Girl scout cookies is more than thin mints

A lot of people hear Girl Scout cookies and they immediately begin to think about young girls dressed in green carrying small boxes of Thin mints, Tagalongs, and Dosey Dos.

A lot of people don’t know that girl scout cookies is actually the name of an award-winning marijuana strain.

Girl Scout cookies or GSC is one super popular strain that has average THC percentage levels around 25 to 28%. The flavor and aroma are sweet with buds of green, orange, and purple colors. Girl Scout cookies is a great hybrid strain that offers full body relaxation with euphoric and creative feelings. The cannabis dispensary in town offers Girl Scout cookies on sale every week. They always have the strain in stock, even on the weekend when the dispensary is filled with people. When it was out on Monday, I was surprised and disappointed. I wanted to buy some of the strain for later in the week, when my friends and I were going camping. When I found out that the dispensary was out for a month, I was even more aggravated. The manager told me that the last harvest from the growhouse did not pass inspection with the state. They did not allow the dispensary to cultivate the marijuana or distribute the crop to anyone. I never got an answer when I tried to find out why they had to destroy the crop, but it must have been something terrible. A single marijuana crop can raise thousands of dollars. That’s a ton of money to throw away without some major reason.


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