OG Kush is one of my favorite cannabis hybrid strains for sale in my state

I have a list of favorite foods like I like to eat on a weekly basis that rotate from day to day.

Even though the list has over 10 items, I don’t deviate from it at all. I cook all of my meals and I never eat out. I gave it up years ago when I needed to tighten my budget, especially when full meals from some restaurants start at $10 and only go up from there. I can buy a package of meat for under $10 and make over 10 meals with it. I don’t think people realize how much money they waste on buying food when they order it from restaurants. Even fast food is becoming increasingly expensive these days. And even if takeout food was affordable, I can’t find all of the things that I love the most. For that, I have to prepare and cook the meals myself. Everyone makes spaghetti, but I season mine to my liking. The same goes for barbecue pork ribs and rotisserie chicken. I have a small herb garden and use organic spices for anything I don’t grow myself. As picky as I am with food, the same goes for strains of cannabis. It’s not necessarily about taste and aroma, although I really appreciate it when my favorite strains possess those qualities. What it comes down to is effects. The ratio of cannabinoids to select terpenes in each individual strain is what determines the kind of effects you can expect from the strain. Sativa strains are famous for being mentally stimulating while indica strains are more often associated with sedating and drowsy effects. Hybrids are somewhere between both extremes, and one of my all time favorite strains of cannabis is the hybrid OG Kush. It’s stimulating and relaxing at the same time.

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The cannabis dispensary company is also the marijuana grower

It’s insanely hard to start a marijuana business in today’s cannabis industry without financial backing from other people.

It’s not like deciding to open a random shop on a street corner, the rules and regulations in certain states are particularly formidable.

The licenses aren’t handed out in the thousands by the state whenever medical or recreational cannabis is passed by the voters or state legislature. They’re hotly contested, and often cost upwards to tens of millions of dollars or more for a single license to sell or grow cannabis legally within the state. Even if a smaller company manages to secure a loan, they won’t survive in the market unless they can scale at the same rate as their competitors. This adds millions of dollars more of capital needed to survive the first two years within your state’s brand new legal cannabis program, regardless of whether or not it’s recreational, medical, or both. Worse yet, in my state it’s even harder to operate a cannabis business for one reason in particular. Here you must own every aspect of the growing and retail process to secure a license within the state’s medical cannabis program. What that means is you’re forced to do everything from seed to sale—you must grow cannabis, process it, and sell it within one single company or corporation. Unlike other states where you can operate a dispensary and get stock from multiple growers, here you are the grower and the seller. Each dispensary only stocks cannabis that they grew within their own growing facilities. AS a result, some medical cannabis dispensaries here have drastically better weed than others.

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Pot brownies are a popular form of marijuana edibles

I have always been a bigger fan of baking instead of cooking.

  • I can’t improvise, I need to have a recipe in front of me that I follow exactly.

If I am careful enough to follow the recipe perfectly every time, I can be confident the food will be delicious. Cooking instead of baking has the opposite effect for me. There are few things that frustrate and anger me more than spending upwards to $10 on a pack of meat that I have to throw away after I inadvertently screw up and ruin the meal. It seems like there are too many variables to account for during the process of cooking a meal. If I’m baking, all of the variables in making a tasty dish are addressed once the food is put in the oven to bake. The last time I made stir fry, I had a perfect meal up to the last few minutes when I accidentally turned the temperature up too high and burned the meat and vegetables. That’s the kind of mistakes I continuously make whenever I try to prepare home cooked meals. But if you give me a brownie recipe, I can guarantee it will be delicious. I even make cannabis brownies as well, but my recipe is a little bit different. Instead of using canola oil in the brownie recipe, I have a special canna-butter that I create on the stove top by simmering ground marijuana flower buds in melted butter. After I strain out the excess plant material, I’m left with a potent green butter mixture. Once that goes into the brownies, I know that I’ll have potent cannabis edibles after the baking dish comes out of the oven.
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I bought an ounce of durban poison because the weed store had sativa strains for sale

