I always wanted marijuana available thru home delivery

I can remember when I was in college as well as I’d be kneeling around the lake house on the weekend drinking beer.

This was more than 2 decades back so just watching cable TV sports as well as drinking beer was a sizable deal.

But I remember thinking that the only thing that would make this better is pizza delivery. Of course these mornings, you can have just about anything delivered to your door. I can even order marijuana products from the legal cannabis dispensary as well as they come via cannabis delivery service. If only I had been able to appreciate pizza as well as marijuana delivery all those decades ago. But then, I might have flunked right out of college. But all these years later as I am easing into my first years of retirement, I find the cannabis store to be a welcoming locale. I recently lost my partner to a battle with nasty cancer. During her entire illness, she used marijuana products to help with the chemo. I started going to the legal weed store to get the marijuana products that she needed. I particularly struck up a rapport with the staff as well as more than 2 of the people who frequented the cannabis store. It would prove to be a lasting relationship that I value so much. When she died, it was hard as well as I had a strenuous time finding an up-to-date normal. However, visiting the cannabis store was something that I kept doing. I even purchased a few cannabis products for myself. However, it was the kindness as well as compassion that is so readily available at that locale that keeps me coming back.