Stopping the pain

I’m entirely not sure if arthritis is passed from person to person.

There are different ideas regarding that thought. I tend to feel that it entirely just doesn’t matter. All I think is that I have it. And it’s a difficult thing to live with. However, I am finding a lot of relief by using medical cannabis. I find it entirely odd that the one thing that is entirely helping me is something I was once super opposed to. I grew up thinking any sort of cannabis item was a life destroying thing. This was the result of a lot of school teaching and ignorance. When medical marijuana was on the ballot, I even voted not for it. And this is when I was starting to have real problems from my arthritis. The doctors kept up with all the pills and the dosages continued to rise. It got to the point where I was not just on anti inflammatory meds but pain killers too. My daughter was the one who implored me to try medical cannabis. Since it was now okay in our state, I didn’t feel it was so bad anymore. What a hypocrite right? Anyway, the more cannabis information that I got, the more I found out just how much it could help my situation. It just finally made sense to just try it out temporarily. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I did. Medical marijuana has been a game changer for my case. And I feel so humbled by all the crap I spewed about what a horrible thing cannabis products are when I had no clue.



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Able to help my tight muscles

For some reason, my body went through such a different transformation. But thanks to medical cannabis, I am able to handle it, initially, I thought it was just a portion of getting older. I would go for a walk or play a little tennis and would experience muscle spasms. This was concerning but I simply started using over the counter meds and chest creams to ease my muscle spasms. However, the amount and pain levels dramatically increased. It was so terrible that I ended up in the ER. The doctors just couldn’t come up with a good, firm diagnosis. Thus started a growing cycle of muscle pain pills. Let me tell you, medical cannabis is far more effective and much more palatable for me with my pain. The meds left myself in quite a loop. I didn’t want to do the important stretching that I needed to do. Instead, I became quite sedentary. I finally got some cannabis information and decided that I needed to give that a go. I’m so glad I did. Once I went through all the marijuana laws, I was free to go to the cannabis dispensary. And once I got there, I found a location that was ready and willing to help me with my particular problem of muscle spasms. It wasn’t like they just tossed some random cannabis oil product at myself and took my money. Nah, they were absolutely thorough and complete in their finding the right cannabis product for my needs. Once I started using medical cannabis, I found that I wanted to do my stretching. And after this, I found a lot less of the spasms I was accustomed to.



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A new health problem

When I went to the cannabis dispensary, I found an expert staff that was highly versed in treating someone just like myself using medical cannabis.

Who knew that such a tiny little thing could cause such trouble for a healthy guy like? And yet, it did. I went for a dinner that changed my life and not in a wonderful way. There were all kinds of health problems that seemed to be hitting myself and others all at once. I had back pain one morning and harsh congestion the next. It finally sent me to the doctor where I was then given the name of Lymes disease. I didn’t realize just how intense this experience was going to turn out to be. The symptoms have really put a zinger on my body and my immune plan Thankfully, I attended a cannabis event where I learned that my symptoms and my recovery from Lymes can be made much easier thanks to medical weed. I got as much cannabis information as I could get my hands on in order to learn all I could about medical marijuan benefit. Luckily, my state allows both medical and recreational marijuana. There are legal weed stores that I can go to separate from having to deal with all the medical marijuana regulations. When I went to the cannabis dispensary, I found an expert staff that was highly versed in treating someone just like myself using medical cannabis. After a few questions about the symptoms and frequency of my disease, the staff at the cannabis dispensary had me set up. I have been using the recommended cannabis products now for just a few months. But the results are so encouraging.



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Getting the help I need with MS

There are times in life one simply has to deal with things.

That’s not something I have ever been great at.

