The program allows me to get free medical marijuana

There are a lot of survivors of abuse plus programs all over the country to help ladies that have survived abuse.

Many of these programs offer medical help.

One program in my state legitimately offers free medical marijuana to abuse survivors… You have to be signed up for the program in order to qualify. You have to prove that you are under the care of a physician with a medical marijuana certification. Once every month there is a celebration at a local dispensary plus they provide out free marijuana products like concentrates, dried flower, pre-rolls, plus edibles, then i have been to the medical marijuana monthly giveaway a couple of times plus I have received an enormous amount of items! There is no way that I could possibly go through all of the medical marijuana supplies in a month. I usually go a couple of times a year plus then I do not have to spend any extra cash on medical marijuana supplies, but last weekend was the giveaway for this month plus my best neighbor plus I went to the giveaway. My associate and I got a bunch of strange pre-rolls from local marijuana shops. My associate and I also got marijuana from the co-op. I’ve got 2 oz of Blue Dream plus my neighbor got 2 oz of Girl Scout cookies, then when my pal and I got out to the parking lot my pal and I swapped, so my pal and I could both have an ounce of each. I still have to see the doctor two times a week in order to handle the PTSD symptoms, nightmares, insomnia, plus restlessness, despite the fact that I feel better every day.


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