CBD dispensaries opening up all over my area

Business is thriving in my state for the first time in many months.

Like the whole country, we suffered a big hit to our economy due to the outbreak of COVID.

Many businesses were forced to close overnight for long periods of time. Even after the initial restrictions were lifted, many of the local restaurants and bars failed to survive. There was initial stimulus money provided by the government, but this wasn’t enough to sustain those businesses who are limited in capacity and hours. I was worried that the entire country’s economy would collapse, but fortunately we’re still rolling along. Despite the growing new wave of coronavirus infections, my local economy is gradually seeing the light on the other side. Non-essential corporations have had a few months of being open for business again and people are slowly reclaiming their normal lives. Surprisingly, I’m noticing new businesses open their doors in this area. The biggest surprise has been the number of CBD dispensaries that suddenly started up in my county. I find them on every corner when I’m out for my delivery runs. It’s strange to realize that CBD was illegal just a few years ago, and now everyone has access. You can buy it legally on nearly every street in every sized town throughout the country. I have l read up on the subject, checking out medical literature on CBD products. They are not all of equal quality. Some companies have minimum safety standards in place for extraction of CBD and its formulation as a medical remedy. I make certain to purchase all of my cannabis CBD products from a legal medical marijuana dispensary. They source their own products and the CBD provides lab testing paperwork to ensure its purity.


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