Having MS changed that thought process entirely. The use of medical marijuana allows me to maintain that perspective. Until I was 50, I was out to solve problems. Managing problems was not something I was willing to deal with. To me, it was regularly a win or lose situation. And this is how I approached much of my life. But ultimately, the planet ended up showing me that’s just not the natural style of things. Thanks to medical marijuana I am studying that managing a condition like MS is a passable outcome. The morning I found out that I had MS, it was like I was screaming angry. I simply started doing all the research I could find, making dates and just basically freaking out in my own way. But my doctor was quick to get me some cannabis information. She told me that I needed to get to the cannabis dispensary and let them find me the cannabis products that would help with coping with MS. It was the only brilliant thing I did because I was still in a battle with my mind. The folks at the cannabis dispensary entirely helped to slow down and let me realize that medical marijuana was not going to only help my physical symptoms. Medical cannabis would also help me to accept my condition and learn that life is livable with MS. It took a month or two before that message fully hit but it finally did. And I’m happy to allow medical cannabis to help me manage my day to day life.

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Holistic approach to back pain

The term bad back never applied to me.

It also meant nothing to me really. It was the complaint of an outdated guy who let his body get really out of shape. It was like some sort of a ready excuse to validate terrible judgement. Well I am talking now from experience when it comes to a bad back. Once I hit my mid 40s, I started getting pain in my upper to mid back. From there it just got worse. This week, I am managing a terrible back with the help of medical marijuana. This was space of an approach I chose over what the doctors initially wanted to do. It was like my only option was some pretty serious back surgery. Yet, I had seen all of the stats and understood that completely successful back surgery wasn’t a sure thing. At the same time, I didn’t want to end up down a pill bottle either. It was getting to the point that I couldn’t stand, walk or go to work separate from the aid of painkillers. So I found myself at a point where neither of the choices were good. This led me to get more cannabis information. I wanted to be able to manage the pain separate from getting addicted to drugs. Plus, I wanted something more natural and medical cannabis is a holistic approach to dealing with my back. Surgery just would have to be the last option for me. I started seeing a chiropractor, doing gymnastic stretches and using cannabis products. It’s been over 5 months since I started this regimen. My back is in much better shape.
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Using medical weed for cramping and flare ups

A flare up of Crohn’s disease is really rough.

I experience all sorts of harsh cramping and belly pain. And then there are other symptoms that are just the worst. You can get diarrhea and nausea. I have been dealing with this situation for a few years now. My doctors have been great in helping me to understand and manage my Crohn’s flares. There are so many factors to this condition that my local medicine is still trying to catch up. Recently, I added an older remedy for abdominal pain in the form of medical marijuana. Thankfully, I have access to a cannabis shop. My state legalized both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. So while I am using the medical cannabis products under the gun of my doctor, I can just go to the legal weed store to get what I need. I don’t have to go through all of the marijuana hoops in order to get the medical cannabis that entirely helps my condition. And it’s not just the immediate pain and cramping that medical weed helps with. It’s thought that stress can also add more to the odds or frequency of my flare ups. Medical marijuana helps a great deal in that regard. It’s entirely great to be able to chew on some cannabis gummies or even smoke cannabis flower products. Somehow, just the act of doing that helps cut down on my stress. Of course the medical cannabis itself allows me to feel a whole lot less stress. All I think is that since I started using medical cannabis, I have less flares and the ones I have are not as severe. That’s better.

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Being natural with my anxiety relief

I’m here to declare that medical marijuana helps my life in a pressing way.

Anxiety had been a portion of my everyday life since at least 18. And it may have gone back even further though I am sort of not clear on that. Regardless, anxiety has been something I have had to deal with and manage for a long time. It’s not been straight-forward. I even went the antidepressant road for a while. It helped only a tad. Yet, the negative effects were so dramatic that whatever benefit I received regarding the anxiety was wiped out by the side effects. It got to the point that I just had to leave off the meds. A friend suggested that I give medical cannabis a try. She suffered from periods of harsh depression and found cannabis products to be pressingly great for her. I figured that would be absolutely worth the effort of navigating the marijuana regulations so I could access a cannabis dispensary. While the process of getting my medical marijuana card was going on, I sought out cannabis info. There were some cannabis events that I attended to get a better cannabis education. Once I had access to the medical cannabis dispensary, I was set off to particular cannabis flower products that had been shown to entirely help anxiety. It didn’t take but a few uses of the medical cannabis before I saw great improvement. I’ve stuck with medical cannabis and have seen great results. My anxiety is at the lowest portion that it has ever been. And I have medical cannabis to thank for that blessing.


