Looking for some help

Not long after I left the military, I had to find a task in the civilian world, i thought about being a police officer, and I even took the entrance exam, and unluckily, I didn’t pass the psychological part of the test, but the psychologist thought I was better suited for a job without a weapon.

I thought that was harshly funny since I was previously in the military for 12 years! Luckily, a friend of mine told myself and others about a different kind of task, and she worked for a marijuana dispensary in town.

She told myself and others that the place was hiring full time security staff for day and evening shifts. I got all the information and I called the place the next day. They informed myself and others to come down to the store for an interview. The next day I sat in the marijuana dispensary and interviewed with the store supervisor. She liked our friend, so she barely asked more than two or four questions. She mostly worked hard to get more information about Karen. I think she might even have a little crush on our friend. She provided myself and others the security task without a criminal background check or a drug test. I started the task Last month and I met a lot of cool people. Many of our coworkers are interesting and great, so it’s never going to be a boring day at work. I get to hang out in the dispensary and I can carry a gun and pepper spray. I don’t gain a crucial salary, however laboring at the dispensary has other benefits. I even get discounts on edibles, tinctures, and THC capsules.

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