There are no less than four CBD stores within a 10 miles radius of our apartment

Development in our neighborhood had been at a snail’s crawl for years until recently.

The two of us weren’t seeing current houses, apartments, or assisted living facilities going up.

The companies already here were clinging for dear life as many of them went belly up in the process. While some areas recovered in the years since the 2008 recession, our neighborhood and state reMEd in a stage of disarray and never seemed to break from it. Unlike our parents, I don’t live near a trip destination. There aren’t reasons for developers to flood currency into the section because there aren’t enough people to fill the vacant houses and condominiums that would be built in the process. However, this is exactly what happened to our parents’ neighborhood as more people started flocking to their subtropical state again to live out the Winter time season away from their freezing homes. As soon as the tourism industry rebounded, the rest of the section swelled to meet the current capacity. Despite the slow growth in our area, I’m noticing a lot of vape stores and CBD shops. Some companies are a combination of the multiple, however there are absolutely more CBD shops in this neighborhood than there are nicotine vape stores. I counted no less than four CBD stores in a 10 mile radius from our house. Although I like CBD gummies in particular, I get all of our CBD products at our number one medical cannabis dispensary. I’d rather have lab tested cannabis products, especially if I can’t verify where the CBD store is getting their products from. I don’t want CBD hemp flower joints if there are contaminants from processing in the products themselves.


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