I am worried by how much coffee I drink throughout the day. It helps me focus and stay alert, but I can’t help but worry about the effects it is having on my heart. I have moderate attention deficit disorder and used to take a prescription stimulant prescribed to me by my doctor. However, I hated how the stimulant affected my mind. I always felt like the effects were too strong and beyond my ability to integrate it in my life without it hampering my ability to function normally. I got to a point where sometimes it would stimulate my mind so much that I’d have an anxiety attack. And whenever I was under a spell of worried restlessness, it wasn’t exactly conducive towards staying focused and on task with my job. That’s largely why I gave up the psycho-stimulants in favor of old fashioned coffee. I just need to get control of my use before it gets out of control. Thankfully cannabis sativa strains are helping in that regard. They give me a sense of mental focus and clarity that I never had with prescription stimulants. Additionally, I don’t get a racy heart with most cannabis sativa strains like I do with too much coffee. Yesterday I bought an ounce of the popular South African strain, Durban Poison. The recreational cannabis dispensary had sativa strains on sale for 35% off so I took advantage of the low prices before it was too late. I also like Durban Dawg a lot too, which is Durban Poison crossed with the amazing hybrid strain, Stardawg. Both strains give me an amazing sense of focus and creativity, but Durban Dawg is better at relieving stress in the process.

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Sativa strains are best for the daytime

Sativa marijuana strains usually have the same effect on our bodies and minds.

Sativa strains make me feel energized, uplifted, and ready to get the day started.

I feel bursts of energy and I also feel like my mind is far more creative when using sativa strains during the daytime.I tried smoking a hybrid one morning and I ended up falling asleep at my desk before lunch. The hybrid was supposed to be a sativa dominant strain, but it made me feel like I was ready for a nap. The entire strain was pretty nice and flavorful and it would have been great for night time, but it certainly wasn’t the best idea to smoke it before I had to go to work. I have to be really careful when I go to the dispensary. I only buy sativa strains that are not hybrids. Some of the best sativa strains on the market Are sour diesel, Jack Herer , Super Silver Haze, and Strawberry Cough. Anytime I can find one of these four strains, I try to stock up on anything the dispensary might have. A couple of months ago, the dispensary had chocolate chip cookies in super silver haze. I bought every cookie on the shelf even though it cost me $200. I ate a cookie every day at lunchtime and I felt a giant burst of energy even though most of my co-workers were falling asleep after a sandwich and a cold pop. I thought the super silver haze cookies were easily one of the tastiest and powerful edibles that I have ever tasted.


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We only deliver weed three times a day

I work for an incredibly busy weed delivery service in the valley. We have a huge delivery zone that includes almost 30 square miles. Because we have such a huge delivery Zone, we only make deliveries three times during the day. The first marijuana delivery gets sent out at 11 a.m. All delivery orders that have been placed up until that time are sent out at 11 a.m. If you order a 7 a.m. online or 10:45, you still won’t receive your order until the 11 a.m. delivery. We also have two afternoon delivery times. The drivers go out with cannabis orders at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. Since we only deliver three times a day, our drivers are extremely busy and often gone for hours. Their cars are filled with marijuana products and accessories. Last night, I had to send a driver out to the valley with seven different orders. The driver was gone for 3 hours and he did not get back to the store until I was ready to send the guy with a whole different group of marijuana orders. I’m thankful the driver has a fuel efficient car, because he had to drive from the beach all the way to the mountains on that trip. Most of the delivery drivers don’t complain about the driving and I know they get great tips from all of our recreational cannabis patients. The average tip is around $10 and those tips add up quickly when you have six or seven deliveries at one time.

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I got 30% off my first time online order

My wife and I have been traveling across the country in our RV.

We spend a couple of weeks here and a couple of weeks there.

