They are always out of stock

I hate it when stores are always out of stock with products that you always purchase. The grocery store in our city that I frequent the most has amazing buffalo chicken strips in their deli department. This is some of the highest rated chicken in the entire state, even when factoring in family pizzerias that have made it from scratch for a long time. Whatever it is that they put in the breading with their seasoning mix is genuinely top notch. So, I am not the only woman who loses their mind when consuming this store’s buffalo chicken strips. I get off work at the same time as everyone else in this city it seems, because the buffalo chicken is always gone when I get there around 6:30pm. It seems like their supply of buffalo chicken is low regardless of what afternoon of the month you happen to be looking. I found a direct correlation to this with the medical cannabis dispensaries where I shop. From the old days until the present, cannabis flower products seem to have always been the most popular marijuana products on average among all groups of people. There’s something amazing about cutting a plantling and dry curing the flower buds for a few weeks before dropping a piece into a glass pipe. It’s the purest and most untouched form of cannabis, especially at the dispensaries where I shop. Sadly, they often tell me they’re out of stock of jars of cannabis flower buds. They have pre-rolled joints that I’ll buy in a jam, but you spend money more per gram of flower product that way though.


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