Gathering all of my gear

I do not enjoy living along the Gulf Coast after the last many years of overly active hurricane seasons.

It seems love even our tropical storms are getting more intense with effects beyond easy wind speed. Because wind speed is the only factor in the Safford-Simpson grading scale, you could have a crazy storm with the air pressure plus storm surge potential of a type one hurricane, despite having a wind speed lower than a hurricane. It’s terrifying, plus the images you see on doppler radar get increasingly more scary each year when a current storm outpaces the ones from the year back. I moved down here to get away from the insanely freezing winters up north, but now I’m considering going back. The worst I distraught about up there was snow storms plus tornadoes, but the latter is a real occasion with all sorts of tropical cyclones, since they often create tornadoes when the storms make landfall. Can you imagine the evening mare of an unrelenting hurricane that is only made worse by the prospect of tornadoes happening at the exact same time and date? I thought of this occasion Last year with the hurricane that was nearly a direct hit to my neck of the woods. The eye of the storm made landfall only 50 miles south of our town. I have all of our marijuana growing plus cultivation unit stored in a shed in our backyard. I had to store it away after both of us moved into this current apartment that we’re renting. Regardless of the shed getting hurricane wind disfigure, all of our marijuana growing unit inside was thankfully unscathed. I put everything in big company garbage bags, so nothing got wet either.

Commercial grow op