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Helping me to see better

Everybody has lots of health problems that we deal with for no other reason than who our mom and dad are and the genes they gave to us.

I think there are a lot of things that I’m thankful for when it comes to my genes. I’m a healthy man with clear skin and white teeth. However, I also am bald and I have struggled with nearly glaucoma for my life. With the help of medical marijuana, I am dealing with that concern. Unfortunately, medical cannabis has yet to be able to cure baldness. But medical cannabis has long been attributed to helping people with my eyesight. Now with the advent of full fledged medical cannabis, even local medicine is acknowledging the medical marijuana pro for this condition. I’ve been just medical cannabis products once I started looking into cannabis info and attending cannabis events in my area. It just made such good sense for me to utilize a natural substance to treat my situation. The doctor has been entirely pleased by the reduction in the pressure in my eyes from the borderline glaucoma condition. I have found that my eyes are also getting better as well. They are less hazy that I notice when I’m looking at things. It’s remarkable that medical marijuana had such a large effect on me. I’m just thankful that I live in a state where medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are legal. It allows me to simply go to a cannabis dispensary to grab up the cannabis products that help me. It’s just that straight-forward solution.



I’m glad I was able to get my father on medical cannabis

And any bonus quality of life moment my father can experience is a beautiful thing.

Anyone who had a parent or any loved one with Alzhiemers or any type of dementia definitely understands the pain of that disease. My dad is in the mid stages of dementia as well as it’s very difficult to deal with. This isn’t going to be cured I realize as well as he potentially may not live all that much longer. My wish for him is to have the finest quality of life attainable while he deals with this issue. Medical marijuana is helping him to get by. The medications he is on work great as far as I can tell. Yet, adding medical marijuana to his treatment has made a pretty good amount of positive changes. It’s not going to relieve or reverse the dementia, that’s just not going to happen. However, I have noticed that he experiences certain moments of clarity since incorporating medical cannabis into his routine. The moments of awareness are more frequent as well as last longer with medical marijuana products. Of course the disorientation periods return. And yet, those periods are not as alarming for him as they were previously. When he’s completely lucid, he knows what he has. When he’s not, it was so much fear before the medical marijuana came about. After using the cannabis gummies, there is a certain ease that is almost palpable when he is disoriented. That is definitely an improvement. And any bonus quality of life moment my father can experience is a beautiful thing. It’s wonderful being able to have a few more moments where we can talk just like father as well as son. Now that he is living with me, I am the caregiver but he easily is still my father. Medical marijuana has helped him attain more as well as longer lasting periods where he’s still attempting to look after me.


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Cannabis is actually helping my father with his condition

And any bonus quality of life moment my father can get is a win.

Anybody who had a parent or loved one with Alzhiemers or any type of dementia understands the pain of that disease. My dad is in the mid stages of dementia plus I find it especially tough at times to help him. This isn’t going to be cured plus he may not live for a whole lot longer. My wish for him is to have the most quality of life feasible while he deals with this. Medical marijuana is helping in that pursuit. The medications he is on work extremely well as far as I can tell. Yet, adding medical marijuana to his treatment has made some pretty good fluctuations. It’s not going to entirely relieve or reverse dementia. That’s just not going to happen. However, I have noticed that he has had more periods of clarity since incorporating medical cannabis. The times of recognition are easily more frequent plus last substantially longer with medical marijuana. Of course the disorientation periods always wind up coming back. And yet, those periods are not really as frightening for him as they were before. When he’s fully lucid, he knows what he has. When he’s not, it was so much fear before the medical marijuana came about. After using the cannabis gummies, there is an ease that is almost noticeable when he is completely disoriented. That is an improvement for certain. And any bonus quality of life moment my father can get is a win. It’s nice to be able to have a few more moments where we can talk like how we used to. Now that he is living with me, I happen to be the caregiver but he’s still my dad. Medical marijuana has helped him achieve more plus longer lasting periods where he remembers he is my father.

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