Recreational marijuana is everywhere around this area

I’ve been using marijuana as a recreational drug for at least 10 years… I smoke weed every single afternoon.

I smoke a bowl before I go to work, and I usually smoke a bowl at supper. I go out to the parking lot and rest in my truck. I have some fragrance spray that entirely blocks the odor of weed. Nobody at work knows that I get high on my supper split and I program to keep it that way, however recreational marijuana has been legal in this state for 2 years, and that is the main reason why I decided to transfer here. I was living in the southeast part of the country. I got busted for smoking weed at a concert and I had to spend 2 afternoons in jail, a few months later, I got pulled over for speeding and arrested when the officer odored weed in the car, but they searched the thing from top to bottom and found a joint, a roach, 2 bowls, and a concentrate jar. Thankfully, the concentrate jar was empty, because that would have been a felony. After the minute round with police, I decided it was time to transfer to a locale where marijuana is legal. I packed up all of my things into a small uhaul truck and drove across the country to a redr and more lenient area. Now I can get all of the recreational marijuana supplies that I need and it’s way cheaper than ordering from the neighborhood dealer. I spend less currency, have no fear, and I get a good tan at the same time.


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