The front door was broken.

I have been to our recreational marijuana dispensary quite often.

I usually had a bag full of goodies and the door was set to go slowly so you had enough time to get out the door before it shut.

This past weekend, I was supposed to go camping with my friends. We all had the weekend off at the same time and we were going to party. Since I worked closest to the marijuana dispensary, I told them that I would pick up the snacks for the weekend. I looked over all the items in the snack area. They had all different edible products on sale. I was able to pick up a couple different types of gummies and chocolates. I grabbed a dozen of chocolate chip cookies that 20mg of THC in each cookie. I also grabbed a dozen peanut butter cookies. I had brownies and a couple other marijuana goodies. I spent nearly $200 on our snack items, and I was ready to head to the campground. The automatic door opened, but instead of closing slowly, it malfunctioned. The door slammed against me. When it opened, I felt forward and was knocked out when my head hit the sidewalk. My arm and ribs were broken and I had a concussion. Not only didn’t I make it camping, but neither did my marijuana goodies. The marijuana dispensary reimbursed me for my marijuana products and paid for all my doctor bills. My friends are yelling sue so we can own the marijuana dispensary, but that isn’t me. I’m just glad to have my medical and loss of work expenses paid.

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