I was surprised to see legal weed delivery people at the music festival

My friends plus I decided to drive to the other side of the country so we could attend a 7day music festival in the valley… My parents thought we were crazy, but my friends plus I dreamed about going to the music festival; however dozens of our number one bands were going to be performing in the desert plus my friends plus I wanted to be there in person.

All of us spent a fortune on an RV rental, but we knew it would make the trip much more comfortable…

But the RV rental did not exactly sleep four different people comfortably, but my friends plus I barely spent any time inside of the RV unless we were dead exhausted plus sleeping. The trip across the country took an afternoon plus a half to complete; when my friends plus I arrived at our endpoint, everything that we saw was almost like a real area of a dream. Thousands of people were camped out in the valley waiting for the music festival to begin. One of the craziest things that we actually saw was a legal recreational weed store delivery guy. The legal recreational weed delivery repair came to the desert endpoint more than once while my friends plus I were there camped out. The legal recreational weed store must have made a large amount of cash that whole weekend… I only saw one individual legal recreational weed store that delivered, however I swear they had several or multiple guys delivering weed orders to our desert location. The entire event was filled with a ton of cool experiences plus my acquaintance plus I will never forget our lovely time in the desert.

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