Got in the habit of pot pick up

I like that with the cannabis dispensary near me I can arrange for pot pick up or to get cannabis delivery.

Sometimes it isn’t convenient to go into the marijuana dispensary, go through all the products and then wait in line.

At one point, during COVID, it was a time consuming process. The dispensary only let in six people at a time and one person at a time to get to the cash register. A marijuana pick up that should take around 10 minutes would be almost an hour. I got into the habit of getting cannabis delivered or doing curbside pickup during those times. I have to say, it is way better. I like looking online at all the different cannabis products. I can read up on the THC and CBD content. I have a medical marijuana prescription and it is easy getting my stuff atoo. My prescription is on file with them now. I just have to type in a certain number, then pick out the allowed products. It is so simple and easy. I can easily see pictures and read reviews of the different products. If I am feeling lazy and wanting to be pampered, I have someone deliver my products. They arrive that very day and the fee is minimal. Sometimes I am running errands anyway. I send the dispensary a ten minute warning when I am coming. Then I have the money and my photo ID ready. It takes under five minutes every time to get my stuff. It is a more efficient experience.

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