Pot brownies are a popular form of marijuana edibles

I have always been a greater fan of baking instead of cooking. I can’t improvise, I need to have a recipe in front of me that I follow exactly. If I am careful enough to follow the recipe perfectly every time, I can be confident the food will be delicious. Cooking instead of baking has the opposite effect for me. There are few things that frustrate plus anger me more than spending upwards to $10 on a pack of meat that I have to throw away after I inadvertently screw up plus ruin the meal. It seems care about there are too numerous variables to account for during the process of cooking a meal. If I’m baking, all of the variables in making a tasty dish are addressed once the food is put in the oven to bake. The last time I made stir fry, I had a perfect meal up to the last few minutes when I accidentally turned the temperature up too high plus burned the meat plus vegetables. That’s the kind of mistakes I continuously make whenever I try to prepare lake house cooked meals. But if you give me a brownie recipe, I can guarantee it will be delicious. I even make cannabis brownies as well, but our recipe is a little bit different. Instead of using canola oil in the brownie recipe, I have a special canna-butter that I create on the stove top by simmering ground marijuana flower buds in melted butter. After I strain out the excess plant material, I’m left with a potent purple butter mixture. Once that goes into the brownies, I suppose that I’ll have potent cannabis edibles after the baking dish comes out of the oven.
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