Sometimes we spend multiple months and the same state, and sometimes we simply drive through. We have been on the west coast for several months, and both of us have been enjoying legal recreational cannabis. My wife and I have been using recreational cannabis for several years, but we always lived in a state where it was not legal for medical or recreational purposes. It was difficult to obtain cannabis, but we always found a way. When my wife and I settled down in a state on the west coast, we realized it was going to be very easy to obtain recreational cannabis supplies. In fact, most places in the area offer a first-time patient discount. A lot of the local dispensaries are 20% off, but my wife and I found a place that offered 30% off our first time order as long as we made the order online. I didn’t mind ordering online and I was easily happy to see that the dispensary delivered to our location. Not only did we save 30% off, but we never had to leave our RV in the process. I got three grams of marijuana concentrate, a half ounce of infused flower, and a bunch of different edible treats for less than $200 and that is a steal in my opinion. I never want to leave the west coast with weed prices as low as that. I’m surprised every pot smoker doesn’t want to move to a legal state.



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The online menu wasn't updated all day

Every Monday morning, the online menu at the recreational marijuana facility updates.

When the online menu updates, I can add lots of items to my cart and pick them up after work that day. It’s the only way I can take advantage of the recreational marijuana facility specials. I work all day and most things are out of stock by the time I get to the store after work. When I realized that I could order my recreational marijuana supplies online and then pick them up later, I was absolutely ecstatic. Unfortunately, Monday morning the online menu wasn’t updated. I usually place my order at 7 in the morning, but the online menu wasn’t updated yet and most items were out of stock. I checked the online order system again at 8:30 after I arrived at work. The recreational marijuana facility was still out of 60% of the items. I waited and waited for the online order system to update, but the menu was the same all day. I finally gave up and decided to go to the dispensary after work was finished. The bartender told me that they had a lot of new items in stock and I told her that the online menu was not updated. She told me that they were having some problems with the menu, but she guaranteed that they would have anything in stock that I wanted. I gave her the list of recreational marijuana supplies that I wanted to buy and every single product was available. It’s the first time I have had such good luck in a long time.

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Time for marijuana cultivation business to blossom

And there might indeed be room for little pot farming operations like what I could do

So I have been a cannabis advocate for all of my adult life. That has led to me being embraced by some and scorned by others. However, it was an authentic perspective then and continues to be one now. When the first medical grow rooms were licensed, I couldn’t have been happier. That was sort of a tipping point because it was official, legal and part of a business infrastructure. And a business pays taxes. Once the government was able to get its cut from the marijuana cultivation business, I knew there would be no going back. Turns out that I was right. Not only is medical marijuana legal in the majority of the states in this nation, recreational marijuana is not too far behind. So when this past election cycle was over, I think we witnessed another tipping point as so many other states joined in on legalizing cannabis. Many of those states were on the very populous eastern seaboard. So marijuana cultivation is a really hot property right now. There are all sorts of how to things out there on starting a grow house. That part of it is a cottage industry in itself. But the potential of pot farming is just overwhelming. Personally, I don’t think I’ll ever go much further than my own little grow box. I’m too old to get into the commercial grow op that will end up dominating the landscape. And there might indeed be room for little pot farming operations like what I could do. However, the licensing fees are pretty steep and I’m not sure how long it would take me to really be profitable anyway.



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I love operating a cultivation facility

The term cultivation facility really tickles me.

I am indeed in charge of a cultivation facility. It’s my business and my passion. But honestly, I am pot farming and I couldn’t be happier. While I now grow pot legally and am fully licensed, to say that I am a giant commercial grow op would be a misrepresentation. No, I am pot farming on a beautiful piece of family land that has seen plenty of marijuana cultivation over the decades. My parents were what some might term, hippies. They bought the first small plot of land with a group of like minded people and lived communally. They were also some of the first to get into pot farming in this region. However, the reason for maijuana cultivation wasn’t so much to make money. It was so they didn’t have to deal with those who sold cannabis illegally. One grow box became two and the rest is history. They did start selling the excess marijuana cultivation to bulk buyers. And that helped fund their ability to purchase more and more land. That land is now a fairly large swath of property. I’m pleased to have my legal cultivation facility here on this land where it all started. My parents are now near the end of my life but I’m thrilled that they got to see this marijuana cultivation they started come full circle and be accepted by our culture and government. It’s an honor for me to continue the pot farming. We have some of the oldest and most pure cannabis growth in this country. Not too bad for a bunch of crazy hippies just trying to be happy and live.

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