The dispensary has lots of different accessories now

There is a dispensary near me that has lots of different accessories.

The place never had things like bowls, pipes, papers, butane, and lighters.

A couple of months ago, they added a counter in the front of the dispensary. You can purchase items that are marijuana accessories before or after you actually walk into the marijuana dispensary. I was surprised by the selection of products. They even carry a couple of different types of vape pen batteries. I always lose the battery to my vape pen. I am very forgetful and that can cause me to leave things behind. Now that the dispensary near me has accessories in the lobby, I don’t have to drive to the other side of town to pick up butane. This place is really picky about butane sales because I live in the country. There is only one dispensary in the whole county. There were only two places that sold butane for torches and now the dispensary does as well. The dispensary also has a lot of different types of cannabis concentrates and recently they added a couple of different vendors. I am particularly impressed with one of the live rosin dealers. The dispensary near me has five different types of live rosin strains from that vendor and each one of them has a different flavor and terpene profile. They are very expensive, so I only purchase them when they are on sale. Tuesdays is the day during the week when all of the concentrates are on sale and they are 20% off. I try to stock up and buy products on that day.
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