Rheumatoid arthritis nearly destroyed my life.

I don’t know why I got rheumatoid arthritis, but I was diagnosed when I was quite young.

I couldn’t believe the arthritis could be as devastating as it was.

Within a year of being diagnosed, I was already starting to see my joints change and I could barely walk. I wanted to complete college and teach, but with all the pain and change in my joints, I wasn’t sure it would ever happen. I talked to my doctor and she suggested I try medical marijuana. I knew how my parents felt about drugs of any kind and that included medical marijuana. They thought marijuana was just another drug that threatened to send us all to hell. The doctor asked if I would be willing to try medical marijuana if it could help my pain and the devastation of my disease. I knew I would need to be discreet with the marijuana, but I was willing to try it. She helped me to get a medical marijuana card and told me where to go. When I walked into the marijuana dispensary, I saw people of all walks of life there. Some were there because of diabetes, some had cancer, others had mental issues. The budtender told me that if I was worried about getting caught, I may like to try gummies for my night time use. She then gave me a cannabis oil vape pen. She told me that it could easily be stored in a purse or a pocket and no one would be aware that I had it. After a few months of use, I was already feeling better than I had felt in almost two years. I was already anticipating graduating college and becoming a teacher, thanks to medical marijuana.


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