Trying medical marijuana rather than conventional medicine

I’ll admit, I wasn’t satisfied with my medication.

I began visiting a psychiatrist a few years ago, following the death of two family members.

The doctor first recommended that I try personal therapy once a week, and group therapy every other week. She set up an appointment for me with a psychologist who works in the same building as she does. I was seeing some progress, but it became obvious that I require interventionary medicine. The psychiatrist prescribed a SSRI antidepressant, but it caused the opposite of the planned effects. Instead of equalizing my intense psychological state, it had an unfortunately stimulating effect on my mind. The irrational thoughts became stronger and more frequent, and I knew I needed to try something else to calm myself during this time of intense grief. That’s when I came across medical cannabis. I had smoked marijuana a couple of times while I was in college, but it was very weak and I never felt anything beyond a faint buzz. I researched and discovered a website that provided a wealth of information about medical cannabis and how it can provide beneficial treatment for multiple medical ailments. The website included tabs pertaining to each state since laws differ widely on what is available, what is legal, or if it’s permitted for medical or recreational use. I decided to schedule an appointment with a medical cannabis physician as soon as possible. He explained the difference between stimulating sativa strains and the more calming effects of indica strains. For my specific mental issues, it seemed that indica strains were the right choice to start.



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