Cannabis is my Last OPtion for Better Sleep

I really don’t know if the cannabis will truly work for my sleeping complications

I can’t sleep at all. I have a good quality size mattress with bamboo sheets on it. I have a special shaped pillow. I also bought a sound machine, sleep mask & I do mediation before bed to ease my thoughbts. It does not seem to matter though. I stay up all night, wide awake. I just can’t seem to find elusive sleep. Even if I go to sleep, I can guarantee I am going to be waking up every few hours anway. I have looked into all sorts of things to improve my sleep. I have tried drinking a shot, eating kiwi & eliminating yellow light. None of it works! Recently I saw that people are now being prescribed cannabis in order to sleep. My state unfortunately doesn’t legalize recreational marijuana use, only medical. I am thinking about applying for a medical marijuana card & getting a prescription so I would be able to use flower & oil. I wouldn’t care if I was really high so I could barely move. Honestly I would take a swift kick to the face to help me get my beauty rest. So far I have found that getting a medical marijuana card isn’t that difficult. I need to find a medical professional who is willing to prescribe weed, have an appointment with him, do some paperwork & pay a few bucks. Then I am good to go & can option up my cannabis products. I really don’t know if the cannabis will truly work for my sleeping complications. I am staying hopeful because this is the last option that I haven’t tried yet. When it fails, I don’t know what I will do.



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