My doctor was all for using recreational pot

I remember sneaking around the garage, or running off to the local park so our friends and I could smoke a bit of reefer.

  • Recreational pot was our go to whenever we felt we needed to kick back and have fun, or just to run away from our problems.

Back then, none of us could have ever thought that recreational pot use would be legalized. It just wasn’t something our parents, or anyone else in our local community who would have chosen to vote for. Our parents were always telling us about the sins of using recreational pot and how it was going to give us cancer. I think that the multiple have nothing at all to do with each other, but twenty years later, I was diagnosed with skin cancer. I was already a worried person, and just the plan of cancer was enough to put our nerves on edge. I talked to our primary care doctor and she asked if I had any pain. I told him it wasn’t the pain, or the fear, but the plan of getting cancer. I told him our story about our Dad always telling me everything would give me cancer. She had never told me that too much sun would cause cancer, despite the fact that she never once came out and said it. She did say that a sunburn would cause cancer and she was right. The doctor told me that if it was a self-explanatory case of bad nerves, I may be able to find some relief with recreational pot. She didn’t want me to overindulge, but a little gummy here or there could be beneficial. I went to the pot store and picked up some marijuana gummies. I couldn’t think the relief the use of pot gummies provided me. I think this holistic health thing could be the real deal.

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