Cannabis budtenders are helpful

Since I rarely hang out in bars, I find it a challenge to decide what kind of beer I want to order when there are such a long list of choices.

Recently, a buddy from high school invited me to meet up at a bar known for its huge menu of craft beer.

Whenever I order a beer, I always choose a craft option. To me the taste is better than conventional varieties of alcohol. But without fail, the decision is difficult. I rarely recognize any of the strange names of the beers they offer. I’ve managed to determine that I prefer IPAs over stout beers. When my buddy and I arrived at the bar and I checked out their extensive menu, I knew I was in over my head. They even listed the alcohol percentage associated with each variety. I decided to rely on the bartender to recommend an IPA beer, and I’m thankful she did. The beer she chose for me featured a rich flavor. I encounter the same issues when I’m shopping for cannabis at the local dispensary. Even if I just stick to loose flower, the medical cannabis strains are as endless as craft beers. I usually defer to the budtenders, asking them for a recommendation. Or I try products that are featured for the month as the dispensary receives new shipments. The cannabis budtenders are super knowledgeable regarding anything related to the strains and consumption methods. For anyone who asks about cannabis to treat a specific symptom, an experienced budtender can be extremely helpful. Their advice is based on familiarity with the products. They can recommend strains and dosages. They can explain the effects and terpenes. It’s a good idea to ask for assistance when browning at the medical cannabis dispensary.
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