Basketball Players Always Have Bad Knees

I am a former university basketbal player & I deal with a lot of aches & pains.

I did a lot of running and ball playing in university.

I entirely wrecked my neck when I caught my flyer in a bad way. I also hurt my knees whilerunning up and down the court. In university I just pushed through the knee agony & kept going. I was needed for the games & competitions that the team competed in. Now that I am middle aged, entirely working from home & no longer a basketball player, it has all caught up with me. My back frequently spasms on me to the point I want to start crying. I find it troubling to squat, rest, or sit for long points of time due to my knee. I have taken different pain pills, gotten massages & gone to chiropractor visits. Nothing has helped at all. A guy at work let me in on the fact that he uses a topical CBD cream for his back pain for his pain. I looked up what a topical CBD cream is & I found that it is a cannabis based product. You can get a cream or patch for knees. The topical is supposed to reduce inflammation & almost numb the body. It reminds me of icy hot. The marijuana patches officially have THC that gets into the bloodstream & makes you high. You could also just get a CBD infused cream to treat the painful areas. I have concluded that is what I am going to do. I recognize a little odd going into a legal weed shop but that’s where I can get the CBD cream. I want to recognize some relief from my chronic knee pain.
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