outlawed in the first place, as well as my folks never should have had to be hiding it. Both of us never did anything wrong, just grew this great plant, as well as now society is catching up as well as there is a cannabis dispensary in every town. Life won’t change for us, only now both of us won’t sell to marijuana sellers, both of us will supply cannabis dispensaries instead… as well as you better know both of us will charge them a whole lot more!

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Times are a’changing

There used to be cocaine in a drink, that is true.

Another story is that cucumbers used to not be allowed, as they were considered poisonous… Prohibition made booze illegal for a few years, then they struck it down as well as let people drink again. The War on Drugs has been raging for my whole life, as well as has done no good, only filling up the cells with innocent people. My point is that the people in charge rarely assume what is absolutely great for us. The fact that cannabis is becoming legal for medical use, as well as even for recreational use in some parts, is solely an economic decision. The government realized that the War on Drugs was costing them a lot of money, so they legalized cannabis just to tax it as well as make currency. I wish there was no heart component to cannabis legalization, but there unquestionably isn’t, because the government has no heart, it exists to make money from the citizens. For now I am not complaining, because the wealth of cannabis stores ensures healthy competition as well as low prices. This is a golden age for cannabis users, but in the back of my mind I assume the government will find a way to mess it up. Because of legalized weed, fewer low income people are being sent to jail. This is neat, but since the government makes money off people being in jail (it sounds odd, but it’s true) they will need to find a replacement for cannabis, as well as make something else illegal.


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Making a game out of cannabis

During the quartaine, I sort of became a lump on the couch as well as did nothing but watch TV for a few months, not even great TV, nothing of character, just the off brand cooking shows that don’t make sense.

Like professional chefs, or guys playing against each other for currency, as well as other ridiculous things that aren’t real but get treated like a big deal. So this eventually led to me having a brilliant idea of my own, one that I would film for Youtube as well as see if it could pick up some steam, and my friends as well as I competed in the first ever Cannabis Olympic Games, many events to find out who was the highest level of pot smoker among us, and both of us all contributed to the initial purchase from the cannabis dispensary, because this required a boat load of pot as well as other products. Both of us also put up cash as a wager, as well as whoever won the Cannabis Olympic Games would walk away with 2 hundred dollar cash, as well as talking rights. Both of us started with lower-grade cannabis as well as bong rips, out of the immense glass bong both of us call Killer Mike. Both of us just kept passing the bong to each other, smashing marijuana until both of us tapped out one by one as well as ended up with a 1st, second, as well as third place, however after both of us reclaimed from that, a few sixths later, both of us got into the better stuff, the orange Kush, as well as did “blunt races” each of us with our own blunt to see who could smoke it the fastest.

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Hearing my dad’s side of the story

My father has a long history with pot, for better or worse… Dad and I began unquestionably bonding lately, which is a case of “better late than never” I guess, because he wasn’t around too much when I was growing up… Of course I carried a lot of anger against him, but he seems to unquestionably be trying his best to connect with me, which to be even-handed is all I ever wanted from him, however I knew about the history with drugs as well as going to jail, as well as finally I got to hear my dad’s side of it.

My dad never went to jail for smoking weed, but for selling it.

Father had started selling cannabis before I was born as a way to make extra currency for myself and others as well as my siblings. Dad didn’t have an education, or labor skills, or a job, as well as selling cannabis seemed like the only way he could provide for me, when I heard it from his perspective, that he had never used violence or committed any real crimes as well as just sold marijuana, I stopped being resentful of him. I started to resent the government, as well as the cops, for making something as harmless as marijuana a criminal offense in the first place! Now there are cannabis dispensaries on every street corner, as well as my dad losing years of his life for that easily same thing! Here is the aerie thing, that unquestionably did it for me, is that in all that time, my dad never absolutely smoked marijuana, because it was not a habit, just a way to make currency.


