A possible new job

After I got out of the military, I had to find a job in the civilian world, however i thought about being a police officer, plus I even took the entrance exam; Unfortunately, I didn’t pass the psychological section of the test… The psychologist thought I was better suited for a job without a weapon.

  • I thought that was severely funny due to the fact that I was previously in the military for 12 years.

Luckily, a friend of mine told me about a weird kind of job, she worked for a marijuana dispensary in town. She told me that the arena was hiring full time security staff for day plus night shifts. I got all the information plus I called the arena the next day. They let me know to come down to the store for an interview. The next day I sat in the marijuana dispensary plus interviewed with the store manager. She liked our friend, so she barely asked 3 or fourquestions. She mostly tried to get more information about Karen. I know she might even have a little crush on our friend. She gave me the full time job without a criminal background check or a drug test. I started the job the other day and I met a lot of cool people. Many of our coworkers are interesting plus fun, so it’s never going to be a boring day at work. I get to hang out in the dispensary plus I can carry a gun plus pepper spray. I don’t gain a huge salary, but finally working at the dispensary has other benefits. I even get discounts on edibles, tinctures, plus THC capsules.
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