Agoraphobia Results from Anxiety

I don’t think many people understand how overwhelming agoraphobia is. Agoraphobia is a fear of leaving the house. Even the thought of going outside the house can cause such terrible anxiety that I can barely breathe. I already had extreme anxiety. I couldn’t motivate myself to go to the office, or even go shopping on my own. I talked to my dentist because my anxiety was getting so poor I was now recognized as being agoraphobic. I didn’t even want to answer the doorbell. I was doing all of my shopping online plus having the items delivered to my house. I had explicit instructions to go with every order. The delivery driver was to ring the doorbell two times, then leave the items on the doorstep outside the house. When I saw them drive off, I would go to the door plus option up my order. There were only 3 people who came to visit. My dentist, who is close to me, my brother, plus my Mom. Mom thought I was crazy. They all met at my house to intervene for me. Charlie, my best acquaintance plus dentist, told myself and others he had an idea for something that could help me. He said they had recently legalized medical marijuana. He had looked into medical marijuana plus he thought it could be just what I needed. He gave myself and others a prescription for medical marijuana plus helped myself and others to get my marijuana card. My uncle picked up my first prescription at the medical marijuana dispensary. My brother was there to hold my hand plus champion. I couldn’t suppose the difference marijuana made, plus I was able to leave my house within two weeks, with the help of my loved ones.


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