Growing cannabis is much harder than most realize

When I looked at numerous YouTube videos to learn how to raise tomatoes in our backyard, I was honestly thinking that everything looked truly easy. I figured I would be able to grow large tomatoes without any strife or frustration. I was totally wrong in nearly every capacity after I started struggling to get the seeds to sprout and make it past the first few weeks. Eventually I gave up and purchased a few fully grown tomato plants from a local farmer’s market. But when they started to die approximately a month later, I was going out of my mind trying to figure out why I was regularly failing. I ended up getting a few books and joining several internet forums to get better skilled at growing plants and vegetables. It took a little bit of trial and error, however eventually I became totally proficient with tomato plants. Right now I’m honestly trying to grow cannabis in our backyard. It’s not very easy when you can’t precisely control the lighting and the other environmental conditions. Similar to tomatoes, cannabis proved to be a trial and error process, however it took quite a bit longer than I had anticipated. Growing cannabis isn’t nearly as easy as it looks, at least it wasn’t that way for me. Gratefully with enough experience I was able to reach the point where I can purchase seeds to grow into beautifully mature plants ready for harvest and curing. The cannabis plants that I grow might not be of the same quality as the flower products at the cannabis dispensaries, however it’s substantially better than the cheap crap I used to get on the black market back in the day. Growing cannabis also allows you to use a lot more of it without draining your bank account every single week.

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