One of my favorite jobs I went on

I’m shocked that I ended up working as a journalist in our career path in life.

  • I never went to journalism school or thought about it.

Instead did a short internship with a new station in our city. When I attended college, I had a loose major in communications and political science. Although it wasn’t like a journalism route, it’s easy to see how I benefited from that odd undergraduate degree. I like what I do on a weekly basis, and I enjoy meeting people from the community and telling their stories. Even though I’m sent on more jobs than most people can handle, there’s a reward in seeing your story featured in the paper. You also get to meet people and visit locales you never would have without being a reporter for a newspaper. One of my favorite assignments thus far was the trip I took to the CBD extraction lab about 50 miles south of our city. This corporation grows cannabis hemp strains, which only differ from normal cannabis in THC content. A cutting of hemp looks just like proper cannabis, but hemp has to contain less than 0.6% of THC to maintain that designation and be federally legal. This current CBD hemp corporation has a grow home next to their CBD extraction lab. Initially they grow the plants to maturity, and then they’re cut, trimmed, and dry cured. This extraction lab uses a potent ethanol mixture to extract the CBD molecules from the plant. I learned a lot from that project.

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She got me into gardening

My friend Mary and I have always bonded over flowers and gardening.

I was her assistant in her vegetable and herb garden.

She taught me about digging holes with the proper depth, and we’d add a small amount of potting soil and plant food before planting seeds or small plantlets from the department store landscaping aisle. Once I was prepared to do most of the task by myself, Mary helped me set up my first flower bed. I was so obsessed with gardening and seeing as these small plants grow into big lushish flowers with brilliant colors I couldn’t imagine in our wildest dreams. I had to take a break during college, despite the fact that I was back at it when I graduated and took a job in the city. My friends and I are renting a home that is only a few blocks from downtown and our area outside is small. I have a few flower plants and a little bush out there, however there isn’t room to grow cannabis. After recreational cannabis became legal in our state, I decided I’d try our hand at growing my own marijuana plants. But growing indoors has myself and others headed in new turf. I had to buy books on marijuana cultivation to get a better understanding of what sort of gear I would need. The other day I obtained the fluorescent lighting that I need for the small grow box that I’m building in our study room closet. These lights weren’t low cost, but they’ll ensure that I have strong plants with high yields of cannabis flower buds that can be dry-cured and smoked.


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He helped me with that grow tent

I am really enjoying my current activity growing weed in a small grow tent I built in my backyard.

  • Assembling the grow tent from scratch was 1 of the last projects I did with my father before he passed away from a heart attack earlier this year.

It was exciting getting to build a big structure in the backyard with my dad. It reminded us both of the time he helped me make a playhouse. That particular project took us several weeks to complete, and it is a highlight of my childhood. My sisters and I played in that playhouse weekly for years during elementary and middle school. The difference with the playhouse is that I did most of the physical work, opposed to my father who did most of the task with the play house. I appreciate this grow tent and the marijuana that I’ve grown with it so far. The last two crops are dry curing right now, however sooner than later I’m going to turn 1 into concentrates. There are different options for extracting THC and other cannabinoids from cannabis flower buds. For simple extraction, you can flood the material with a solvent like butane, ethanol, or C02. Or you can try for live rosin out of sifting and then pressing frozen trichomes gathered from fresh cuttings of marijuana plants that haven’t been dried out yet. Hashish is very close to live rosin, but instead you’re sifting out trichomes from dry cured cannabis flower buds, which alters the cannabinoids present in the finished product.

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Simple and easy ordering online first

I like the flexibility of purchasing products off the computer as opposed to in-person buying. Years ago it wasn’t as simple as it is now. Shipping costs used to be a real issue in numerous situations, especially buying heavy power tools or furniture off the internet. In the years since it’s not hard to find store websites that offer free shipping on things as small plus light weight as a pair of socks or as large as a power drill. And you’re not limited to 1 or 2 choices of stores to shop at either. I’m a contractor plus I can find low priced payment plans on tools with free shipping all over the internet. The last few years I’ve gotten all my tools online with no hassle.. Even if I can visit the businesses physical stores, I often go back home to do the orders online. I get what I want and pay a small fee for delivery. Now that I can do the same thing with non-perishable groceries, I’m in heaven right now. I couldn’t imagine that things could get any better than that, but now the marijuana dispensaries have joined the party! They all have menus on their websites where you can select your cannabis products plus have the dispensary set aside the items at the store, or will have them delivered to the home. Ordering your cannabis on the internet first makes visits to the dispensary quick and simple. You don’t need to wait in line anymore.

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He found his calling with extraction

My best pal has had an exciting job history. When we went off to college, he decided to attend a local school. I was an education major while he was in culinary school dreaming of becoming an apprentice to a master chef. He kept learning more about food, even after he graduated from culinary school and started actually working underneath chefs in a prestigious restaurant located in our city’s bustling district. By the time I finished undergraduate, my job prospects looked rather small while my buddy had already paid off all of his debt. He had these exciting plans about learning the skills behind cannabis oil extraction from the professionals in the field. In his freetime he had read extensively about marijuana. He learned how it’s cultivated plus prepared for various forms of use or routes of administration. He told me that distillate oil plus other cannabis extracts are what always got his attention. His favorite form of cannabis to consume is full spectrum shatter. So the best strains give a hard kick when you vaporize highly potent cannabis oil shatter. But it’s not the simplest endeavor making a cannabis extract that is the consistency of strenuous candy when it is at room temperature. So numerous cannabis extracts are either watery at room temperature or have a mud like texture. Now that it has been 10 years since my buddy entered the cannabis cultivation industry, he now is renowned for his work with CBD extraction. I am still substitute teaching and lost in the job field.


