Trying to get qualified for medical cannabis

The process for becoming a legal medical marijuana patient in my state is a bit of a challenge.

The financial cost along with constant delays made the procedure a stressful experience.

Before I could visit the dispensary and fulfill my medical marijuana needs, I had to get proof from my regular physician that I have a pre-existing medical condition that qualifies me for a medical cannabis card. Even though doctors have just about unlimited power in what they decide “worthy” of a medical cannabis recommendation, I still was forced to jump through several hoops before actually seeing a marijuana doctor. Once the paperwork from my general practitioner was all set, I arranged my first appointment with the medical marijuana specialist. This initial appointment cost me $300. The following appointments each year to renew my recommendation cost me $150. When I finally received my recommendation for medical cannabis from the specialist, I then submitted an application to the state’s Department of Health. I needed to include a $70 check. After nearly four weeks of waiting, the state finally approved my application for medical cannabis. I was so relieved when I finally visited the dispensary and had no problems. There were so many options available to me, I wasn’t sure what to buy. My first thought was to stick with loose marijuana flower, but then I saw all of the vape cartridges, concentrates, and oil based tinctures. The dispensary even offers a topical cream with activated THC and bath bombs. It was a rather long and stressful process, but I’m glad I went through with it to get my legal medical cannabis card for my state. I am not happy that I am forced to spend over $200 each year in order to have access to legal medical cannabis. I am hoping the cost eventually comes down a bit. As more and more people take advantage of this natural remedy, the state is making a ton of money. They need to make it affordable for everyone.

how to get a medical marijuana card