My brother offered me a job

My eldest brother has decided that he is going to be opening up a cannabis dispensary sometime while I am in the next year! At first, when he told us that this was his big idea, both of us all thought that he was crazy; I mean, when your brother says that he wants to become a professional cannabis dispensary owner, you would genuinely laugh, too.

I believe I just thought that he wouldn’t really ever do it.

However to my complete and utter surprise, he did a ton of extra work and research on cannabis, cannabis edibles, and cannabis delivery services. I was pretty impressed by the way that he learned everything that he could about cannabis delivery and cannabis delivery services, however he was looking at unusual websites and talking to other cannabis dispensary owners nearly every day and I was amazed at all the different types of things that he was studying on a yearly basis; When he finished with all of the preliminary stuff, he went ahead and did all of the paperwork that he was hoping to do, along with finding a building that would work for his cannabis dispensary. I believe that he’s genuinely going to do a fantastic job when he gets this cannabis dispensary going. I have to admit that I had a lot of doubts about it at the start, but now I don’t really have any. I believe that it’s going to be fantastic for him and if he starts up a marijuana delivery service, too, he’s going to be raking in the profits on a yearly basis. I can’t wait to see how successful he’s planning to be with his cannabis dispensary.

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