It all wound up in the trash.

My friends and I have always been the type that will hop in the car, share a fat marijuana cigarette and just drive around.

I’m not saying that’s the safest thing to do, but it is what we do.

The only time we have given second thought to this action was when we almost got caught by the cops. We were driving down this one street, when a cop pulled out behind us. No matter what turn we took, the police were hanging back there. We put out the marijuana and hid the remainder underneath all the junk on the floor. After ten minutes, the police were still following behind us. I was beginning to panic and wonder what was going to happen if we got caught with the bag of marijuana in the car. As soon as we were out of sight, we pulled into a parking lot. We drove to the first trash can we could find and dumped our marijuana. The relief that went through me was audible as I let out a low long whistle. My buddies were also breathing a sigh of relief as the police drove right past the parking lot. We drove around for a little while before returning to the parking lot. We were hoping we would be able to retrieve our marijuana stash. As soon as we got near the trash can, we saw a man walking away with a bag in his hands. Other than committing a crime, we had to walk away without our marijuana. I figured it was better to give away the small amount of weed we had left, than go to jail.


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