It’s pressing to discover things in life

I honestly remember how wide eyed I was when I was a little youngster.

  • While I have to measure my memories a bit with the fact that was a pretty long time ago, it still feels real to me today.

There was just a particular freedom or curiosity that went with life. Of course, my parents were regularly trying to teach me right from wrong plus school me in the realities of life. Yet, I can recall just riding my bike plus the entire world just felt so open to me. I missed that feeling for a lot of years. Then I made the choice to reopen my sense of discovery plus opening. One way was by visiting the local cannabis shop near where I live. It has been there a couple of years but I just never could get the courage to go in. I had used recreational marijuana back when I was a kid. There was a particular freedom I felt back then that had something to do with the sativa I used. Yet, when I got fully into adult life plus work, I easily decided to put recreational marijuana aside. That was certainly a giant mistake. But then again, that was an age where marijuana for sale wasn’t legal or readily available. I certainly didn’t know a cannabis grower or anything crazy like that. Plus, it just was so frowned upon plus potentially work interrupting. So when I made that initial trip to the cannabis dispensary, it was a step toward discovery. And I want to spend the remainder of my life unafraid of adventure plus discovery.


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