I finally wanted to know what cannabis was about for myself

I find it to be entirely remarkable how particular perspectives that are introduced to you as a child go on to entirely frame the way you look at life. I used to laugh at those peculiar lines of the shrink telling the man on the couch to tell them all about their childhood. That seemed like nothing but bunk to me. However, the older I have become, I have become wiser to such things. I suppose that I have views in my adult life that were planted there when I was a youngster. Take recreational marijuana use for instance. My parents made a point of just scaring the crap out of me about marijuana products. And there was nothing rational in their actual statements. Plus, they didn’t even know what they were talking about given they had never even tried cannabis or cannabis products in all their days. What was even more hypocritical was the fact they were heavy drinkers. But, all that fear based marijuana product bashing sure had the effect it was looking for. I steered clear of it even through college plus everybody was using recreational marijuana during those times. But then, I took a pretty huge leap plus went shopping at a local cannabis spot near where I live. I simply had the desire to know for myself what this was all about. The staff helped me go with a lower THC content cannabis edible. I took it back to my dwelling, sat in the backyard plus had one of the finest days of my life. So, it goes to show you that everything we are taught as children isn’t necessarily true. And that definitely has been the case for me plus recreational marijuana.

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