Cannabis dispensary has a new digital menu

I prefer it when a restaurant includes a digital menu displayed on the wall.

It was a relief when all of the larger fast food restaurants began switching to LED screen digital menus at their various locations.

Not only can I read the words on the menu easier, but there seems to be more information available. The images and words on the screen are able to change and transform to list changing items on the menu. This goes beyond the limitations of paper menus that are always sticky and damaged. The more information included on a physical menu, the smaller the font needs to be. This might not be a problem for people who have perfect eyesight, but I often forget to bring along my prescription glasses. I can’t read the majority of menus. That’s why digital menus are a welcome improvement, even if most people don’t see the advantages. When my local medical cannabis dispensary switched to an LED display screen and offered digital menus at their location, I was excited. Before I needed to wait until I had access to the backroom with the registers before I could get a glimpse of a menu. I hated standing in the lobby with no clue what medical marijuana products and strains were available or on special on any given day. These modern digital menus are easy to read and include vibrant colors that explain everything clearly. I mentioned to the budtender how much I preferred their new menus, and he said that this was also more sanitary. No one needs to physically touch a piece of paper. The medical cannabis dispensary has also started offering curbside pickup and delivery services to help with social distancing.



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