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Finally growing my own cannabis

I don’t hunt, although I like to eat meat. I don’t farm, although I like to eat veggies, but basically, I don’t guess how to make anything, I possess no real skills. If the zombie apocalypse were to come tomorrow, I would be boned, because I have nothing of value to offer the world. This […]

Smoking out our old friends

My old friends from high college, as close as they were at the time, grew apart when I moved away for college. The last time every one of us all got together was under morquote circumstances ,the loss of an old friend. It was a rough week, dealing with that, however it did reaffix a […]

The old crew doesn’t smoke pot anymore

High university was a superb time in my life, and most people can’t say that, but I am one of the few that was able to savor the high university experience for what it was! I was able to focus enough on my classes to pull fantastic grades, I got along with most people, but […]