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I decided to pay the fee to get marijuana delivery yesterday

I haven’t been feeling so well over the past week, and yesterday things went from bad to worse. I thought that I was sick from food poisoning until I registered a high grade fever at 104 degrees. That’s when I went to the ER to make sure I wasn’t dying or something ridiculous like that. I don’t know if I was relieved when they told me it was the flu or if I was just happy it wasn’t something worse, but having the flu isn’t great either. My head feels like it’s going to explode and I can’t eat anything besides crackers and popsicles without feeling extreme nausea. I’m lucky that I work from home, but it isn’t suddenly easy to get work done while you’re sick simply because you can do it at home. It was hard enough just getting out of bed each day, let alone sit at my computer for hours on end and get work finished. Thankfully, my boss was extremely flexible with my deadlines until I recovered. I had planned on visiting the cannabis dispensary yesterday to restock myself on marijuana products, but I felt too sick to even drive. I rarely use the cannabis delivery services because of the added cost. Some dispensaries charge as much as $20 on delivery orders if you don’t meet a minimum price threshold of $100 or $200 for your entire order combined. The dispensary that I like the most charges $10 for all deliveries under $75. I was willing to pay the delivery fee if it meant that I could get my cannabis products without having to leave the house.


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You can read more about cannabis on the internet through forums and groups

Even though Youtube wasn’t around yet, my early childhood benefited from the internet and the information I could get from it.

Back then we would visit AOL pages for homework help whenever we needed assistance with math problems or vocabulary definitions.

I didn’t realize how privileged I was at the time compared to what was offered to my parents in the 1960s. They used to tell me about their treks to the library in search of answers to simple questions that you could find with any major search engine by the time I reached middle school. We still went to the library, but more often than not the librarians would help us find answers on the computers at the library as often as we would refer to actual books sitting on the shelves. These days people wouldn’t bother going to a library to find answers to their burning questions, but this is a double-edged sword. On one hand, I think that it’s great that a lot of people can read more about cannabis on the internet by browsing places like forums, groups, and blogs, but this comes at the danger of falling for misinformation. People might not even realize that the information they’re putting on the internet is false or misleading, but that doesn’t excuse it. There are too many myths and misconceptions about the cannabis plant that spread like wildfire on social media websites. That’s why I make sure I’m getting my information about cannabis from a reliable source. People making comments on social media are not a good example of trustworthy sources, except of course if the person in question is in fact an expert.



There is chronic nausea relief out there with medical marijuana

There are so many different intestinal things that have been considered for my nausea and discomfort.

There’s IBS, mild Crohn’s and a litany of other diagnosis which don’t quite encapsulate what I’m experiencing.

But I’m finally finding some relief and improvement by using medical marijuana. This was a big surprise to me but it really probably shouldn’t have been. I knew that weed was used for those with cancer. And primarily, the medical weed was focused on nausea from chemo treatments. I just didn’t put two and two together until my brother randomly brought it up. And it was like a huge lightbulb going off inside my brain. I couldn’t get access to cannabis near me quicker. Fortunately, I was able to get my marijuana card and get to a weed shop. It should be said that those at the medical pot store were instrumental in helping me as well. They really listened to my symptoms and rhythms when it came to my chronic nausea. I explained that my diet had changed which did help a bit but the other meds just didn’t do enough plus the side effects were too much. Those people at the pot store got me just the right type of marijuana. And from the very beginning of treatment, things got better. I was stunned. Like within days of using medical weed, I got through an entire day without and episode of running for the toilet. Medical pot has given me back a chunk of my life that I really am glad to have.

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Back injury relief with medical cannabis

There is simply no question that the big turn around for me has been finding medical marijuana to help me heal from a back injury.

I have dealt with a lot of doctors and plenty of medications to try and treat my back pain.

Nothing was very satisfactory until I got access to cannabis near me from the dispensary near me. Since finding medical weed, things have been a whole lot brighter in my life. Injuring your back is just the worst. There are just so many moving parts in a spine. Then there are so many nerve endings and the list goes on and on. I can trace my back pain to a not too serious injury that turned into chronic back pain. I went the pain med and exercise route. But couldn’t ever get loose enough to do the exercise properly. Medical pot provides that flexibility component I didn’t have prior to getting access to the dispensary near me. This has been so key in my improvement. I’m now able to get the most out of my stretching and exercises. And the medical marijuana keeps me from cramping after the exertion. The whole thing with the medical cannabis has been a total game changer for my life. The medical weed does other important things for me as well. Like I can really focus on doing the right things for my back. I want to deal with the situation instead of just leaning on pain meds. And surgery is out of the question for me until there is no other option. So thanks to medical marijuana, I may never have to make that choice.

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