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The online order plan meant not being embarrassed

My doctor gave me a prescription for medical marijuana. I was having a lot of trouble sleeping at night and the doctor felt particularly strongly that medical marijuana would help me sleep more soundly and stay asleep for longer minutes. I was particularly concerned to go to a medical marijuana dispensary. I was upset that […]

The delivery charge was small

I have been a medical cannabis patient for many years. During that time, I have always been forced to go to the dispensary to retrieve our cannabis products, then the venue never gave any delivery options until the start of the Covid19 crisis. The dispensary did not want to lose out on business plus they […]

Stopping a high strung life

My life has always been all about what I can achieve next. This is just the way I was raised from the time I was little. Both of my parents were high strung, results oriented people. I was an only kid as well as they piled on the expectations. This was the basis of what […]

Want to get back to a life I like

For the past few years or more, there just seems to be something not there. I work a lot as well as I am thankful to have a job that pays pretty decently. However, I don’t actually appreciate my work and never have. It’s like I go to work because I have to make the […]

Trying something new

I was quite impressed with the level of skill as well as proficiency of the staff at the cannabis dispensary. I lost my partner just over 6 years ago. And losing my partner was beyond difficult not to mention the grief as well as loss I experienced. However, my wife would not have wanted me […]

Need some help managing work

I know this change has been a long time coming. My life has been whirling out of control for the better area of a year now. And the rest of the time set my life for what has become a life of stress as well as anxiety. But thanks to legal cannabis as well as […]

What it has done for my headaches

Those who constantly deal with migraine headaches know exactly how life altering these things can be. I have dealt with this model of headache for over a few years now. And they came just out of nowhere. Up until I started using cannabis, I had limited help. The medications prescribed to myself and others were, […]

Helping out my back

It’s so weird how a person can be healthy as well as happy 1 afternoon as well as flat on their back the next. This is exactly what went on to me. Out of nowhere, my back began to seize up and hurt. And the spasms were such that I could hardly move. At first, […]