I can finally afford cannabis

The budtender at the dispensary is invaluable to me

My budget each month is relatively tight because of my many expenses. It seems as if the cost of living is steadily rising much faster than average wage increases for people like myself. Rent is more expensive each year, gas prices are gradually going up, and inflation has reduced buying power at the grocery store. Having to live according to a strict budget is how I get buy. For years there was no extra money for any extras or amenities. I lived by myself and only had to worry about the expenses for one person. This made it easier to live very frugally and maintain my careful budget. But those days have come and gone. I have gotten promotions and wage increases at my job. My savings and investments have paid off. I’m able to pamper myself now. I am able to spend money on things like cannabis products. I’ve found that cannabis is the solution for my issues with insomnia, aches and pains as well as the stress from my job. I’ll buy various strains of flower, pre-rolls and tinctures. I like the various types of edibles that are available. Just recently I’ve started trying topicals. I’ve found that cannabis infused lotions, balms, bath bombs and even roll-ons are wonderful for sore muscles. I am amazed by the relief I feel in just a matter of minutes. I have tried vapes and have started experimenting with hybrids and the different terpenes. The budtender at the dispensary is invaluable to me. He now knows my and my tastes and makes recommendations. Because I want good quality cannabis, it’s rather expensive. I am fortunate that I can now afford to indulge and that recreational marijuana is now legal in my state.



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