We drove our RV into a state with legal recreational cannabis

My wife plus I decided to travel across the country so all of us could see the West Coast for the first time in our lives; it took a long time to make the journey, however all of us eventually ended up on the west coast a couple of weeks ago, and as soon as all of us parked our RV, I was ready to order some legal cannabis products online.

However, my wife knew that I was going to order some legal cannabis products as soon as all of us crossed into a state where recreational marijuana use is legal.

When I saw a delivery car in the parking lot, it was the only thing on my mind. All of us set up the RV plus our fence as fast as all of us could. When all of us settled down with a cup of hot coffee, I went online to see the prices of legal cannabis in that certain weed dispensary. My wife plus I are not bi-weekly users of marijuana products, however all of us have purchased cannabis a couple of times in the past. My wife plus I were overwhelmed when all of us saw the cheap prices plus the amazing selection. All of us had a lot of different cannabis products in the cart. All of us knew that all of us had to finally get rid of some things. It was unsatisfactory to order $300 worth of cannabis products online, however it was seriously strenuous to edit our order plus only buy a couple of items. All of us really wanted to try one of everything at the time. When all of us finally placed our order, all of us still had multiple different marijuana products however our delivery order was much more acceptable at a simple $130.



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