I got 30% off our first time online order

My husbandy and I have been traveling across the country in our RV, then all of us spend a couple of weeks here and a couple of weeks there.

Sometimes we spend many weeks and the same state, and occasionally we simply drive through. All of us have been on the west coast for several weeks, and both of us have been enjoying legal recreational cannabis. My husbandy and I have been using recreational cannabis for several years, but we always lived in a state where it was not legal for medical or recreational purposes. It was hard to obtain cannabis, but we always found a way. When our husbandy and I settled down in a state on the west coast, we realized it was going to be honestly self-explanatory to obtain recreational cannabis supplies. In fact, most sites in the section offer a first-time patient discount. A lot of the local dispensaries are 20% off, but our husbandy and I found a place that offered 30% off our first time order as long as we made the order online. I didn’t mind ordering online and I was honestly happy to see that the dispensary delivered to our location, then not only did we save 30% off, but we never had to leave our RV in the process. I got three grams of marijuana concentrate, a half ounce of infused flower, and a bunch of unusual edible treats for less than $200 and that is a steal in our opinion. I never want to leave the west coast with weed prices as low as that. I’m surprised every pot smoker doesn’t want to transfer to a legal state.