Cannabis delivery

I delivery cannabis products

I’ve been actually working a delivery job for that past few months now. When the coronavirus hit, many jobs disappeared while others popped up overnight. The call for new delivery drivers was far and vast. My job working for a travel company disappeared completely, and I thankfully had years of delivery experience under my belt when I delivered magazines for a important pharmacy in my college years. It was a wonderful gig at the time because most of my clients were wealthy elderly people who left big tips. So when I saw a few delivery jobs open after the beginning of the pandemic, I made a choice right then and there to apply for 1 of these positions. Within a week I had managed to schedule a few interviews with dispensaries that needed someone to deliver cannabis products door to door. To survive, they desperately had to move their business model of people coming in person to shop, to online orders. Now I’m all over the town every single afternoon, plus that’s why I’ve switched to buying mostly vaporizer pens with THC oil whenever I got to the local weed store. Although I get cannabis flower products for my home marijuana consumption, I need something discrete plus small that I can use in the vehicle in between delivery stops. I get oil pens with CBD added so the intoxicating effects are small. It’s so I can relieve the back pain from driving for hours, not to get “high” in the traditional sense of the term.


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I read up on cannabis first

Whenever I’m at a new doctor’s office, I try to study the medical magazines provided in each respective waiting area.

Even though I always have my smartphone with me and could just as easily browse the internet, I still like to read medical magazines, especially if I’m seeing a specialist who I’ve never met before. For example, I had to see a sports physician once after I injured the muscles in my leg. In the waiting room there were brochures discussing all different kinds of muscle injuries from head to toe. There were 1 particular magazine discussing all sorts of leg plus hip injuries. Before I even went back to see the doctor, I had a wonderful system of what could have happened and what I would need to do with physical therapy to get the muscles to heal. When the physician ran a few tests, including an x-ray plus CAT scan, he said that I had a torn psoas muscle. This was 1 of the injuries I had read about in the magazine in the doctor’s waiting room. When I was waiting in the lobby at the medical marijuana dispensary, I noticed that they had a number of magazines to read themselves. There was abundant literature to read. They detailed all sorts of information regarding medical cannabis plus it’s common uses. For someone who is new to cannabis and is trying the plant for the first time, those magazines were seriously beneficial. Even the best marijuana physicians can’t remember every piece of information when they’re helping new patients see their way through the process.

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Need something more potent

It’s frustrating when things lose their effects as time goes on.

  • Whether it’s the satisfaction you get from a certain interest or the buzz from a can of wine, your perception of that stimulus is going to change as you get older.

Sometimes the effects simply go away. You could fall madly in love with a girl but end up drifting apart from time passing and people changing Or you reach for cough medicine for the 4th time in 1 week plus discover that you’re abruptly getting less relief from the same dose. I have gone through this process with many different things in my life, but there is 1 instance that stands out above the rest. I’ll never forget how magical it felt trying cannabis for the first time roughly ten years ago. I remember the bliss rushing to my head and taking me away from my daily world of anxiety plus grief. Cannabis was beyond anything my brain could understand at that age, plus it abruptly became a constant feature in my life. But as time went on, the effects of cannabis—regardless of the strain or THC—have diminished whenever I smoke marijuana flower buds. When I visited the cannabis dispensary last week, I mentioned my issues to the budtender. He suggested that I try a cannabis product that was not a flower. I had to admit that I had been using flower products forever and haven’t tried a concentrate ever. The concentrates are powerful and just what I need.


An easier way to get my products

I have started making orders for stores online before I get in the vehicle plus head over in-person.

It’s great because not only do you have to avoid getting exposed to virus pathogens walking through the store for an hour, you also get to find out what products are in stock the moment you go to place an order.

I don’t like wasting my time at the store only to find out that they don’t have in stock what I want. If I go the extra mile of making these purchases on the internet ahead of time, I never have to deal with the crushing letdown of the store not having what I need the most. It’s also seriously nice to have all of the items standing together in a locker at the front of the store. They’re already paid for plus all you have to do is scan the receipt off your cell phone plus the locker opens for you. Once you have loaded the products into a cart, you’re ready to put the groceries in the vehicle plus go home. I’m cheerful that the cannabis dispensaries are now offering these kinds of things. It’s so much easier to check the menu on their websites plus make orders there before I get in the vehicle to go somewhere. Even though they offer delivery, the prices are usually too much for me to afford. Instead, I make my order on the cannabis dispensary’s website, check the items are in stock, plus then I head to the dispensary. The cannabis dispensaries have an express line for any clients who made the orders online before coming to the store.

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The deals when you order

It makes affording marijuana products much simpler than it ever was in the past

I always shop the sales at the grocery and department stores. When rewards points cards first started popping up at stores in my city, I was quick and early to participate. I enjoyed seeing as my normal grocery items would generate yearly savings by tens of dollars each stop. Sometimes you’d get a paper to have $20 taken off a future order, or access to special coupons not available to typical clients. The 1 common factor among them all were rewards points. You’d keep gathering new points with every purchase, while each store had its own plan in place in which you could apply those points to get large savings when meeting certain thresholds. I like how the local cannabis dispensaries have mostly all adopted similar rewards programs of their own. You make so many purchases before you get $40 or $50 coupons on future cannabis purchases. They also have sales programs each week where something odd is on sale each afternoon of the week. They might have half-off tincture Monday, or free-joint Saturday. It makes affording marijuana products much simpler than it ever was in the past. I won’t go every afternoon of the week, but I’ll wait for sales of my favorite cannabis products before returning to make new buys. I like getting lots of cash off cannabis delivery orders, because there’s usually a $20 delivery fee on top of the costs of your cannabis products. Since I like using the cannabis delivery service now, I make sure that I order enough products at once so I can get some deals.

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